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Fizz Build Guide by xWillis

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xWillis

Dont Hate, Just Rate... Fizz AP Jungle

xWillis Last updated on October 19, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Fizz, The Tidal Trickster.

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Hi People, and welcome to my First guide. This guide will show you my own way to play with fizz in the jungle.

I bought fizz after some time playing, but never really jungled with him because i found him stronger in lane. After i got bored with him in lane, i decided to try and jungle with him and find my own build to dominate the game.

After playing a few games (While dominating) i thought i found a realy good way to play him in the jungle, so i decided to make a guide. I hope you find it helpful. This build will get better the more experienced you are with fizz.

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The Pros and Cons of Fizz.


High burst damage.
Can escape and catch up to enemies easily.
Snowball's like an animal.
Strong early game and late game. Damage over time.
No unit collision all game.


Quite item Dependent.
Quite squishy.
Fairly hard to master.
A good miss chance with a skill shot ultimate.

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His Abilities

Fizz has a lot of mobility due to his skills, but he has to be careful of when to use them. Using your skills at the wrong times can result in death, be wise..

Nimble Fighter -
nimble fighter is a great passive. First of all, you ignore unit collision. unit collision is actually really annoying but some people don't notice it, ignoring unit collision will save your life at some point. And the reduced basic attack damage is great for jungling.

Urchin strike -
Urchin strike is your main gap closer, use it to get to your enemies and power them down. the good thing about urchin strike is that when your enemy is close enough, you will pass through them. use urchin strike to escape if you can. urchin strike also applies on hit effects which is good.

Seastone Trident -
Now this is your main damage ability, i was once told that this skill is overpowered... maybe it is.. too bad. its passive is just a damage over time with your basic attacks that last 3 seconds. but when activated, is empowered by a percentage of your AP and another number.. and applies grievous wound which reduces healing by 50%. but the best thing about this ability, the damage improves with the less health they have. so the more health they lose, the stronger you are. maybe the best ability on the game i would say.

Playful/Trickster -
This ability is also great, this is your second gap closer if you need one and it slows. the best thing about this ability is being untargetable for 0.75 seconds. say you when to gank lux and she throws her snare, you can bounce right over it with this ability and then slow her. Use it right and its a great move, use it wrong... it will turn ugly. it does take some practice to time it right though, but this move can just cancel out some champions ultimate's such as karthus, lux, brand ect.

Chum the waters -
This is the ultimate of fizz. its a gap closer, damage dealer, interrupter, separator, slow and a skill shot. the good thing about it being a skill shot is that you can fire it through bushes and walls and it will hit someone if you time it right, but that takes alot of practice... and luck.

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For jungling, i like to take a 9/21/0.

Increased health, health regeneration, Armour and damage return is a must for jungling with fizz. he is way too squishy without it, and the increased movement speed is helpful as well. The rest of the points don't need to be in defense unless you want to go full tank.

i prefer to go with offence after defense instead of utility for better ganking, i find that the extra ability power, magic penetration and cooldown reduction is better early and late game than utility would be.

If you would prefer to go with utility, try a 0/21/9 which gives you the same defense masteries, along with reduced cooldown on flash, Mana per level and mana regen, 0.5% movement speed and 20% increased duration on buffs.

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Summoner Spells

My preferred spells for jungling are Heal and Smite. Smite you will probably need because you aren't that powerful in the jungle. i like to take heal to either secure a kill save myself from getting killed or to save someone else from dying.

But you can take whatever suits you, Most people take flash when jungling but fizz doesn't need that due to his 2 gap closers. i would say Exhaust is the next best thing to take if you aren't going for Heal, you can gank easy with exhaust and you can use it late game in team fights.

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The runes i have picked to jungle with assure you to clear quick and be gank effective.
Greater Quintessence of Potency - This will help you with camp clearing and ganks.

Greater seal of resilience - A bit more Armour so you aren't so squishy to the enemy team and jungle creeps.

Greater Mark of Strength - More attack damage to increase the speed of your jungle clearing and increase the damage on your basic attacks.

Greater Glyph of Warding - Some extra magic resist to make you allot less squishy when ganking an ability power enemy.

Greater Glyph of Fortitude - Some extra health to start off with so you're less squishy, this will help with ganking, camp clearing and just your early game.

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How to Jungle

If you have followed my guide and used the right runes and masteries, you can start jungling effectively. Fizz is a great jungler because he has so many gap closers, one of the best gankers on the game because hes quick and powerful. but the thing he lacks in jungling is his camp clearing speed. ive never seen a jungle guide for fizz that went AP, the only jungle guides for fizz ive ever seen have made him go AD with trinity force etc. Going AD with fizz only makes him useless late game because hes all AP, what im trying to do is make him powerful late game which would cripple his jungle speed. but that's alright because you can still fit in a few ganks but late game, your team will be allot stronger than theirs. I played a game once where we only had 4 players because volibear was afk, i jungled AP fizz and because i jungled so well, i got my team fed, I was fed, and we all had so much money. we ended up winning this because i was full build before anyone else. ANYWAY lets discuss jungling.

There are a lot of starting items you can pick.

Boots of speed will increase your ganking but make you more squishy i prefer not to go with this because you have 2 gap closers as it is.

Cloth Armour is what i take,
you will be able to clear camps easier and end up with more health at the end. if the enemy jungler decides to counter jungle, hes going to find a heavily armored fizz. you can always sell cloth armour later on when you dont need it, i tend to sell it after i get a catalyst the protector...but thats just me.

Ruby crystal is also viable to take, you will start with alot more health but no health potion's. you would have to recall quite a bit just to clear all the camps.

Your jungle route.

Take your Cloth Armour or whatever you want first and head into the jungle.
Fizz will need to start at blue for the cooldown reduction and mana regeneration. you should of taken seastone trident first. this will make the big golem easier to kill, get a good pull from your mid or whoever and start to kill it. if its a good pull, you should be able to take it easy with no major health lost and can save smite. if its not that good of a pull, use smite first and then activate your W to kill it quick.

After killing Blue golem you should be level 2, take your Q and move to wolves. use your W and Q to kill the big wolf then onto the little ones.

Move to Wraiths and start to take the big one down using your W and Q and be careful for either mid lane coming to kill you or the enemy jungler.

I prefer to move to small golems to keep it safe and to keep health, you can still turn level 3 if you got all the xp from the jungle camps.

Now its time to see if anyone needs a gank. if you see any of your lanes are losing and can benefit from a gank, take your E and head up ther

e. if not, take another point in your W and start to take your red buff.

If you have decided to take red buff, your going to need smite. so if its on CD either go back to base or clear another camp nearby

After you do all of this, you can either restart it all, invade the enemy jungle or just gank lanes. When ganking, you want to use your Q first to close the gap. if they are too far away, lock on with Q and then use your E to catch up. Dont forget that your Q is a LOCK ON, it will carry on trying to do it unless you move somewhere else.

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My Preferred Build

For jungling, i like to start with Cloth Armour and 5 health potions. You can start with boots if you like to have more movement speed but i prefer the extra armour.

I prefer sorcerers shoes to merc treads because i like the magic penetration better than the magic resist, it makes your ganks alot stronger.

I then like to rush a Rod of ages, buying a catalyst the protector first for the extra health and mana for more sustain in the jungle and the health regen when you level up is great. when you upgrade it too a rod of ages, you get alot of AP and you are quite tanky so you dont have to worry about running into a 1v1.

A lich bane will make you alot more powerful, the magic resist will make you more durable in teamfights and small fights and the speed boost will just help you with everything.

A Rabadons deathcap will make your burst hit like a truck if you do it correctly, this item gives so much AP your going to need it when taking down the carry in a teamfight.

A Rylais Crystal Scepter will make you more sustainable, more durable and more powerfull in a teamfight and in 1v1's. i recommend this item because it gives mostly everything a fizz player needs.

This finishes your build with armour, magic resist and a revive which will make you realy durable in a teamfight, but dont get too cocky and engage, you still are squishy and well get taken down in seconds. keep it cool and keep your eyes open.

Alternative Items

This item is viable whe jungling because of the spell vamp, if you want to get this item. get it first instead of a rod of ages to increase your jungle speed and sustainability.

This item is also quite good, it gives you alot of AP, Cooldown reduction and a unique active that causes grievous wound.

This item i used to use because its passive stacks with your passive, get this item if your having trouble camp clearing. it will also help with your ganks.

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I find that this build is very affective due to the fact that hes powerful late game unlike other junglers, he can also gank like an animal. i hope you found this guide helpful and i hope you will vote it. goodluck fizz players.