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Talon Build Guide by FlyNmidget

DPS Talon...Rake-To-Win

By FlyNmidget | Updated on August 28, 2011

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Umm I feel like writing a bunch of stuff is a waste because most people don't like to read, so I am just going to say that Talon is obviously a DPS because his abilities get better when he has more attack damage. You also have a great harass spell/farming spell, rake, so harass the **** out of them! Your ultimate is mainly used for getting away or for chasing someone. Uhhh just rape with Talon with the items I gave you.....

I think that one more crucial thing to put into this build is how to combo with Talon.
-There are many ways to do this, but this is the way I do it.

Start by activating your Q and they charge them with your E. After that, (depending on if they run or fight) use your W to rake them. By that time they would either be running or you should be running. Either way, whoever is running, pop your ultimate to make an escape or run in front of them and kill them.
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How to use your ulti

I am just going to put this in the build because most people use Talon's ultimate wrong. There are two categories in which you should use it. (Keep in mind that this cooldown is relatively short so use it a lot)


When you know that you are going to get wrecked by an opponent, don't automatically use your ulti. You have to start to run in the direction of your base in the lane. When you have taken about 2 steps, pop your ulti and run into the jungle or a different way than you were going. They will, more than likely, continue in the way you were running. Thus making an easy escape for you!


When you are destroying your opponent,and your charge is on cooldown, use your ulti and get in front or your opponent and then auto-attack them. All of your blades will then hit him and if he still isn't dead, use the combo I mentioned in the Intro and you will for sure get the kill.
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Ok well I guess I want this to be a complete build now so I am going to just put some random stuff about Talon on YOU DON'T HAVE TO READ IT!
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Some stuff about Talon.....

This is Talon's abilities.

Innate): Talon deals 10% additional damage with his autoattacks to any target that is slowed, stunned, immobilized or suppressed.
Ability Description Leveling up

Noxian Diplomacy (Active): Talon's next autoattack deals additional physical damage. If the target is a champion, they will bleed, taking additional physical damage and revealing their location for the duration. Cost: 40 / 45 / 50 / 55 / 60 mana
Cooldown: 9 / 8 / 7 / 6 / 5 seconds
Additional Physical Damage: 30 / 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 (+0.3 per bonus attack damage)

Physical Damage Per Second For 6 Seconds: 3 / 6 / 9 / 12 / 15 (+0.2 per bonus attack damage)

Rake (Active): Talon sends out a volley of daggers that then quickly return back to him, dealing physical damage every time it passes through an enemy. This means that each enemy can be damaged up to two times. Additionally the enemy is slowed for 2 seconds.
Cooldown: 10 seconds
Range: 750
Cost: 45 / 50 / 55 / 60 / 65 mana
Physical Damage: 30 / 55 / 80 / 105 / 130 (+0.6 per bonus attack damage)
Slow: 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 %

Cutthroat (Active): Talon instantly appears behind his target, silencing them for 1 second and amplifying his damage against that target for 3 seconds.
Range: 700
Cost: 35 / 40 / 45 / 50 / 55 mana
Cooldown: 18 / 16 / 14 / 12 / 10 seconds
Damage Amplification: 3 / 6 / 9 / 12 / 15 %

Shadow Assault (Active): Talon disperses a ring of blades and gains stealth for up to 2.5 seconds while gaining 40% movement speed. When Talon emerges from stealth, the blades converge on his location. Each time a blade passes through an enemy, they receive physical damage. Each enemy can only be damaged once at the start of the ability and once at the end.
Range: 1000
Cost: 80 / 90 / 100 mana
Cooldown: 60 / 50 / 40 seconds
Physical Damage: 150 / 225 / 300 (+0.9 per bonus attack damage
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Some more random stuff....

This is like Talon's story, I am only putting it on here because I need 5000 letters to make this build like a "good" one. So you can view this in the description of Talon in game.

Talon's earliest memories are the darkness of Noxus' underground passages and the reassuring steel of a blade. He remembers no family, warmth, or kindness. Instead, the clink of stolen gold and the security of a wall at his back are all the kinship he has ever craved. Kept alive only by his quick wits and deft thievery, Talon scraped out a living in the seedy underbelly of Noxus. His mastery of the blade quickly marked him as a threat, and Noxian guilds sent assassins to him with a demand: join their ranks or be killed. He left the bodies of his pursuers dumped in Noxus' moat as his response.

The assassination attempts grew increasingly dangerous until one assailant met Talon blade-for-blade in a match of strength. To his surprise, Talon was disarmed and facing down his executioner's sword when the assassin revealed himself to be General Du Couteau. The General offered Talon the choice between death at his hand, or life as an agent of the Noxian High Command. Talon chose life, on the condition that his service was to Du Couteau alone, for the only type of orders he could respect were from one he could not defeat. Talon remained in the shadows, carrying out secret missions on Du Couteau's orders that took him from the frigid lands of Freljord to the inner sanctums of Bandle City. When the general vanished, Talon considered reclaiming his freedom, but he had gained immense respect for Du Couteau after years in his service. He became obsessed with tracking down the general's whereabouts. Talon's suspicions led him to the doors of the Institute of War, where he joined the League of Legends in order to find those responsible for Du Couteau's disappearance.

''The three deadliest blademasters in all of Valoran are bound to the house of Du Couteau: my father, myself, and Talon. Challenge us, if you dare.'' - Katarina Du Couteau
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Last Note...(one of things you should read)

I know that most people just look at the purchase order so please don't rate me down. I am mainly doing this build for people who are on the loading screen and need purchase order. It is the best combo of items that I have tried out so enjoy!

As a side note if you are looking to join League of Legends or you just want to thank me for putting up such a bomb build please sign up through my referral link and reach summoner level 5. Also remember that I am open to questions that any of you might have. Thanks again :)
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