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League of Legends Build Guide Author UniversalTruth

Dominion Metagame Training

UniversalTruth Last updated on December 9, 2011
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In this guide I will discuss my observations as to the Metagame of Dominion. I see this much less discussed and explored than Classic. So, I implore you to join in and add to it. Offer counter-points, or tell me I hit the nail on the head. I welcome it all. What I ask, though, is to not offer troll responses about “Who take Dominion seriously trolololol”. If that is how you feel, then this guide is not for you. I have played many matches, and watched many many more streamed.

This is just the start of the guide, and I consider it heavily Work-In-Process. Feel free to add or challenge. I would appreciate this being more of a discussion as opposed to guide. These are not the only way to play the game, and the chances of everything happening this way in game are slim. But this is what imagine is the current way to play Dominion to it's most efficient and effective way. Expect updates to formatting and content.

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Champion Choices

A) Things to look for in a champ
Snares, speedbuffs, slows, and interrupts. Speed is a more important than ever in Dominion. Enhancing yours, or “dehancing” your enemies can make a tremendous difference in dictating the point of a team battle (keeping it at your point or away from theirs). Equally important, interrupts vs. enemies who are channeling is extremely useful. Take Janna, for instance. She can interrupt an entire team trying to capture a single point, and knock them into the air, with the turret damaging at least one. So, try and find a champ with decent mobility one of the discussed traits. For instance, Twitch fits perfect with the Meta: He has open map mobility (though easily countered, it takes gold away from enemy players), a slow, a multi-enemy disrupt (his ulti).

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Team roles are very different than Classic. An effective team isn't necessarily made up a specific way. Here are a few roles to be aware of:

Bottom Bruiser: Playing solo bottom, it is necessary that you are very sustainable. Forego boots for sustainability. Health potions are cheaper, and you gain gold much faster in Dominion, so consider purchasing HP pots as it could make a big difference 1v1.
Good choices for BB: Singed, Heim (with promote), Urgot, Garen

Top 4: Usually made up of 2 bruisers 2 carries. 2nd tier boots needed, except for the carry who caps mid (gets damage instead)

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Champion Builds

A. Runes
Building a Dominion champ can be vastly different than a Classic Champ. Since classic’s 5v5 meta assumes a 40 minute game, the “early game” drags on for quite a bit longer. Champions are lower level for much longer in Classic, thereby making “flat” runes useful for boosting early game useful. However, in Dominion you start at level 3 and have a global experience gain at an intense speed. That makes the trade off for per-level runes a whole lot more enticing. Considering that you get over the flat runes stats by level 11 (~9 min into game), you can easily spend more than half the game with better stats.
B. Masteries
Build your champions masteries as you normally would. If you plan on bringing ghost/exhaust, you'd better make sure to bring Summoner's Wrath .
C. Summoner Spells
In almost all team builds, every player must have Ghost. Speed is integral to the metagame, so Ghost plus Summoner's Wrath is a mandatory. And with Wrath, you're best off bringing another summoner spell buffed by it. Unless you're planning on going bottom, it should be Exhaust, as the majority of top conflicts will be team battles. Not only that, but the ability to slow an enemy is priceless, and it makes defending a point much, much easier.

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You have approximately 1:20 minutes to buy and pick 3 skills to level. If any of your skills are speedbuffs or snares, be sure to grab them. Get boots. 3 teammates should get tier 2 boots and head straight for windmill, passing through the speed shrine on the way. The mid-carry should get basic boots and an item to increase dps. The designated bottom solo should focus on sustainability items. The team should stand as close to center of their intended route.

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Early Game

The millisecond the last stone piece snaps into place, you rightclick on the cap point you're heading to. The team should send 3 ghosting to top through the speedshrine. Mid-carry heads straight to mid, caps, then ghosts through the speed shrine to clean up top and kill wounded enemies in the team battle for windmill. Bottom will head straight to their cap point. Early through mid game, it is best to simply defend the 3 points (assuming you take top). Only last hit minion to keep the enemy waves near your points so you can farm, and keep the enemies from farming and killing you at their points. Buy tier 2 boots if you don't have them as soon as possible. It is important to keep 4 top 1 bottom. Even if the other team doubles up on bottom, make sure you have 4 top to pressure them since they shouldn't win a 3v4 teamfight. As well, they will have to share experience and minion gold bottom, whereas the sustainable teammate on bottom will have their cap to defend himself and exhaust should they push.

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Mid Game

By mid game (~10 minutes), you should have a decent amount of your build accomplished. At this point, it's plausible to be more aggressive and push the enemy lanes. Have the mid-carry split off from the other 3 on top, and attempt to backcap or gank bottom. Leave the middle buffs for the glass cannon for this reason. If the team is not able to fully backcap, it should at least be able to disrupt the other team and pull their manpower away from large pushes. Should backcap be accomplished, anticipate their backcaps counters. Many players are tempted to sit on the cap points nearest the enemy's spawn, but this leaves you're cap point unguarded.

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Late Game

In late game, should it come this far, you are either ahead or behind. You should have your full build by now.

Ahead: You probably have at least 3 caps controlled. Defend your bottom, mid, and windmill until timer wears out. If you Don't control any of these, cap them asap.

Behind: If you don't control bottom, mid or windmill, take them and hold them. Send your carry to backcap if you need to pull them off these points.