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League of Legends Build Guide Author shley

Double Rape-O what does it mean??

shley Last updated on January 10, 2011
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Chapter 1 - Intro

I Love Lux.. She can be a lot of fun! BUT In order to really rape face with her, you have to learn proper timing! Don't forget that landing your skill shots is CRUCIAL for lux, as all her spells are skill shots, except for one.

I chose a huge AP build, usually runs me almost 1000 AP, as long as you are building stacks, and keeping alive.

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Pros / Cons


    -Having a strongly built Lux can be a real game changer.
    -She has very good range on her skills
    -The combination of her skill shots and passive can be a very deadly and useful weapon, especially early game!

    -This build doesn't allow for any defense items. So if the other team gets ahold of you... you might not live very long..(depends on your teammates as well)
    -You tend to burn through mana pretty fast, the entire reason I chose clarity as a spell.
    -The timing of her skill shots and passive + auto attacks can be tricky, and hard to get down right away, may take some practise.

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First Thing's First - Early Game & Harrassing

Lux's skills matched with her passive can really help you early game for lane control, and mad harrassing. The hardest part, is getting the proper timing for it.

The Key to harrassing is all in the timing of your skills and auto attacks. You will need to hit them with your snare, and send out your Luscent Singularity immediately. BEFORE YOU SET OFF YOUR SINGULARITY MAKE SURE YOU HIT THEM WITH AN AUTO ATTACK FIRST, TO OBTAIN MAXIMUM DAMAGE WITH HER PASSIVE. After you auto hit them and set off your pasiive bonus damage, blow up your E skill and immediately auto them one more time.

If you do it right, you should take almost half of their health by lvl 2 or 3 (depending on the champ of course). After a couple doses of that, they will be forced to either gank you, or recall and lose experience giving your lane the upper hand.

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Chapter 1 - Summoner Spells and Items

First I'll start with my summoner spells.. I like to haveand. I find that Clarity is Crucial for maximum harrassment early game, and keeps you in lane longer. I spec my mastery for it too, so I can help fellow teammates. That is optional depending on your preference.
If you don't wantanother good choice to use isor if you're really confident and don't need an escape try.

For my items I make sure to rush myMejai's first.. By now you should be getting a few kills or assists with your harrassing. I usually go back for my first time, when I have enough gold for a mejai's and at least my lvl 1 boots in one go.

**If you find that you just cant build enough stacks, try to get a Rod of Agesso you can still build more AP***

The next Items that are a must will be the Giant's Belt (for survivability) and your Boots
I personally chooseBut you can mix it up with the newCooldown reduction boots!

If you really want to maximize your AP, you might have to end up selling yourfor the new.

With Lux, or any caster for that matter, Building 2 Archangels is key to pumping up your AP. The rest of the build is pretty straight forward.

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Chapter 2 - Runes and Masteries

For her runes I focused mainly on strict AP/lvl runes, AP quints, and of course a little bit of Magic Penetration marks to make it all the more sweet.

The good thing about these runes is that it really helps with early game advantages.. The only down side is that she is VERY squishy.. especially early game. Make sure you get in the habit of attacking from afar and really focus on landing your skill shots as it become essential to lane control and building stacks (obviously).

Other good runes to go with would be:

-Health Quints (for that little extra health early game)
-Mana Regen Seals or Glyphs (She burns through mana pretty quick!)

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Chapter 3 - Skilling Order

I start with her Q skill- Light Binding - First as it helps if you get ganked before the minions spawn, or so you can be the one doing the ganking.

After all that hubub, I focus on maxing out my E skill- Luscent Singularity - First.

I max my Q skill - Light Binding - second, for more damage output

I try to have one point in Lux's W skill- Prismatic Barrier - by level 7, so I can help a little bit in team fights and surviving some damage, but I max this still last.

And Of course, Her Lazer- Finales Funkeln - (Obviously put points in accordingly every 5 levels). This skill when maxed has only a 26 second cooldown, and If you have any cooldown reduction runes/items, it can be even less!

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Chapter 4 - Extra Tid Bits

With Lux later in game and in team fights, it is a great idea to stay behind your team a bit of a distance away from the fight for 2 reasons: 1 - so you can aim your Ult and your skill shots easier, and 2 - you are a harder target, as the enemy team will be busy with your teammates, and your snare and slow can stop them from focusing you. It really helps for proper focus in the fight and you tend to win more team fights this way.

I am open to suggestions for my build, but I find that 9/10 times my build rapes and generally works for me. It balances survivability with mass amounts of AP... BUT keep in mind that lux can still be killed easy if you're careless! I haven't been able to get my newest build 100% done in a game yet.. I find they surrender before I can. I will keep trying however, and I would love to see how others do with this build.

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Finale - The Proof!

Here are some screen shots of my previous games with lux, as close to completing my build as possible.. The other teams generally get rolled or surrender before I finish.