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Nocturne Build Guide by PartymanFlames

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PartymanFlames

Don´t show me your back

PartymanFlames Last updated on August 9, 2011
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Hey Guys, the jungle is my territory and my main is Nocturne so I had the idea to show you how I play him.

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My Runes are realy simple.
I grab Armor Pen. in red to become in the jungle true damage and to get a higher damage against the enemy champions.

Most of the junglers grab normaly Armor Seals but I prefer Dodge on Nocturne. In my opinion Dodge works on Nocturne more usefull then Armor becauase it help you in the jungle enough and in the mid / late game its more usefull than this liddlebit Armor.
Q: Why is Dodge more usefull ?
A: Because you have with Nocturne your awsome shield which allow you to block spells and with Dodge you have the chance to "block" physicle attacks aswell which make you more stayable and make you hard to become focused because you can "block" so much and you make so much damage.

My Glyhps and my Quintessence´s are Attack Speed to clean the jungle camps faster and to become my passive faster ready.

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I play Nocturne as an tanky DPS which is in my opinion the best way to play him. So I have an 1/18/11 Masteries Site for him. Which allow me to be more stayable and to reach faster level up´s. The one point in Plentifull Bounty is in my mind a must have. You gain five gold for using smite and your smite become five sec. lesser cooldown.
I like the one point in Greed because it give one gold every 10 sec. and I think thats not bad and it stack good with Plentifull Bounty aswell.

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My itembuild is like I said before an tanky DPS build.
I buy as my first item a Clotharmor and five Healpotion´s like a normal jungler should do, iv he start at the blue buff.
My itembuild look like this:
Clotharmor, Ninja Tabi, Heart of Gold, Wriggles Lantern, Sheen, Phage, Zeal, Trinity Force, Catalyst the Protector, Negeatron Cloak, Banshee´s Veil, Wardens Mail, Randuin´s Omen, Chain Vest, sell Wriggles Lantern and buy Cloak of Agillity before you finish your Chain Vest to Atmas Impaler ore you have enough Gold and get Atmas Impaler only with Chain Vest. Your last item is your choice ore it depent on the enemy team. If you don´t have sell your Wriggles Lantern before you do it now. You buy for more tankynes a Guardian Angel ore if you want/must deal more damage you choose Last Whisper.
Q: Why so much tanky items before you get your atmas.
A: After your Trinity Force you can straight go for build tanky items because with your q and the Trinity Force your damage is for the first time enough and not that low as you expect.

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Skill Sequence

Max the q will give you stronger harassment more damage, more effevtive chasing and it help you to clean the jungle camps faster aswell.
For the first time one point in your w is enough and you max after the q your e for better ganks.

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Summoner Spells

My Summoner Spells are realy easy.
Flash for better ganks and for better escape. Smite is a must have on an jungler even you can jungle without it like Warwick.
Q: Why is it a must have?
A: Because it make you jungle faster that means faster leveling and that means earlier ganks. The second thing is that Smite give you a save Red/Blue Buff and a save Dragon and Baron too.

If you want saver ganks you can choose exhaust, but I prefer this summoner skill not much on Nocturne.

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Creeping / Jungling

You start with him on the Blue Buff, maybe you gank after the two liddle Golems ore go back. Then after back you do red --> gank --> back/jungle/hold lane and then you look where you can help ore you jungle normaly, maybe counter jungling and you look what you can do for your team like help your caster on the Blue ore hold lanes ore gank. But don´t forget that you don´t have to jungle all the time, because your team is importend.