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Teemo Build Guide by Skidrock

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Skidrock

Dominion-AP Teemo- Best Base Defender

Skidrock Last updated on September 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This build is situational and sometimes needs to be modified based on the money you have when you return to the base. For example if you are loaded on cash you can get your rabadons before your morellos. Anothe rexample is if you are being dominated and cant seem to stay alive you should pick up a reighleighs (probably spelt that wrong, and ill probably make more errors) it is a good item and sometimes better than your zhonyas. In other words the guide can be altered to fit your playstyle but this is generally a good build.
P.S credit to bluegoldfish for giving me the original idea of ap teemo

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So this is my DOMINION build for teemo. it is AP because AD Teemo is completly and utterly USELESS in dominion. In this guide I will tell you how to properly play AP Teemo and how to do well with this build. So far i have played 5 games with this build and have only lost 1.

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Pros / Cons


Your team will always have at least one base
You will pick up alot of kills with shrooms
Teemo can run fast to backdoor or saved a turret
Can hide at a turret and pop out to pick up easy kill
Shrooms Great for scaring off enemies
your blinding dot becomes a nuke and demolishes squishies
enemies trying to escape to a nearby base will be severly damaged while running

you are VERY squishy
if your team cant capture an bases theres no point to you defending
needs a good offenseive team
can get called useless by noob teams
**** on by ap carries if there is no shroom activated
usually needs shrooms to kill

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Team Work

THIS BUILD REQUIRES GOOD TEAM WORK. since you will be spending the majority of your time defending and making sure the minions dotn pop all your shrooms your team will have to be able to push other bases and be aware if you get into trouble(3 or more ppl rush you)

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farming in Dominion is not a HUGE deal you will be getting money increasingly and most of the time will not be farming. however teemo is not great at pushing minions so if the minions start getting bunched up put one of your shrooms down and it will kill the lot of em giving you a minimum of 200g

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I CANT MAKE THIS ANY MORE CRUCIAL. YOUR JOB IS TO DEFEND. so what you are going to want to be doing is staying at one or 2 bases and setting up a shroom perimeter and defending those bases. Right off the bat you are going to go bottom with 1 other team mate and pick up the closest base to you (the boneyard most of the time for me) about 20 seconds after capturign that base you will be level 4 then you get your move quik. Now you are going to follow your teammate and minions into an iminent fight. YOU DO NOT INITIATE.(see fighting section for tacticts) after this fight and pushing for a small while (about 2-3 minutes) you will be level 6. this is when you get usefull. you will be slowly be forming a perimeter of shrooms around one or 2 turrets. (see shroom placement photo)

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YOU WILL BE PUTTING YOUR SHRROM AROUND THE OUTER EDGES OF THE STAIRS BY YOUR BASE. MAKE SURE THEY ARE MOSTLY ON THE SIDE THE ENEMY IS ATTACKING FROM. PUT THEM IN A SORT OF DOG BONE POSITION SO IT GOES 3-2-3 towards the nearest enemy turret, put 1 or 2 shrooms at the opening near the top of your base and put 3 on in the opposit direction just in case. you can ignore where the minions spawn nobody ever comes from that way. (im not an artist) pic of shroom placement

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Fighting Tactics and SKILLS

first things first NEVER EVER INITIATE A FIGHT. ( a substitute for this is baiting the enemy champion into your shrooms then killing them) always stay at the BACK and as soon as one of the enemy champs come to get you you back up kiting him (run hit run hit) until you or your team finishes him off. this is because you are probably one of the squishiest heros in the game. as for your skills always always use your q on the other teams ad carry this can be an ashe, vayne, kogmaw, xin etc. this cause them to be blinded(unable to hit basic attacks) and then they will be useless. Use your W to run to and from the fights it is an amazing getaway and makes you very hard to catch. Your E is obvious always auto atk the squishies and the passive will do the work. p.s because of this passive never chase an enemy if they are low your eé poison will finish them off for you, or they may even run into a shroom. Now your R or shrooms are your biggest damage doers late. late game they are usually a 2 hit k.o on squishies. so whenever possible bait the enemy team into them. They are more helpfull then the turrets most of the time so if you can run to them instead (unless you are obviously closer to the turret)

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Summoner Spells

This is a tricky part because there are multiple good spells to usepromote is great fro pushing your minons along and taking a base
Heal can also save you early game and help pick up a few kills but late game it is useless

FLash is basically a staple for me and i always use it for obvious reasons

Garrison is usefull whenever pushing or defending a base if noone else has this spell definitly pick it up

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OK so ITEMS as you can see i chose a basic ****load of ap items. however each of these items is good for a different reason.

Sorcer shoes and void staff the spell pen will help your shrooms rip through enemies

Morelloas evil tome is so you can get your shrooms much faster and fortify your defense

Rabadons deathcap obvious reason (****load of ap)

Will of the ancients that heal from your shrooms and poison can give you an amazing boost in hp and will help with the squishyness

zhonyas hourglass sometimes you need to just sit back and pop zhonyas while your poison does some damage also helps with the squishyness while giving you alot of ap

reighleighs if you are being easily killed it will boost your hp significantly as well as giving all your spells an extra slow

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Skill Sequence

This is how I use my skills however some people prefer to max out there E before their Q. However in DOMINION there is not usually people runnign away due to if you do the minions will trap you so i think a big burst damage at the begining of the game can get you the early kills and an extra base for a few minutes.

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I spent a couple hours making this build so please leave me criticism so I can make it even better and help out the new teemos playing DOMINION.