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Dog and Pony Show

Dog and Pony Show

Dog and Pony Show

Updated on June 4, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author flaminghito Build Guide By flaminghito 14 0 15,671 Views 12 Comments
14 0 15,671 Views 12 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author flaminghito Build Guide By flaminghito Updated on June 4, 2011
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Nasus
  • LoL Champion: Soraka


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


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This is a guide for a Nasus and a Soraka that lane together.

The Soraka deliberately abstains from farming and puts all of her resources into healing Nasus. Nasus, in turn, is allowed to farm to a degree that would be ludicrous under most circumstances (I'll often walk past *both* enemies to get a last hit - it's quite surreal.) When Nasus gets his sheen, he becomes an unstoppable farming and zoning machine and remains a powerful threat even building nothing but tank afterwards.

Some caveats:
  • The Nasus and Soraka MUST be in voice communication. This only works with the Soraka abstaining from farm and keeping Nasus healed.
  • The Nasus must already be a strong last-hitter. This is a lane that does very well at setting you up for last hits, but you still have to have the personal skill to GET the last hits.
  • The Soraka does NOT need strong technical skills but should take on the role of team leader - try to watch mias for every lane, watch all action (especially when Wish is up), clairivoyance when needed, etc. In a game with Pubs, Nasus should never type but instead tell Soraka what to type.
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Pros and Cons

  • Gives you, in essence, three solo lanes of farm power.
  • Nasus can build like a tank and still hit like a DPS -- giving your team a very powerful ally in teamfights.
  • Very low attention requirement from Soraka, freeing her to keep an eye on things.
  • Able to "soak up" a strong lane - two squishies might feed that meatgrinder bot, but the Dog and the Pony are made of sterner stuff.
  • Zones weaker lanes with Nasus's mega-Q.

  • This is a sustained damage lane, and doesn't work well ganking with junglers and roamers due to the lack of burst.
  • Soraka does not get nearly as much farm as she would spamming Starcall.
  • If Nasus is shut down, he's hurt HARD. (But, of course, if Nasus can't farm with Soraka, he probably couldn't farm with anyone else.)
  • If Nasus is a poor farmer, this guide in essence just creates opportunities for you to throw away.
  • Not very Duo Queue friendly - Nasus and Soraka are not terribly useful in all situations, and trying for a draft on both AND demanding a lane together is a level of inflexibility that can kill your team. Could work in 5v5 ranked, with a team built around it - would be interesting to see top ELO players giving this a spin.
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Armor Penetration marks are recommended. Scaling mana yellows help - Nasus is a mana *****, and Soraka would like to Infuse herself or the enemies as much as possible. I waver between flat CDR or flat MR blues - the earlier helps you empower your Q, the latter helps keep you alive against early AP harras. Armor Pen quints gives your Q a lot of oomph without making you buy any oomph, which lets you build tank and still hit like a freight train.


Magic Penetration doesn't help Soraka much, but neither do any other Marks. Scaling Mana Regen is a good choice for yellows - even with Infuse, Soraka will be spamming like no tomorrow. Scaling AP blues and Flat AP quints give her spells kick without her spending money - which is good, 'cause she ain't getting any.
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9-0-21 for both. Nothing special to see here. If you pick different summoner spells, empower them, obviously.
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Summoner Spells


Teleport is basicially required. It's extremely useful on all farm-centric champions, and ESPECIALLY useful on Nasus because he's such a powerful lategame pusher with his Q. His backdooring power is incredible. And the difference between not having Sheen and having Sheen is so incredible in the early game that you'll want to teleport the second you've got 1260.

Ghost is my preferred second, because it's a mobility power that helps him get to teamfights, chase, push towers, etc. Flash has some of the same power, if you prefer it. You are free to use another summoner spell if you think it will be more powerful, but I doubt you'll find anything better than Flash/Ghost.


Soraka's summoners are very free. Clairivoyance is an obvious choice if your team needs one. Flash is generally useful. But if you feel like switching either of these - maybe your team is Exhaustless, or Igniteless - go for it!
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Skill Sequence


Focusing Q is obvious for a farm-centric build. Higher level Q = better cooldown = more Q's = better Q's. Wither is next priority because it's awesome. A level of Spirit Fire at 4 gives you some minor bushchecking powers (POOF. OH, HI RAMMUS. YEAH. YEAH I DO SEE YOU THERE.) and an on-demand Sheen proc between Q's - useful for mowing down towers.


Soraka has a more sporadic order. The order given is not set in stone but what my Soraka tells me tends to happen. Basically, focus Astral Blessing as much as you can, but grab enough Infuse that you're not going oom, with one level of Starcall at 3rd or 4th. It's a bit of an art and it might take a few games for you to find an order you're comfortable with.
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Dorans Shield to start. Rushing Sheen is non-negotiable. Then, get Mercury's Treads. After that, grab the tank item out of {Sunfire Cape, Banshee's Veil} that will help more against their team. Then, grab the other one. After that, snag a Trinity Force.

If Soraka isn't getting assists or kills, it may be up to you to build the Aegis instead of Soraka. That's fine - Aegis goes great on Nasus. If you're getting Aegis, get it after Treads.


Start with a Mana Manipulator or Dorans Ring (you shouldn't be in danger, this is a very safe way to play Soraka, but Doran's Ring is a fine choice if you're worried for your safety.) Then, get Mercury's Treads. After that, it depends on your gold situation. Ideally, you'll get a Soul Shroud AND Aegis of the Legion and become an awesome aura-hog. If you're not getting that Wish assist gold, you may want to delegate the Aegis to another teammate to ensure it gets built with some measure of prompittude.

The Abyssal Scepter after is just a suggestion - there are many good items for Soraka at that stage. Listen to your heart.

Obviously, both should get their fair share of wards, particularity if they're pushed past the midline.
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General Tactics


Last hit and play defensively. Soraka should be getting nothing, unless there's a ranged minion she's sure Nasus won't get. Nasus should focus on getting Siphoning Strikes off as much as possible - but remember, if Siphon is down, still make sure you're getting regular last hits!

If it's a lane with such heavy harass (Zilean+Vayne, maybe) that Soraka can't keep Nasus in the green, don't be afraid to back off. Nasus's farm is slow in the early game, and losing the lane early isn't such a crime. Just hide under the tower and get what you can - don't go knock and drag.

Nasus hits 1260 gold

Nasus B's, buys sheen, teleports back. The character of the lane has completely changed. If it was a low-pressure, lets farm with each other lane, that's over - now, if they dare to get near you, have Nasus smack them across the face. Your Q hits like a truck riding a bigger truck.

If it was that Zilean-Vayne monster lane you were losing before, now's the time to strike back. Get in, land that Q, then fade back and let Soraka work her magic. Rinse, repeat. About the only thing that can stop you is a Sona - because an enemy lane that can withstand this pressure must have double-harassers to keep Nasus down AND a strong healer to regenerate as quickly as you.

Remember, though, that you're only using pressure as a method to farm in peace. Don't get so focused on zoning them away that you're neglecting your Q farm. Your goal is to run for the wave and have them scatter, letting you free farm. The aggression is just if they don't agree. :)

Life after Laning Phase

Soraka should be keeping a good eye on things and giving advice. Ideally, you're bottom, and ready to stop a Dragon capture (or aid your own team doing it) if needed. Nasus is very good at teammfighting, so don't be afraid to start a rumble.

Remember that it's pretty rare for someone to say something like "Nasus is farming like a **********er" in teamchat. When your teleport comes back up after getting Sheen, always be looking for an element of surprise, tele-to-ward-and-gank -- that Teemo who's been derping around solo top the whole game probably isn't going to be expecting one Q dealing 400+ damage.

Nasus should always be farming. Open lane? Farm it. Jungler doesn't need wraiths? That's +12 right there. Blue? Well, *******, that's more CDR for even QUICKER FARM.

As the game goes on, Nasus is less dependent on Soraka. She, in turn, can go run around as mobile triage - bouncing to whatever area looks to be in danger, while Nasus farms unopposed.
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This is the extent of the guide - the rest is stuff you have to learn. Still, it's a very fun, very relaxing lane, and you should give it a spin. :)

This guide is dedicated to ZPRJase, my Soraka buddy.

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