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League of Legends Build Guide Author Verdeiwsp

Don't Stop Till They Drop (Semi - Hybrid)

Verdeiwsp Last updated on May 28, 2011
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Whats up guys? If you are reading this build, then you are reading one of the most effective Jax builds that I've used. I will be updating this guide if Jax gets any future changes to his skills or items. Some people play Jax as AD, AP, or Hybrid. I believe that semi hybrid is the best way to go for Jax if you want to win. Of course, you will lose and win some, because of your teammates, enemy, or even you. I hope you guys will enjoy this build and use it.

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The most common mastery setting for Jax is 21/9/0. 21 Points in Offense helps you to get Havoc, which does 4% more physical and ability damage. That 4% may sound little, but it amazingly helps you in combat. You may realize that I put 2 points on Alacrity instead of Offensive Mastery. Reason is, both will work well. However, I find 4 extra damage to minions not worth it. I didn't put those 2 points on Deadliness also because I'm not going critical Jax. 9 in Defense is needed because for Jax to be able to use his stun more, he needs more dodge. 9 can get you 4 points in Evasion, which gives you 2% dodge, and 1 point in Nimbleness, which gives you 10% move speed every time you dodge an attack. I put 3 in Resistance and 1 in Hardiness instead of the other way around because unless you have your ultimate on, Jax's magic resist will always be lower than his armor. You want to balance both a bit so that Jax will not be easy kills for mages or easy kills for physical DPSers. Plus, Ninja Tabi gives armor, so you don't need more armor. 0 in Utility because Jax doesn't need Utility. Theres not really another way to say it.

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Most people decided to get base Ability Power runes, but I prefer to get Ability Power per level runes. Reason is that Jax is weak early game. He can't defeat warrior DPS like Xin Zhao 1v1 mainly because Leap Strike and Empower won't sustain him enough with their long cool downs. Also, Jax has low mana early game, which makes it hard for you to continue using your moves in a 1v1. Jax is more destructive end game as the cool down on his skills are reduced drastically and he has higher magic resist and dodge. If you are going to main Jax, you will need to purchase dodge seals and quintessences. Those runes will give you 11% dodge. With the masteries, you will have 13% dodge( 11+2) when game starts without any items or skills. For marks, I decided to go for magic penetration because having more penetration allows you to deal more damage. Having high ability power won't go well if you have no magic penetration. If you get the same runes as I did, you will have 11% dodge, 28 ability power at level 18, and 8.5 magic penetration.

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Summoner Spells

I decided to pickandbecause Flash is helpful when you need to escape. You can use Flash to go through walls, to run away, or even catch up with someone who is running away. Reason that people might argue that Ghost is better, is because most of the time, Jax will get targeted first because he is the main damager. You will get Exhausted or affected by Crowd Control spells. You need something that can put you at a good distance in a second instead of a skill that will let you run fast. Plus, Ghost cannot help you if you are slowed. I picked Exhaust next because Jax is a hunter. He goes in for the kill. He engages 1v1. In those situations, you need Exhaust to get the upper hand. You can use Flash to get close, then Exhaust them to prevent them from running away, or you could use Exhaust to lower the damage done to you in a 1v1.

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If you want to get a Doran's item like Doran's shield or Doran's ring. That is perfectly fine. I don't get those because I go straight to getting the base items.

Ninja Tabi - This is a definite must for Jax. It gives Enhanced Movement Speed 2, 12% Dodge, and 25 Armor. Furthermore, it is the cheapest Enhanced Movement Speed 2 shoes currently.

Mejai's Soulstealer - You do not have to get this item always. I would suggest getting it if you definitely know that you will be able to get kills or assists easily. If you cannot, do not bother getting Mejai's or else it will just make it harder on you to win. Mejai's is good for Jax because at max stacks, it will give Jax 180 Ability Power + 15% Cooldown Reduction. That is helpful to Jax's passive and skills.

Hextech Gunblade x2(Or x3 if you didn't get Mejai) - Most of you will wonder. Why 2 Hextech Gunblade instead of a Hextech Gunblade and a Guinsoo Rageblade? Reason is Guinsoo Rageblade requires stacks to be at its best potential. It can give 35 Attack Damage, 93 Ability Power, and 32% Attack Speed. Plus, it is also cheaper than a Hextech. However, in a team fight, there is no time to gather stacks. Jax has to be the one initiating the fight most of the time. It is fine if you get it early game. 32% Attack Speed might sound like a lot, but with just your passive alone, you can already reach 2.0 Attack Speed. 2.3 won't make much of a difference considering that your main damage is your skills. Another reason that Hextech Gunblade is better than a Rageblade is because Rageblade barely beats Hextech at its max stacks. Gunblade has 60 AD and 75 AP while Rageblade has 35 AD and 93 AP. Rageblade has 32% Atk Speed but Hextech has 20% Life Steal and 25% Spell Vamp and a UNIQUE Active that does 300 damage and slows the enemy down by 50%. If you have 2 Hextech Gunblades, you can easily take on a 1v3. You need the Life Steal and Spell Vamp more than you need the Attack Speed.

Sheen - The reason to get Sheen is that it gives you Ability Power, Mana, and an awesome UNIQUE Passive that can help you win team fights. You can either get Sheen before you get Hextechs, or after. Like before, I said Jaxs are mana deprived. That is one reason to get Sheen and another reason is that you'll need to upgrade to a Lich Bane later.

Lich Bane - This item is amazing with Jax. It gives you 80 Ability Power, 350 Mana, 30 Magic Resist, and 7% Movement Speed. Just like Sheen, its UNIQUE Passive is exactly the same, except that it does 100% of you Ability Power instead of Attack Damage. The passive can easily do 500+ extra damage if you following the item build.

Rabadon's Deathcap - Last but not least, Rabadons. This item is the item that AP users need to be godly. However, I suggest that you get this either after getting both Hextechs, or before you get your Lich Bane. Reason is, Jax is squishy early game without life steal and spell vamp, and Rabadon's UNIQUE Passive would not be as efficient early game as compared to end game. It is still a great item and it is also a definite must for Jax.

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Items NOT to get

What you want to avoid to get as Jax, is basically all Attack Damage, Attack Speed, Critical, Health, or Armor items.

Attack Damage - All of Jax's skills require Ability Power to be better. 2 of Jax's skills requires both Attack Damage and Ability Power to be better. If you focus all on Attack Damage, Jax's passive on ultimate, Jax's active on ultimate, and his stun will be useless.

Attack Speed - Jax's passive already gives you 2.0 Attack Speed at max stacks. That is plenty enough because getting anymore Attack Speed equips will reach the limit of 2.5 and rendering the extra boost useless. Like I said before, getting stacks takes too much time in a team fight. Most of the time, your damage from your first hit (Leap Strike + Empower) is enough to cripple the enemy. With your stun, you can cripple the entire team, while your teammates mop up the rest.

Critical - Like Attack Damage, Jax is based more off Ability Power. Critical is only good if you have high Attack Damage, and if you get all Attack Damage, Jax's skills are useless.

Health - Jax's passive gives him 3 HP every Attack Damage and 2 HP every Ability Power he has. Jax will usually have 3k-4k HP end game, which is plenty enough to not get killed easily. People might want to get Rylai's Crystal Scepter because of the +500 HP, but that is not necessary because you require the other items more than the Crystal Scepter.

Armor - Jax can be plsyed as a tank, but Jax is best played as a Hybrid. So getting armor or magic resist is pointless on him as he is a bruiser.

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Early game you will find farming a bit difficult if you are facing an enemy range. That is normal because Jax doesn't have that much health early game, and he can easily be killed. You might have to turret hug till level 2, where you will get Empower. The strategy of harassing with Jax is to combine Leap Strike and Empower. That is the best way to damage an enemy early game and end game. You would jump in and run back after. Once you reach level 3, it gets a bit tricky. Sometimes minions will start attacking you, and you will be able to stun because you dodged their attack. The time that you can stun someone after dodging is 7 seconds, so you will have to keep track when you can execute the move. You would Leap Strike + Empower in, and stun the enemy, reducing a good amount of health on the enemy, plus giving you a safe trip back, or to continue killing. You would max Empower 1st, then your Stun, and then your Leap. If your ultimate is up, you would wait, then cast your ultimate before you Leap Strike in, reducing magic damage done towards you.

In team fights, you want to eliminate the main attacker first. The enemy team is nothing without their attacker. You would Leap Strike towards the attacker, stun him if possible, cast Exhaust, and continue attacking. Stunning the attacker's allies will help you isolate the attacker. Since you have a lot of life steal and spell vamp, you will be able to do severe damage and heal at the same time. Remember, because of Nimbleness, you are able to catch up to enemies because of the extra movement speed boost.

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Middle Lane - A pretty bad option for Jax. Jax is not that good against range attackers early game. So it would be better to either take Top or Middle Lane.

Solo Lane - Jax is possible to solo a lane by himself. However, if Jax is getting harassed badly, it is better to switch with someone else.

Jungle - Jax is better off laning because if you are jungling, you would require a different build in skills and items.

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The End

This is the first build guide I have ever made, I hope you guys enjoyed it, and will use it in the future. Please rate and comment. I will be updating and commenting on your comments ^^ Now go own as Jax.