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League of Legends Build Guide Author Atsorf

Dps and Survivability!

Atsorf Last updated on September 15, 2010
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First I would like to say that I am still new to the game but wanted to share my discoveries. I based a lot of this off of QQ More Plz's dps build. QQ More Plz knows well how TF works and by all means I am glad to have found such an awesome build. So a large portion of this goes to him/her (not sure sorry T_T ) It isn't my intention to take any credit for the basics of how it is setup, but I thought my input in an actual build might be a better plan.

I am going to run through my process. With this setup I have even gated into an enemy's base and destroyed inhibitors before anyone can reach me. If you land near the border, the minions will run past you and not even bother you leaving you to finish it off quick and efficently.

When I start off, I buy the vampiric scepter and get wild card. The aoe attacks from red and gold are just amazing <3. I generally take the top or bottom going in with a secondary character, basically anyone who follows. I tend to be the target of ganking even if I have a tank with me. Once I am under attack the first action I take is to exhaust and ignite the enemy. This won't get you the kill most likely if there is 2 of them but they will have to back off for a bit, leaving you to kill minions and gain the exp needed.

Once around level 6, recall and purchase the emblem of valour or recurve bow. They both are really great choices but I go with the emblem to help my team member as well as have some extra help keeping my hp up since in the begining squishyness hurts >.<. I then use destiny gate and go around to go in and get some more levels.

At this point keeping hp up isnt too hard and you can even get in some kills. Once you have enough for starks fervor (basically when your destiny gate has reset) go get it. This item is very useful in a group setting. Especially when you are pushing so your teammates can share in the life stealing.

If you have enough get some of the items needed to make Madred's Razors. This can help get you some extra exp in off of minions and help support your team's minions in conquest.

Around the time you can get Madred's bloodrazor, a lot of those annoying tanks will have lots of hp. That is why this item is so useful, being able to deal 4% of dmg plus lifesteal on your hits you can gold card them and go for the kill (again if you exhaust and ignite them at this point they are pretty much dead.) All the while you maintain enough hp to sustain yourself.

After that work your way to the black clever, the added bonus to your dmg and reduction to enemy's armor will leave corpses in your wake.

Move on and take the phantom dancer, the added stats will help you not only kill enemies, minions, and buildings faster, you can keep up when they try and run, gold/red carding them as needed to slow them down. I have stood there as confident tanks wail on me trying to kill me and I regen from them so fast they barely leave a dent.

Once you have gotten further, go for The Blood Thirster, this helps add to the bonuses already in effect and adds to them for each kill you get.

Lastly, Infinity edge is just flat out nice to have in all ways. If you can get it, awesome, if not, the battle was most likely already over.

I know this lack in mp efficiency but blue cards are your friend early on when fighting minions. This build is to help maintain high dps, gain exp and gold quickly, and survive a one-on-one fight even with minions attackin ya. Again I am still new so I would expect a flaw somewhere, but I would be glad to know what you all think.


Wanted to say this setup is best performed as a team. Tested it out again today and my team member wasn't very cooperative, so I found myself solo a lot. The enemy team was attacking in groups of 3+ if we split up, but my team was holding them off so I lead the minions down through the bottom. Ended up destroying their inhibitor before they realized it. It is fun to teleport in right below it and attack while minions pass you by. Great for destroying top and bottom inhibitors when the opportunity arrises, but you are left with trying to get out of the enemy's base. If you are all 18 like the match was, it can't hurt to let them have a kill if it means you are spawning some super minions.