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League of Legends Build Guide Author Restrictnine#5232

DPS Taric: Heal CDR

Restrictnine#5232 Last updated on October 17, 2010
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DPS Taric

Taric is a surprisingly versatile character. He is able to play a pure support with his auras and his heal, he is able to play pure tank with his shatter passive and survivability with heals, and a mix of the two to increase survivability in a team fight. What people forget so easily, however, is the passive effect for Imbue. For every auto attack that taric hits, two seconds is taken off of the cooldown of that skill. Time for a little math.

alright. At level 1, taric's base attack speed is .613 per second, and at level 18, taric's BASE attack speed is .824 attacks per second. this is the equation:
[base attack speed at lv 1] * [total sum of attack speed boosts] + atk speed per level.
this translates to .613 *[1+.4+.5+.153] + .211 = 1.47 almost 1.5 attacks per second, and that means 2.94 seconds reduction off of Imbue cooldown, and at lv 5 the cooldown is just under 9 seconds with your cooldown reduction runes, nashors tooth, and blue buff. so each second, almost 4 seconds drops off of the cooldown of imbue. This means almost every two seconds, imbue can be used. almost every two seconds? are you serious? kindof broken if you ask me. Well, the balance is that taric is squishy ish without his late game armor items, so auto attacking isnt always an option. stunning and poking with auto can help the cooldown.

well. first of all, you are still getting a little AP from nashors tooth, so imbue is a little stronger, and the dps makes your overall cooldown for imbue ideally just over 2 seconds. honestly, the cooldown is what makes the difference. slightly weaker imbue for crazy cooldown is amazing.

How effective is dps taric in a fight?
well my friends, i have seen first hand, a 1v1 fight between yi and taric. 10 people out of 10 would expect yi to rape taric 1v1 any day. but with aoe damage, extra armor pen, attack speed, stun, and both a nuke heal and an over time heal, plus a damage bonus, taric is able to tank / outlast yi, and interrupt yi's attacks. Taric was able to walk away from that fight with a little over half his health left. ridiculous? i know. normal? i wish. this was a very good taric, and a less than amazing yi. but the main point still stands. dps taric is viable.

Personally, i like to either lane with a caster so they can effectively farm, or solo top when you have a jungler. taric makes an amazing solo top because of his shatter, his heal, his stun, and his ult. he is able to harrass, get last hits, and even zone against 1 or even two champs. with a good jungle, it is incredibly easy to stunlock a champ and get an easy first blood. Taric is a character that can control how fast minions die, and as a result, he is able to control how overextended the enemy champs are. if they are almost pushed to the turret, stun the champ, run in and shatter, then the jungle comes in and stuns again, and then just hack away. stun when you can. almost guaranteed a first blood, assuming your team isnt feeding.

later in the game, you need to be careful about taric's survivability. in team fights his heal should go towards teammates more than himself, so being in the middle of the fight isnt ideal. stay a little behind the tanks and just poke with your stun and your auto attacks. heal when necessary, and always have your ult up during team fights. mana is a small issue, but being smart with your ult and having blue buff basically eliminates any mana problems.

for items, manamune is required for the damage and for the mana that is so necessary early on. merc treads are preferable to avoid getting cc locked, as well as a little survivability. i feel like zerk treads are more for PURE dps characters, because it is way more offensive of a boot than taric is suited for. nashors tooth was practically made for dps taric, with CDR, AS, AND AP. all of these are things that taric needs. starks is partly for AS and partly so that taric can give even more to his team. the rest of the items are your choice. after that i like to go with more defensive items like force of nature and randuins, or aegis if aura is needed for the team.

In all, dps is an amazing option for taric, and taric is an amazing champ. try it out for yourself, and be sure to comment! thanks again guys,
Yet another guide by Restrictnine.