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Build Guide by Durpy Durp Durp

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Durpy Durp Durp

(DPS/Support) Do you feel Luxy?

Durpy Durp Durp Last updated on April 10, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Improved Rally

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Patches to Lux

NOOOOOO SHE WAS NERFED (ultimate wise)


Finales Funkeln ability power ratio reduced to .75 from .85
Prismatic Barrier shield increased to 60/85/110/135/160 from 50/75/100/125/150

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Hello all, this is my ridiculously awesome Lux build. I have been playing Lux seeing she is free play this week, and I have been absolutely wrecking/supporting my team. My Lux build will make her a Support/DPS carry. Trust me, when I fire mah lazor, I fire it well.

Also as a note, you may look at my build thinking he is building mad AP and Lux is normally a support. I build high AP because not only will it let you do very high dmg, but it will also let you shield allies for A LOT of defense. You will see if you try her out*

(I spell laser, Lazor for Lux because I am cool like that)

Team 1 = My normal build(High DPS/High Support shield/Late Shield)

Team 2 = Pure support(Mid DPS/Good Shield/increase team speed/Early Shield/Team Reduced CD/Almost Impossible to Kill...)

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Very good squishy killer
High range/Harass
Insane lazor
VERY fun to play
Amazing support shield
surprisingly hard to kill
Good snare and slow
Amazing Face check with Lucent Singularity

Very mana heavy/dependant
Can't do anything to tanks 1v1
Veigar eats her up start game(Care)
HAVE to be smart while playing her
Cool downs (CDs) on all skills except ulti are high

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Your item build will very depending on the team you are playing and how well they are. I average build is the one you see up top, I start with a Doran's ring, then move on to my Deathcap, then so on so forth. HOWEVER, if you are playing a very good start harass team, you will want to get the Rod of Ages first to be more of a survivable threat on the field. If the enemy is pure AP then you may want to go for an Abyssal Scepter rather then your Zhonya's. It really depends, but frankly the invulnerable on Zonya's is so helpful for any char. (Your discretion)

Also, you can change the Void Staff for a more tanky item on the lines of Rylais if you wish, I find Rylais quite helpful with Lux's slow and general play style.

To explain the 2 extra items on team 1, I usually use 1 of the last 3 items depending on the enemy team and how I am playing that game. They are all very good to use.

Why a early Rabodon's?
I rush an early Rabodon's for the very nice AP boost. This boost will help you destroy your enemies early, reducing their ability to lane, and increase the amount you can shield yourself which will save your life.

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Skills/Skill Sequence

For your skills you will want to start with one to Light binding for the snare and general good start gank ability. After you will want to pump Lucent up with putting one into Prysmatic Barrier. After you master Lucent then go light binding then Barrier. Put up lazor when ever possible... Your DPS rotation will be either (dependant on situation) Q-E-R-W with a normal attack between each skill. Also, read playstyle section to learn how to properly kill people.

For support you will want to start with Binding into lucent again, however you will want to pump up Barrier after lucent rather then Binding. You can get Lucent after barrier if you want but then your damage will be virtually nothing start game which is pretty stupid seeing you can mad harass

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Play styling XD

Lux is a mad harass char with a amazing ulti with and even more amazing CD. DONT BE AFRAID TO PUMP OFF THE ULTIS!

Lux is a very good mid because of her 1v1 capabilities (Mad range and destroys squishy chars that usually go mid.) Also her lazor will help your team for the entire game so it is good for her to get it early.

At start game you will want to stay far back and just use Lucents to widdle down the enemies HP(Watch your mana however, make sure you keep enough for a full DPS rotation)

What you will want to do while laning with any enemy is make sure you keep them around 500 hp. Most enemies will not recall at 500 and they dont realize the ridiculous range burst Lux has. Once you get your Lazor you will want to chuck a Lucent beside them, that should do a good 150 dmg, after that, you will want to attempt to get a normal attack off on them if you can becuase of the extra dmg from her passive, if not then try and get you snare off, if you do then the lazor will for sure destroy them with its 300 dmg. Keep that up for basicly the entire game, you don't know how well the lazor destroys squishys once you get the 30 sec CD going.

For team fights you will want to constantly be chucking in your shield for your allies, using your snare and slow when possible to widdle down enemy HP while giving allies a chance to strike. Also, I generally use my lazor at the start of a team battle rather then at the end because I can snare making any running attempt useless for the enemy so lazoring will brake up the team and give your team a huge HP advantage.


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Lux is an amazing support/DPS. If played well she is a mad carry. I have been getting great games constantly, here are some games from just 1 day of playing.
Also, I will constantly add scores under pictures.

Just did a game of 12/1/9 and 8/2/3 on a small 3v3.
Another game of 13/2/13
Another 25 minute game of 8/0/5

Thanks for reading my guide, please rate and leave a comment and I will change it to your liking. Have fun with Lux XD