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League of Legends Build Guide Author imMapex

Dirty Randy Strategy

imMapex Last updated on June 20, 2013
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Heavy Pressure Comp


Dive Comp

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Rumble Build

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Champion Select

Goal is to get our High Pressure Comp (HPC). Picks and bans will be as follows:

1) If enemy team doesnt ban or first pick Thresh, we will run HPC. Bans will be priority: Nautilus + Nunu. Secondary: Hecarim + Jarvan 3rd: Amumu + Sej

2) If enemy team bans Thresh early, bans will be priority: Hecarim + Amumu. Secondary: Jarvan + Nautilus 3rd: Malphite + Talon. If Thresh is banned or taken first pick, the Dive Comp (DC) will be used.

Picks- HPC: Thresh/ Udyr/ Rumble/ MF/ Anivia DC: Shen/ Leona/ Ez/ Noct/ Karthus

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PRE MINION: Group for fast ward between enemy Wraiths + Red. The team then heads to own Red to secure Udyr his buff. Our level 1 is strong, fight if they invade.

If Blue side- Top Lane: MF/ Thresh - Mid Lane: Rumble - Bottom: Anivia
If Purple side- Top Lane: Anivia - Mid Lane: MF/ Thresh - Bottom: Rumble


Udyr: Our Red - Our Blue - Their Red. If enemy jungler starts Red, take extra camps in our jungle and head to their red side jungle to steal Wraiths or Golems when they respawn. Goal is to counter jungle and a) Put enemy jungler behind and b) Distract enemy team.

Thresh: Help push and burn down tower asap. If Udyr is in need of assistance, leave lane to lantern Udyr or pull anyone who needs to be pulled. Help ward enemy jungle if need be. Join in fights as needed.

MF: Push down turret as fast as possible. Help join fights as needed but priority is to melt the turret.

Rumble + Anivia: Farm as much as possible. Join fights as needed. If Udyr needs help, Anivia will wall to block off team to save Udyr or secure a kill. Once Rumble is 6, Rumble will be able to help the counter jungling with a long range ult that will slow and inflict mass damage in the enemy jungle.

TEAMFIGHTS: Initiate with Thresh pull into Thresh ult or with a Rumble ult into Thresh pull. Udyr will be able to stick on targets with mass slows from Rumble Ult + Harpoons, Anivia Ult + Stun + Wall and Thresh Lantern + Ult. Damage comes from Rumble Ult + Flamespitter, MF Ult, Anivia Shatters and single target Udyr damage.

If we need to disengage, Anivia has Wall + Stun, Rumble has Ult + Harpoons, Thresh has Ult + Lantern, and Udyr has Bear.

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PRE MINION: Line of Scrimmage.

Top: Shen - Mid: Karthus - Bot: Leona/ Ez

EARLY GAME: Farm hard until Noct + Karthus + Shen have ults. Keeping lanes pushed as much as possible, applying heavy pressure and watching ganks. Once bot is pushed to enemy tower and Noct + Karth + Shen are 6, Noct ults enemy ADC. Shen ults Noct, Karthus ults and Ez + Leona get their dive on. Nocturne takes initial turret hits and fears, then Shen takes tower aggro. Should get an easy 2 kills on the 5v2. Secure a dragon right after.

TEAMFIGHTS: Shen splitpushes a lane. The other 4 keep lanes pushed. When opportunity arises (4v4), Noct or Leona land ults, Shen ults Noct, Karthus E's into enemy team and walls to CC targets. Comp should be played extremely aggressive and never on the defensive


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