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Cho'Gath Build Guide by Pelikins

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pelikins

Dominion Cho

Pelikins Last updated on September 26, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 9

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Pro's / Con's


High natural damage on abilities
Good AP ratios
Bonus health
Lots of AOE
Good turret defender
Low CD's
High Damage
True Damage (suck it poppy!)

Not very mobile
High Mana Costs
Harder to stack you ult buffs in this format

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I like these best for Cho.

It makes him tanky and still damaging.

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Magic Pen Marks (spikes have high initial but poor scaling which makes magic pen the best choice over AP even though your ult doesn't benefit from the marks, I still like these better.)

Armor Seals @ MR glyphs: You end up with a fair amount of hp, these will improve that hp's value

Movement speed Quints:

These will help your chasing, running away, capping, and defensing capabilities. Very helpful!

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Skill Sequence:

1 point into rupture
1 point into feral scream
then max vorpal spikes asap

max rupture next and feral scream last.

get your ult at 6, 11, 16

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Why vorpal spikes over rupture:

Unlike in normal games where there are long passive periods of last hitting, Cho must head straight into direct pvp conflict starting at level 3. This drastically reshapes the way we build and play Cho.

You can no longer rely on rupture to be your main damage source (early on) as you can only afford to cast it a couple times and then run out of mana. Vorpal spikes however are free. At level 5 they provide an additional 80 damage to each auto attack which is an impressive amount at level 9.

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Why first build nashor's tooth

Cho's greatest downfall in dominion is his long cooldowns. All the enemy needs to do is make you miss a single rupture and they have free reign to kill you without much retaliation. That is, until Cho gets maximum CDR and then his hard hitting abilities come off cd faster. Then Cho becomes a sturdy and formidable fighter/mage.

The reason we build nashor's over the alternatives is that Cho is going to alter play against different opponents depending on who they are.

For fighters, we are going to want to harass at distance to get their hp down a bit. Then close quickly to ult and melee a couple times for the kill.

Against a mage we are going to want to get in at the begining of the fight and use our abilities to keep the mage in melee range.

Nashor's is great for both scenarios because it lowers the cds to allow us to harass, gives some mp5 for harass, and yet gives us AS to significantly improve our dps in melee range.

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Passive agressive play

Proper use of rupture is the key to making Cho work. And it is very difficult to do especially in Dominion.

Hitting with rupture in a pinch or properly using it as area of denial is powerful! Missing everything with rupture means a significantly lower contribution to a fight and often certain death.

Lead your targets, be patient so that they don't bait out the rupture expectingly just to make a fool of you. When necessary land Feral Scream first and then rupture to stop them from using flash mechanics.

Your rupture is a great peel. The knock up/ damage/ slow of the ability makes it very threatening. They will often choose to avoid rupture than land a killing blow or will fail a killing blow diving into a rupture.

Because of this, it's important to support teammates.

Now comes the aggressive side:

It's important to remember that you can kill many champs with one spell rotation IF they make a mistake. Acting on their mistake is just as important as waiting for it.

That means using the flash=>nom technique, placing ruptures when they need to retreat so that they can't. Silencing ults and then punishing the caster who's now in gank position.

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Optimizing and being opportunistic is what Cho is good at. I strongly suggest picking Cho when you have strong CC on your team. Champions such as Blitz, Sion, Morgana, and Alistar are the best champions to combo with Cho as they have reliable and predictable crowd control. Such as: Blitz is about to hit a champion with his grab. Get into melee range of blitz and ready rupture. He will grab the enemy and pull him to himself and then immediately pop him in the air. As soon as the enemy gets hit with powerfist throw rupture under he and blitz. The enemy will hit the ground and then go back into the air. If needed melee the enemy and ult him to finish him off.

Rupture is easily dodged prior to getting your rylai's so it's important to get help landing it by using other's CC.

Make sure to use silence before your ult. It's very sad when you miss out on a kill because of a last second flash or worse him killing/CCing you. Silence will nearly insure the ult goes off.

Gauge your opponent. Decide if you want to kite him or rush him, and decided well because once you've made that choice it's hard to revert to the other option.

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There is a little bush with a fudging monster in it!

This is my bush, there are many like it, but this one is mine...guess which one it is!

Using ambush tactics is very important for Cho. When the enemy face checks it, hit them with a feral scream right after placing rupture and then rush them. Get the ult in and if necessary melee a couple times. Not only will you kill them, they will need to afk for a new pair of undies as well.

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Dominion Cho

This is the best way to play dominion cho.

He's actually pretty good if played correctly.