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Riven Build Guide by samitheman

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author samitheman

Dominating the Game , feat. Riven the Exile on the Top Lane

samitheman Last updated on November 21, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello everyone , my summoner name is LastPioneer , and currently i am a Gold Tier I Top Laner. I have played roughly 190 ranked games this season with Riven , on an average of approximately 11 kills and 4 deaths per game . Through this guide you will learn all those elements that are required to pull off "clutch plays" , win your lane and dominate the game as Riven The Exile.
This is my very first guide :)
Hope you enjoy!

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Runes on Riven heavily depend on the opponent you are facing ( as with most champions ).
But , most of the times , an all around strong runepage to use on Riven is the classic one
(Flat AD Reds , Flat Armor Yellows , Flat MR blues and Flat AD Quints ) or you can customize that runepage according to your needs , for example you can use Armor Penetration Reds , instead of Flat AD ( like i do ) since Riven's kit has sufficient damage as is . Otherwise you can switch the Flat MR runes with scalling ones , that could work as well . I , personally , have specific runepages for each individual "duet" ( enemy Jungler/Top Laner). For example if the enemy Jungler and Top Laner are both AD champs , say Nasus and Lee Sin , i use a Flat AD/Armor Runepage with no trace of MR whatsoever , aiming to dominate the early game .

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For Masteries ( since the new , {patch 3.14} masteries are out , i get the usual 21 / 9 / 0 Top Lane Bruiser which , from my point of view , is the best for Riven REGARDLESS the enemy Top Laner/Jungler .
(Note ; i prefer to go for the 5 % Cooldown Reduction instead of the Extra Attack Speed on the beggining of the Offensive Tree , other than that , the page is the same ) .

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My Riven build is quite unique , since i have never seen a well-known streamer who is good with Riven using the build i use .
First off , each and every item you buy , even the " when " depends on 1 ) Who your opponents
are 2) Who your Lane opponent is and 3 ) Who is doing good on the enemy team .
Against a generic Top Lane bruiser i usually start with Cloth Armor + 5 Health Pots ( Don't forget the Trinket ! ) , against an AP Top Laner i might start with a LongSword + 3 Health Pots ,
a Null-Magic Mantle + 2 Pots , Boots + 4 Pots ( I now prefer the Longsword start over the NM Mantle one due to the price reduction of the LongSword 400 -> 360 ) . The core items which remainunchangable unless the enemy team are all ADs or APs are the following ;
1)Brutalizer ( CD Reduction works wonder , extra Damage and Penetration )
2)HexDrinker (Good vs AP champions , good damage plus kick - a** shield that absorbs MAGIC DAMAGE like the one that Garen's Ultimate does ) .
3) Phage ( Gives both Damage and Survivability , plus good means of chasing/escaping via its passive , i know that Late Game i will sell it , but for Early-Mid Game its a good pick.
4) Boots ( Now these , these depend on the type of your enemies , For AP/CC enemies go with
Merc Treads , For Strong AD enemies ,like Lee , Renekton and Jayce go with Ninja Tabi .
Proceeding to Mid Game you will want to get a Wardens Mail which along with the rest of your
items will make you tanky as well as dangerous , so that you can take a punch or two during a
fight. This is the part where the guide becomes differenent from the other guides , as there
is no Offensive/Defensive Builds , only Dozens of variation of the One Build . After completing
W. Mail go for a Bloodthirster . When you finish with B/T build a Guardian Angel . By now you will be so tanky that you ll be able to withstand a long and dangerous teamfight , while
still managing to do Tons of damage to the enemy's carries . After the Guardian Angel Turn the
Brutalizer to Last Whisper . Shortly after upgrade your HexDrinker to Maw of Malmortius ( or the opposite ) . Lastly grab a Randuin's Omen to make you tankier with even more armor and HP (also gives a slow
debuff which is AoE). There are many sides of the build which i haven't covered and for that i
apologize , i tried to pick the most usual scenario and capitalise on that .

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Skill Sequence

Passive ; after each spell , next basic attack deals bonus Physical Damage based on your AD.
Q Broken Wings ; dashes 3 times + a knock back , dealing AoE physical damage and charging your
blade with your passive 3 times.
W Ki Burst ; Stuns for .75 seconds around you , can cut off a basic attack and gives you a charge of your passive.
E Valor ; Dashes towards the mouse , gives a good shield and a charge on your passive.
R Blade of the Exile ; Gives range on basic attack and spells , gives Damage Buff , thus making your spells and basic attacks stronger.
R ( 2nd activation) Wind Slash ; Deals damage once in a cone in front of you , the less HP the enemy has the more damage the Wind Slash will do.
Depending on your enemy you will choose which skill you 'll pick level 1 . If your enemy can harass easily like Shen and Pantheon it is best to start with your shield (E) instead of your (Q)
At level 6 you must have 2 points on your Q , 1 on your W , 2 on your E and 1 on your R .
Leveling up after the 6th Level really depends on how good you re doing on your lane , if your losing give more weight to your E , and if you are winning do the same for Q , but most of the times its way better to level up both Q and E at the same pace , as it combines good damage
and survivability. Oh and you level up your Ultimate again at Level 11 and 16.
When entering a fight go like this ; R , basic attack , E basic attack , Q basic attack , Q basic attack , W basic attack , Q basic attack , R basic attack ( you can use R again a bit sooner depending on the situation , but i put it at the end for maximum damage again on a generic scenario .

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For Spells , most of the time i take Flash/Ignite .
Flash for positioning purposes , plus i can instantly flash on my enemy's face , pop my ulti , drop my agile combo and kill him without a warning .
Ignite for that True Damage and the Reduced healing effect . Helps my Ultimate deal more damage .
Alternatively you can go Flash/Exhaust which i would strongly recommend against a Jax !
Teleport instead of Ignite is also a good pick for surprise ganks , since Riven has both good burst and high agility through her kit .

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Pros / Cons

1) Very Agile , hard to catch
2) High Burst Damage
3) Very Tanky

1) Deals relatively less Damage with my build than with the one popular streamers use (Full AD).

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Farming on the Lane

Farming with Riven is easy due to the AoE nature of both her Q and her W , whuch allows her to farm waves with ease .
I will not cover her Jungling side on my Guide as i believe that she is does not belong to that

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Team Work

Riven can bait fights due to her agility . In a team fight she can assist her team by diving in
and picking off the Carries with her high burst Damage combined with survivability , shields and low Cooldowns .

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Unique Skills

Riven's 3rd activation of Broken Wings (Q) allows her to hop over certain walls , like Blue/Red Buffs , Drake/Baron pit and some other jungle walls . Her shield can absord a lot of damage and is on a low Cooldown ( about 5.5 seconds with a Brutalizer on Level 5 ) .