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Kog'Maw General Guide by IchbinsNNuhr

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author IchbinsNNuhr

DPS God Kog'Maw jungle - the build you want! [6.13]

IchbinsNNuhr Last updated on July 5, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Bounty Hunter
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Cunning: 12

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Fizz #jumpburst
Teemo #Q
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Introduction (boring)

Hey everyone,

welcome to my lovely jungle God'Maw guide. I'm a platinum player (spawned Gold atm waiting for soloq comeback) who can tell you that the DPS you will get from this build are the highest u can get in game, only Yi could maybe be at your lvl with a full dmg build, but as a meele that's always a little bit more risky than as a ranger...but's Yi. He's also one of the few champs who can 1v1 you (if he engages with his q before u can hit him...or if he's just more fed than u), apart from something like a good and maybe little bit fed lb...even a Zed can get killed before his ulti finishs you :) (but stay away from a jax who has his e up...aaand stay away from a mid-/lategame tryn with ulti...all in all away from the champs who can attack at the same time they are invulnerable^^)

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Pros and Cons

- DPS God (no penetration needed cause u got a big KOG)
- No tankyness needed cause u will always take AT LEAST one guy with you with your unbelievable dmg...and then maybe one more with your passive...
- AMAZING mid- and lategame dmg
- good damage at early too
- great wave and jungle clear
- not as squishy as other dds like ADCs for example
- At full build and with Hextech Gunblade u can solo Baron extremly easy and ridiculously fast! (Try it out, u will have to smile :D)
- Dragon can also be soloed easily and fast after u got your Devourer

- immobile, just like Sergeant Hammer in HotS
- needs decent awareness of positioning if you dont play against wooden league
- gets counter jungled in early(, but if u just attack your enemy you will mostly take him with you or even just kill him without dying and he will be like '-')

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Jungle path

1. Golems ->SMITE (very important for the stuns with your great attackspeed)
2. Raptors
3. Mr. Crabs
4. Red ->SMITE
5. Gank or continue with wolves (after wolves u can get your Skirmisher's Sabre, also it's safer than ganking)
6. Gromp (if u didnt back cause u kited well, and got a pull of course)

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(I don't recommend buying boots cause u cant kite with Kog'Maw cause the attackspeed is too high...u just stand still and hit for the most time so it would be wasted money in most situations)

1. Skirmisher's Sabre: Bloodrazor because Skirmisher's gives u extra dps, sight and makes u less squishy, and Bloodrazor cause its a very good item on Kog'Maw...(one of the reasons why u should play him jungle, the other reason is that his early isn't very good cause he doesn't have on hit items at this time) It has dmg on hit and Ats, thats all u need!
2. Guinsoo's Rageblade (must have; more max % hp dmg, on hit magic damage and way higher ats especially cause of the double hit) or Wit's End (tanky and +200 DPS @ 5 ats) depending on how much AP the enemies have.
3. Wit's End/Rageblade (or Nashor's Tooth against low AP dmg and if u alrdy have Rageblade)
4. Nashor's Tooth (gives u cdr, high ats, ap (=more max % hp dmg, aaand on hit magic damage=MORE DPS))(/BotRK if u alrdy have Nashor's)
5. BotRK(/Runaan's Hurricane if u didnt buy Wit's End cause u nearly get no ap dmg and alrdy bought BotRK), against all these tanks out there who will now have high HP at this point of the game...(+DPS!...and lifesteal...and an active u will rarely use I guess)
6. One of the "item ideas"...I highly prefer Hextech Gunblade cause it gives u 15% of all the dmg u deal as hp and thats crazy...also it boosts your max % hp dmg and and your on hit dmg from your passive and Nashor's even further...i dont recommend Runaan's Hurricane cause enemies wont stack up so many times to get a big advantage out of it, and u already got theoretically more than 5 ats with these items when your Rage is stacked, but if u didn't buy Wit's End cause u didn't need the mr everything is fine if u buy it after Hextech)

Runaan's is very strong on Kog'Maw if they stack up but earlier in the game before the teamfights u get a disadvantage by buying this u can buy that too in the late, can't solo baron then, but Runaan's range is just crazy on Kog'Maws W so's up to you, I don't buy it if i bought Wit's End.

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Like i already said in the notes, its my style with the lategame resistances, i rly like the fact that i got like 108 armor and 122 or more magic resistance with a Kog'Maw in the late without any defensive items. ;) The ats are for the easy time in the jungle and also just more dps until the late and even then a faster stacking for your rageblade. But i highly recommend these runes cause Kog'Maw is made for lategame and will shine even more there with these runes.

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(DPS=Damage per second)

You WANT to have on hit items with Kog'Maw if u dont play apc (would mean full ap, only harass/burst and stuff) cause your W reduces your dmg by 55%, that means no matter what u buy, u will deal REDUCED dmg with ad/ap/ats if u activate your w and don't have ON HIT effects...just the max % hp scaling should prevent that u rly deal less dmg than without your w...(not reduced anymore since 6.3 but still useless without on hit) so the IMPORTANT THING U HAVE TO KNOW ABOUT KOG'MAW IS: on hit effects dont get reduced by these 55%...they still deal 100% dmg!! thats why u NEED on hit on every dmg-item...or attackspeed for these great on hit effects...i got both of it at the highest possible scalings at every single item...thats why this is the highest dps build for Kog'Maw...have fun with it! :D

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Try to have a Lulu in your least as support, but much better as mid- or toplaner with a full ap build (cdr recommended)...when Lulu is full build too you will get a dps boost of around ~975 to 1300!!!...depending on her build.
Let's explain this with some mathematics...Lulu's Pix fires 3 bolts on every autohit u do if she shields u...each of these bolts deals (on lvl 18) 35 (+5% AP) magic damage on hit...with full build she should have something around 600 to 1000 ap, depending on her items of course...all in all and with let's say "only" 600 ap that would boost God'Maws dps by the already mentioned...(35+30)*3*5=975!!! (35->the base dmg, 30->the 5% ap scaling, 3->the bolts, 5->God'Maws autohits per second)

...ALSO u get a shield...fck yeah!

...and a big black Kog #lulululululti

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Works well with:

Every champ that can help Kog'Maw to survive these stupid guys who try to focus a GOD('Maw)!
-->Shields, heals and stuff like that, but also cc will help him to be the Kog'Mawchine Gun he wants to be in fights. The best examples are:

- Orianna
- Nami
- Nidalee (great ats buff with her heal)
- Alistar
- Braum
- Janna
- Leona
- Morgana
- Poppy
- Thresh

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Latest changes that have an influence on God'Maw (6.13)

6.13: Supp items and Lulu buff, great if u got premade supps with u!

6.12: Fervor of Battle less stacks with Double Edged Sword buff->yey.

6.11: 300 less gold for Wit's End, yay.

6.10: Nice Buff on Bloodrazor, that' all. :P

6.9: Okay guys...i have to say one sad thing; since Devourer got removed, jgl Kog'Maw isn't much stronger than ADC Kog'Maw anymore cause the extra hits got transfered onto Rageblade now...still i prefer the jgl with him cause of his weak early and cause the "new" jungle item is still very strong on him.
Aaaand now the great thing: This patch was a HUGE buff for Kog'Maw (will get nerfed again i think -.-). The jungle item doesn't have to get stacked anymore and has a little bit more dmg than the old Sated Devourer even against low hp guys, but it's physical dmg now so against low hp guys like adcs a little bit weaker, but against tanks WAY better of course!
The new Rageblade is AWESOME, maxed u can have 7.5 ATS with Kog'Maw in the late now because every second hit doubles on hit dmg and thats all that matters on Kog!!! Also u only need 6 stacks now so in late u can theoretically get max stacks after 1.2 secs! So yes, this new Rageblade is an even more must have on Kog'Maw! It's AWESOME!!!
ALSO, the Red Buff is sooooo strong on him now cause it is an on hit effect now in addition to the (now weaker) burn effect!
And a little buff for the Hextech Gunblade too.

6.8: Nothing special, a rly small nerf to his on hit dmg from w, but now u can skill your q for 20% shred that will push your dps way over that nerf so we'll skill that again but only 1 point in it.

6.5: Since this change, his lategame is even stronger but his early and mid is much weaker, but that's okay for us because we're jungle Kog'Maw. We just farm, make some safe ganks and wait until we have like 3 items, then we're able to teamfight rly well and got great attackspeed already cause the latest ats change is BASE ATS, that means all your items will give u much more attackspeed than before, cause u now get +3,5% BASE ats per level!


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