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Shaco Build Guide by Eltanin Ubaan

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Eltanin Ubaan

Dominion Guide: Shaco the Quick

Eltanin Ubaan Last updated on November 18, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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To Start Things off


I do NOT recommend trying to use this build for any other purpose than in a dominion game.


It is made to allow the player to backdoor the enemy's turrets while they are defending, or otherwise distracted. Do not come to me complaining that you keep dying in combat.
Also, because you're going to be off doing other things I HIGHLY suggest that you have a team that you know can handle the points that you already have. If you're playing with random people, you probably won't have a good chance at winning. Well, unless the enemy is too busy chasing you to pay attention to defense.


You need to have a good handle on how to use Shaco's abilities if you expect to be of any use to your team with this build, so if this is your first time playing Dominion, or playing Shaco, I suggest you find another build.

Alright, now that that's taken care of...

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Originally, I made this build on a crazy whim. I was playing dominion with some friends, and decided I didn't care how I did. I decided that I wanted to play the fastest player I could, and backdoor anything the enemies didn't have defended at that moment.

Lo and behold my surprise when it actually worked out pretty well.

Since then I've played with the build several times, and I do not suggest combat of any type until you have 1, maybe two phantom dancers. If you initiate combat with none, its more than likely that you WILL die if you're alone. chances are better if you're under a turret you own, but that might not happen as much as you might like.

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Summoner Spells

I recommend 2 summoner spells. Ghost, and Revive.

Ghost: Ghost is the jack of all trades for a game of dominion, and will likely be your bread and butter. Good for escaping, initiating, chasing or capturing. I doubt I need to say more.

Revive: Usually only seen on low level characters, revive is an easy to use, and rather simple spell. First, it brings you back to life immediately, no need explain that. Second, it gives you a MASSIVE speed boost. In my experience, you will go fastest right after reviving. It's good to finish an enemy that took you beneath a nearby turret before they capture, or to go cross map and capture a new one after dying in a team fight.
Revive may have a high cooldown, but the speed boost you receive from it can take you across the map so quickly that the opposing team won't know what hit them. I can't count the number of times it's allowed me to either stop the capture of a point, allowed me to capture a point or finish where I left off.

Not Suggested:
Exhaust: Though it has potential, especially for escapes, generally I've found you have little use for this. You have Two-Shiv to slow anyone who crosses you, and are fast enough it shouldn't matter who's chasing you.

Ignite: You are not a fighter, and although this would help, there are better spells out there for this build.

Clarity: You shouldn't be letting yourself get within range, and even if you do, you have Decieve to get out. If you need this, you're doing something wrong.

Flash: Deceive is a much better version of the spell. If you need this then you're doing something wrong.

Possible Alternatives:
Garrison: For the few times when you are caught defending a turret against invaders, this could probably save you, or at the very least give you a leg up on the defense until you can get help

Promote: Though I wouldn't recommend it on the fact that most of the time you will be taking turrets without minions. But if the minions are there, simply by chance, why let the opportunity go to waste?

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Runes and Masteries

Alright. For masteries, the main mastery you want to get is Quickness. Once that is filled, I suggest survivability, but that's your choice.

Necessairy Masteries: Quickness

Suggested Masteries: Evasion, Nimbleness, Haste, Greed, Preservation, Harden Skin.

For runes, I suggest going with defensive, with Flat Health Marks, Flat Armor Seals, and Flat Magic Resist Glyphs. The quintessences will be supporting your movement speed.

Necessary Runes: Greater Quintessence of Swiftness

Suggested: Greater Mark of Fortitude, Greater Seal of Resistance, Greater Glyph of Warding

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Deceive: This will be your main skill. Good for escapes, or the rare initiation, it has a low cooldown, a stealth effect, and is a flash. Max this as soon as possible, you will be using it often.

Jack in the box: Good for warding areas, and on occasion, defense, it would take a skilled player to successfully use Jack in the Boxes here. Max this last.

Two-Shiv Poison: Your secondary skil. Good damage, a slow, and nice range. Use it to harass enemies on a point they're trying to Capture, or to delay pursuers.

Hallucinate: Shaco's Ultimate. High cooldown, but well worth it. You get an exact copy of yourself to throw at your opponents, that explodes on death for high damage. This can be used for double-teaming an enemy champion, or avoiding capture, hopefully by using your clone to throw them off your trail. This can be cast to avoid attacks but requires EXTREMELY precise timing.

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These I hope are self explanatory.

You want speed. Lots of it.

Start out with Boots of Mobility. Though a rare choice generally for Shaco, as long as you're out of the fight you're pretty much the fastest thing on two legs, especially early game.

With dominion's extra gold, I like to start working towards Pricilla's Blessing immediately, grabbing a Rejuvenation Bead with the boots. Because you won't be in combat much, you may want to opt out for a gold item. I personally would recommend the Heart of Gold, but whatever you feel is appropriate.

After you have Pricilla's Blessing, your items are pretty much up in the air. I personally choose to get Zeal which is built into the Phantom Dancers for that extra boost to speed.
So far, however, I have yet to build past 2 phantom dancers.

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Beginning the Game

Since you are in Dominion (I hope) you're going to want to charge the top capture point, the windmill. The sooner you get there the better. As soon as the Sheild goes down, activate Ghost and run to the middle point, (Either the Drill or Refinery), and head into the middle to collect the buff from the speed shrine. From there, get to the turret and start capturing. If you're lucky then you'll be able to capture the point before the other team reaches it, otherwise, do your best to weave in and out of combat, focusing mostly on champions that try to capture the point.
If it looks like your team has the other team held back, then resume capturing. Either way, you don't want to be in solid combat too long. Deceive is good for getting a quick hit on an enemy who has begun capturing, as is Two Shiv Poison. They also make good tools for running away with, especially with Decieve's instant stealth, and Two-Shiv's slow. If you are left alone, especially with enemies coming, you are likely to die.

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Mid-Late Game: Backdooring & Defending (WIP)

As I've stated before, this build is specifically made to create a champion who can capture points before the enemy realizes what's going on. Or in other words, to utilize the strategy of backdooring.

To explain, If you haven't already played a game of Dominion, the winner is decided by whoever takes the opponent's Nexus down to Zero first. This is done, mostly, though the capturing of turrets by the champions involved. Unlike classic mode, as long as a champion is capturing a point, the turret is unable to attack nearby enemies.
Because of this fact, squishy, but quick characters (for example Shaco) who in classic mode stood a better chance in a 2 v 1 team fight than they did when it came to backdooring a turret in classic shine.

You see, in most dominion matches, team fights will break out, either in the lanes or near the turrets as the teams fight to gain control of the other team's resources. This usually leaves one or two turrets open to capture by members of the team currently out of battle. That is what I chose to focus on for this guide.


Here's a good example of a situation where backdooring is appropriate. (Champions) are currently (defending/fighting for) the windmill, while (Champions) are (Defending/fighting over) the (boneyard/quarry), leaving the (Refinery/drill) open. This is the perfect opportunity for a swift character to take the initiative and capture the point while the enemy team is distracted.

Work in progress.

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General Tips

After the initial rush, there isn't much I can tell you. Every game of Dominion is different, and requires a slightly different style of play. All I can give are some general tips for playing this build.

    1. Thou shalt not engage in single combat. That is not what the build is for, and you will, most likely, die.
    2. Thou shalt not defend as long as there are points to capture. You aren't a defensive character, and even on a point have a high risk of getting killed by most any champion.
    3. Thou shalt prevent the enemies from capping your points. Because of your speed, you're very good at gurilla tactics, jumping in and out of combat. This is made better by the fact that you can outrun most any champion, and have a stealth-flash. A good Deceive or Two-Shiv could prevent an enemy from capturing a point, long enough for reinforcements to arrive, or your turret to wipe them out.
    3. Don't Abandon your team. Even though you are backdooring, if your team needs help, HELP THEM.
    4. Your Ult can fight while you capture. I'm not sure if many people know this, but by holding down alt and then clicking like you were to move yourself, you can command your clone as if you were commanding Shaco, without actually moving yourself, allowing you to capture the turrent while your clone fights with your friends. A double bonus.
    5. Don't be afraid to run. If you see the enemy champions coming, then don't be afraid to book it. You can come back later. If you can, Neutralize or capture the point you're working on, but DO NOT let them get within range.
    6. Speed Buffs are your friends. Get them as much as you can safely. You can also place jack in the boxes on Speed Shrines to ward them.
    7. Pricilla's Blessing's active may be a small, short speed boost but it can make or break a capture or escape. Use it when you feel is necessary.

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It is made for backdooring in Dominion. If you get caught in combat you probably will die. If you use it correctly, the other team will be head over heels trying to re-capture the points you've taken, and catch you.

Good Luck, and enjoy the game.
Eltanin Ubaan

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If you would like to make suggestions, either for which champion this build would work best for, ways to improve the guide, etc. feel free to comment or send me a message.

Till then, Kirk out.
Eltanin Ubaan