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Udyr Build Guide by Restrictnine#5232

Taggrin's Udyr

Taggrin's Udyr

Updated on November 20, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Restrictnine#5232 Build Guide By Restrictnine#5232 154 17 905,845 Views 120 Comments
154 17 905,845 Views 120 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Restrictnine#5232 Udyr Build Guide By Restrictnine#5232 Updated on November 20, 2011
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  • LoL Champion: Udyr
  • LoL Champion: Udyr


Guides by Taggrin A.K.A. Restrictnine

Right. So i've played a good amount of Udyr in my day. I would say around 800+ games including Season 1 and normal games. He was my first dedicated main, and remains my best main to date. I have done plenty of theory crafting with my nomad friend, as several patches fundamentally changed how Udyr was played.
  • Rule 1: Wriggle's is amazing on Udyr.
  • Rule 2: Triforce is also amazing on Udyr.
  • Rule 3: People will rage at you for being so tanky without any actual tank items.
  • Rule 4: Even if you lose your lane early game, Udyr is THE strongest solo top late game. No question. No one wants to fight an Udyr 50 minutes into a game. Ever.
  • Rule 5: Phoenix is underrated for Lanedyr. Yes, Tiger should be your main damage in lane, but Phoenix should be used to push and farm.
  • Rule 6: All four skills are equally viable, and any skill order is usable.
  • Rule 7: Udyr hates Janna and Nunu.
  • Rule 8: Udyr is still OP. Just sayin.
Now that we've laid down the groundwork, lets get started.

Apologies to everyone that enjoyed the old one. So much changed with Udyr, and so much was going on in my life. Regardless, here we go.
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Pros / Cons

Cons you say? Yes, unfortunately even Udyr is flawed.

  • Incredible lane damage
  • Incredible early game tankiness
  • Incredible sustain, especially after Wriggle's
  • Versatility across the board. Can Jungle, Can Solo lane, Can even Solo mid or bot lane.
  • Also able to build just about any item and use it effectively.
  • Easily fits almost any team as a solo top laner or jungler.
  • Slows reduce his effectiveness considerably. This is why Flash is REQUIRED.
  • Janna and Nunu are good counters. Ew.
  • 95% of his damage is from melee auto attacks, meaning Jax will abuse Udyr in lane.
  • Relatively high skill curve for a LoL champion. To master, that is.
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Items [Recommended] Lane

Early Game:

Mid Game:

Late Game:

Boots - Open with this and 3 Health pots. Why you say? Simple. Udyr harass is incredibly predictable. But if your opponent can't avoid it due to sheer move speed, then it doesn't matter that Udyr is predictable. The 3 health pots allows you to harass without much danger of getting low. Stack that with some Turtle stance and I guarantee you that Udyr will outsustain in lane.

Wriggle's Lantern - Your first core item. The free ward is much needed in lane, as in 90% of laning situations Udyr will end up staying in lane longer than a single ward lasts. That is auxiliary noise though. why this item is so good is that it gives Early game Udyr everything he needs. 30 armor to tank the **** out of any aggressive solo top lane, a nice chunk of lifesteal [18%] that stacks with Turtle Stance, and damage [23 to be exact] that synergizes well with the AD runes and Tiger Stance. If Turtle Stance is maxed, Udyr can gain about 50 hp per hit on minions with just this item.

Mercury's Treads - Right. Shorter CC duration. MR. Move Speed. All in one item. It compliments Wriggle's perfectly. This item combined with Wriggle's will make Udyr the strongest early game champ in the game, assuming typical gold gain.

Phage - As Early game ends, Pure resistances will no longer be enough. Phage changes that. It gives Udyr some much needed early health along with more AD. The slow also partially cures Udyr's problem of minimal CC. This item is great on Udyr. I get it first every time.

Zeal - Udyr loves more Move Speed, and Crits on a Tiger Stance proc never hurt. Well actually they do hurt. A lot. But it's a price to pay for not banning Udyr.

Trinity Force - There is really no reason to back just for Sheen, as Triforce recipe is only 300 gold. Just suck it up and farm some jungle creeps or stay in lane till you have enough for Triforce. When you get this item, you are among the strongest champs in Mid game. For some unknown reason, with only 3 Core items, Udyr is tankier than some of the dedicated tanks like Amumu, yet he does more damage than most of the carries in the game. Gives Udyr a little bit of everything, and Udyr abuses everything. It works.

Randuin's Omen - I recently switched this out. It gives less health, so it doesn't synergize quite as well with atma's, but it outclasses Sunfire Cape in every other way. 75 armor, health regen, and one of the best passives in the game. Plus it builds from a Gold per 10 item which is always a bonus. It reduces farming ability and teamfight damage by a small amount, but it protects you and your team much better.

Force of Nature - This item. Is so good on Udyr. Gives him some really nice regen when paired with Sunfire cape, Movespeed that caps him at about 530 Move Speed with Maxed Bear Stance and Triforce, and The most MR on a single item in the game. Persuade me to buy a different MR item. I dare you.

Atma's Impaler - I decided to try this one time when I was in a stupidly long game, and it actually works quite nicely. The crit chance is really nice when paired with the Triforce procs and bonus AD from Atma's. Plus the extra Armor makes up for lack of high armor from Sunfire. This is the least core item of all of them, but I still recommend it as a final item.
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Item Sequence [Lane]

Udyr has an interesting pattern of strength across time. He starts of slightly weaker than champs. By lv 5 or 6, however, Udyr's damage skyrockets, along with his survivability. Because of this, you'll want to build items that tailor to early game, then work on tanking it up later on. Because of this build, Udyr has quite a changing role on a team. For the first 20 minutes or so, Udyr acts as a main damage dealer. Whats that you say? Preposterous? Nay. Working on Wriggle's Lantern gives you more than enough sustain, along with early resistance and
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Items [Optional] Lane

So I just went through the recommended items, otherwise called Core Items. Those items, to be frank, fit just about any situation. But if you are in the mood to switch it up, here's what I recommend for replacement items.

Youmuu's Ghostblade - the Armor Pen, Move Speed and Attack speed really help Udyr out in Dishing out damage. Crit chance, too. Yummy. A tad bit weak late game, It still holds its own.

Bloodthirster - If you really feel the need to be more effective late game, you can opt to go for this instead of Atma's impaler, or you can trade out Wriggle's for it. Keep in mind, however, that you are sacrificing something to get the bonus AD and a little bit extra lifesteal. That aside, Udyr tears through teams with BT.

Thornmail - If their team is AD heavy or you are having an especially hard time with AD, this item works nicely. Only problem is that it doesn's synergize as well with the core build as Sunfire does.

Madred's Bloodrazor - If you can farm up this kind of gold, it can be a game changer late game. The only problem is you sacrifice a good amount of tankiness for the extra damage, and it is really only useful late game. But I've seen Udyrs tear it up when combining this with Triforce or Wit's End.

Wit's End - Great early game item for Udyr, but I don't know. I just feel like Udyr's damage isn't maximized with this item. Particularly if you play Tiger Stance Udyr. Still, Combining it with Madred's or Triforce is scary. This was Rain Man's core item, but that build also relied on Turtle Stance. Turtle can no longer be thought of as the core skill in lane because it just doesn't have the sustain it used to. Only in extreme cases would you max Turtle Stance in lane first.

Sunfire Aegis - Switched it out. Great health, good armor, good passive for farming and teamfight damage, but someone suggested Randuin's and I haven't looked back. I used to use it before the original nerf, then I just missed the rebalance of it until now.

Hextech Gunblade - Just for teh lulz. This item gives Udyr so much effective health its ridiculous. It procs on Auto Attacks AND both of his damage dealing skills. Only problem is it isn't as effective in dealing damage late game.
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Tiger Stance - This skill has a 1.5 AD ratio plus the ridiculous amount of base spell damage. Even if you only get one hit off on the enemy, they are missing at least 150 health from one go, even as early as lv 5 [roughly]. This is what makes Lanedyr still viable, because it gives him a decent last hitting ability that allows him to time his auto attacks better, but more importantly it is one of the strongest solo top harass skills in the game.

Turtle Stance - Used to be Rain Man's main skill in lane, but after the nerfs it just doesn't give the sustain that used to make Udyr broken in lane. Still, if the enemy is super aggressive, you can max this and get wriggle's and no one can harass you out of lane assuming no successful ganks. Note that you have to play smart too. You can't just afk auto attack minions and expect to live if the enemy is hacking away at you. That only works sometimes.

Bear Stance - Love this skill. The core build is designed around abusing synergy with items, and my goodness does Bear stance compound that synergy as far as move speed is concerned. Udyr hits a speeding 530+ with FoN and Triforce, along with maxed Bear stance. This is really the only skill I would max 100% of my games.

Phoenix Stance - This skill is generally considered a Jungle Udyr skill, but I disagree. Because of the Turtle stance rebalancing, I think Udyr can afford to leave Turtle at 3 and max Phoenix along with Tiger. It optimizes his skill damage, and makes him one of the strongest split pushers in the game. Phoenix makes his minion farming incredibly fast, and the bonus AD lets him tear turrets apart in seconds.

Monkey's Agility - Most people forget about his passive. I don't utilize the dodge much because I go for a more offensive masteries build, but Udyr can use this similar to how Singed or Jax use Nimbleness. Just an option. What I like about this passive is the bonus Attack Speed. It often makes the difference in a 1v1 situation in terms of damage dealing, and it makes Udyr exponentially stronger at Phoenix farming and Turret pushing. Big fan of Udyr passive.
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Skill Order Options Lane

I'll explain the different options for maxing which skills when. Note that this is tentative, and everything is always interchangable depending on what is needed at that particular moment in the game.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

I use this skill order very often. It may look a bit random after lv 9, but I assure you it matches the timeline of how an actual game would go. Maxing Tiger Stance first gets you some serious harassing power and overall lane control, while 3 into Turtle Stance allows you to sustain fairly well, assuming they aren't being overly aggressive. If they are, you can just use Turtle Stance as a shield more than a sustain tool. After lv 9 I like to put more points into Bear Stance for that extra mobility and chasing power. It may seem a bit arbitrary to put more points in at this point, but the extra 2 seconds of speed and improved percent speed is huge at this point in the game. It can both save you and net you objectives that would otherwise be unreachable. After this I like to get at least 3 points into Phoenix Stance for the extra pushing power, as well as improved damage if needed for a teamfight or skirmish. I finish with Bear Stance and Turtle Stance by default.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

This is a more offensive version of the above skill order. Instead of maxing Turtle Stance you max Phoenix Stance. This gives you significantly more pushing and harassing power. Between Tiger Stance and Phoenix Stance Udyr's damage is better than just about any champ in the game, assuming no kiting. The trade is reduced sustainability and defense, but when you have exponentially increased damage, you really won't notice all that much. I actually prefer this order if I am not taking too much damage in lane, because after Triforce Udyr is pretty tanky regardless of how many points he has in Turtle Stance
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Runes [Recommended] Lane

Greater Mark of Attack Damage - Most people would shy away from flad AD runes but I say nay. It gives Udyr's Tiger Stance that extra little oomph, and I wouldn't trade that early game advantage for anything. Outharassing means more opportunity to farm than the enemy, and it opens up a lot more chances for early kills. Udyr is all about getting ahead as early as possible, otherwise his usefulness is stifled till late game. Playing aggressive early and playing smart almost always yields positive results.

Greater Seal of Armor - You could very easily opt to go with dodge seals instead to combine with Monkey's Agility, but I prefer the consistent resistance over dumb luck. Plus this resists physical skills, not just auto attacks. People like Jax and Garen would **** on dodge runes Udyr, but armor runes Udyr can manage relatively well. Personal preference.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist - I will not use any other glyphs. This, combined with Mercury's Treads, makes you tanky against AP casters when they are strongest. It's only a little bit of MR overall, but remember that resistances work in a sort of ln[] curve, meaning the more MR you stack, the less effective MR is per point. So that early MR is really important because it is significantly more effective in blocking damage.

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed - I used to run AD quints, but I found that I was having problems catching enemies once they got similar tier boots to me. This made my lane control significantly lower, and allowed them to engage on their own terms. With move speed quints plus starting with boots I am able to engage whenever I want due to sheer move speed advantage. Even when they get same tier boots, I am still able to outrun them with all the move speed steroids. I think of it like Singed. Udyr is just so good with increased Move Speed. You can always itemize to fill in the weaknesses that other quints would fill. There is minimal itemization for Move Speed, and most of them are already in my core build.
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Runes [Optional] Lane

These aren't as ideal, but like I said in the intro, Udyr has almost zero item, rune, and mastery dependency. Here is what I would switch out if needed.

greater mark of desolation - I would go with this over mPen runes because it synergizes better with the core build. Trinity Force and Atma's Impaler Would not abuse mPen nearly as much as arp. Besides, I compensated for lack of mPen with masteries in the Offensive tree. NOTE: Tiger stance and Phoenix stance are both magic damage, which is why mPen is even relevant.

Greater Seal of Evasion - The other option for seals. One issue with this is that a lot of core would need to be changed to synergize better with these runes. Namely Ninja Tabi and Defensive tree masteries.

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage - This deserves a mention just because I used to use them. If you can manage hits on the enemy, these quints deal a HUGE amount of damage, both with your normal auto attacks and with Tiger Stance procs.

Obviously there are other options, I just think these are the most viable for Lanedyr.
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Masteries Lane

I'm pretty sure there still aren't any masteries icons, so this will be a relatively boring section. A.K.A. WALL O' TEXT.

I opt for 15/0/15 due to several defining factors. Lets start with the Offensive side.

Offensive Tree

15 Points gets me all the essentials. I get Exhaust mastery which makes OP exhaust even more broken. I get Spell pen to make up for not having the runes. That also makes my skills stronger late game. To top off the essentials I grab the armor pen and flat AD masteries. Simply to buff Udyr's damage in general. I get that from 15 points, and leave it there. You can opt for 21 in Offensive if you are hyper aggressive, but I'll explain in a second why I don't.

Defensive Tree

I leave this at zero because to be quite honest I find Offensive and Utility trees to be more useful in terms of masteries. Besides, most of the core build is tailored either somewhat towards defense or entirely defense.

Utility Tree

This is the real kicker about my build. I opt for 15 in Utility for one main reason: Move Speed mastery. I am a huge fan of giving Udyr as much move speed as possible to make up for not having Ghost. 3% move speed doesnt seem like much, But combined with everything else, that 3% can make the difference, be it early game, mid game, or late game. I love move speed.
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Summoner Skills [Recommended] Lane

Flash - I used to live and die by Ghost. But there's a few problems with that. Ghost means you have no gap closer. It means that you are more predictable. It means that slow completely shuts you down. It means that my core build is complete overkill on the move speed. Flash remedies these problems. It gives me a reliable gap closer to stun, or slow, or whatever I intend to do. It also gives me a chance to get away from the perma slows by flashing over a wall and Bear Stance away. Without ghost, I max out at around 530 move speed anyways, which is more than some champs can reach even with Ghost. Flash just gives Udyr so much utility that Ghost can't offer.

Exhaust - The second skill that really fills out Udyr's role. It takes carries out of the fight for a few seconds, lets Udyr catch up to finish off champs, makes a really good secondary escape skill, and is overall OP. Gotta love that.

Teleport - I really really like this skill. I actually take it every more often than Exhaust nowadays. It is hands down the strongest skill for competitive team play. It sacrifices some of your harassing ability, but almost ensures you win your lane, and gives your team an option for split pushing while Baron or Dragon are in question. Similar to how Singed uses Teleport. Right now this skill is borderline meta, the only reason Exhaust is still reasonable is it is just so damn op.
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Summoner Skills [Optional] Lane

These are optional. If I were to pick one to replace, I would probably replace Exhaust, simply because Flash is too important for Udyr's playstyle.

Ghost - Deserves honorable mention just because it was standard for so long. Still good, But kinda overkill. Kinda like putting Ghost on Warwick. I just don't see why you would anymore. NOTE: this is standard for Udyr on the Dominion map due to the need to zoom around the map to defend and capture. BUT ONLY FOR DOMINION.

Ignite - For those lovers of the hyper aggressive playstyle. I actually kinda like this skill because it can do some serious damage once you get to lv 6 or 7. It's an option.
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This is the end of the straight build explanation. This second section is more of a gameplay explanation. You might notice that it is fairly barebones as of right now. This is because I feel that the best way to learn gameplay is through personal experience. My Udyr gameplay works for my playstyle incredibly well, but others may find a different way to utilize Udyr for their playstyle.

That being said, I will still write down what I find to be useful when playing Udyr.
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Laning [Early Game] Lane

This part depends on how you want to play Udyr. Rain Man played a hyper defensive sustain type of Lanedyr, but I find that ineffective with the most recent Turtle Stance nerf. As a result, I play Hyper offensive Udyr. This needs to be clarified. Hyper offensive does not mean stupidly aggressive. This means that harassing should be a priority over farming. For example, say you are laning against a Singed. If you poke him with a Tiger Stance proc every time he tries to farm, you can easily harass him down to the point where he can't risk walking up to the minions anymore for fear of dying. This limits his early farming ability as much as possible, and no one likes seeing a farmed Singed on the other team. Or farmed Jax. Or farmed anything.

There is a fair amount of finesse involved with this playstyle, however. You can't just run after the enemy every time your Tiger Stance is off cooldown. Farming is still important, and long term it is a priority. The harassing is primarily SO THAT you are able to farm without the enemy farming as well. Farming is the long term goal, as a farmed Udyr with around 200 cs, no kills and no deaths is almost always more dangerous than a fed Udyr with 5 kills and 80 cs. Lots of lower elo players forget this discrepancy. Farming wins games. Farming gives much more gold than killing champs. Take Akali for example. If she doesn't run around the map killing all the champs she can find, she falls a bit behind due to her poor farming abilities. Compare this to Singed. He can go all game without a single kill or assist, and he will come to the first team fight with 160 cs at 20 minutes and just wreck house. Akali was designed to kill champions fortunately, so it works out for her. But the idea is there. If Udyr focuses on harassing and killing champs, he loses the advantage of farming.

Take Jatt's Udyr for example. He abuses Phoenix Udyr and farms a ridiculous amount and ends up tearing teams apart. Farming is one of the most fundamental points in the game.

That being said, Hyper aggressive Udyr can be difficult to master. The balance between harass and farming is sometimes tough to find. Practice is the most important part of Laning phase. Different match ups are also important in practice, because the level of harass and farming can change based on what kind of match up you have.
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Mid Game Lane

So you've started building Trinity Force, and you should be farming quite nicely. By now laning phase should be over. That's okay. You will notice huge waves occasionally and this is where Phoenix Stance is incredible. Compare Phoenix Stance to Singed
(I am aware that I keep referring to Singed, but he really is the best comparison to how I play Udyr). He can easily turn a huge wave around and push a tower within a few seconds. Maxed Phoenix Stance works the same way. Between the aoe sunfire active and the aoe cone proc, Udyr can tear through minions. Just switch between Phoenix Stance and Turtle Stance and you can tank creeps all day with Wriggle's Lantern.

Outside of farming and pushing, which is really the main objective for Udyr during mid game, you may find yourself in little skirmishes, or the all important dragon teamfight. Open with Bear Stance for any stuns you may want, then follow with a combination of Turtle Stance, Phoenix Stance, or Tiger Stance, depending on what is needed and what you maxed. Turtle Stance will give you a shield and some nice on hit regen, but I only recommend using it in a teamfight if you are being focused or are trying to get away. Phoenix Stance is nice if you are in the middle of their team and have a bead on their carry. When you get that proc off, it can do as much damage as Tiger Stance can. Finally, if you are in more of a skirmish-style fight, you will want to spam Tiger Stance to get as many procs off as possible. Between that and Bear Stance you should have little problems with killing at least one person. Remember that all of Udyr's skills are incredibly compatible with combinations. Phoenix buffs Tiger damage, Tiger buffs Phoenix Attack Speed, Phoenix buffs turtle regen, Turtle buffs Udyr's durability, allowing him to get more stances off, and bear allows him to catch enemies to get his procs off in the first place.

Remember, however, that Mid Game priority is farming and split pushing. The faster you get your Triforce, the stronger you will be for the rest of the game. The earliest Triforce I can remember was at 18 minutes. I had some serious farm on, and got multiple kills. A more realistic time would be around 20-22 minutes assuming proficient farming abilities.

Consider getting Red buff if you are looking for champion kills. It makes a huge difference.
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Late game Lane

This one is a little awkward. It can clash with the rest of the game playstyle. If their team is full of anti-carries, you will want to protect your carry. Between your 1 second stun and your good damage output, you can defend your carry fairly well assuming they have no poppy.

If it is a typical team and your carry is fairly safe in most team fights, you act as the anti-carry for your team. At this point, you are dangerous enough where even the tanks don't want to soak your damage for too long, so they will be limited to attempting to CC you instead of actually focusing you. If you can get to their carry, You should be able to kill them with little effort. Even kiting cant stop Udyr from catching up after he has Triforce. I actually caught a Nidalee [pre-nerf] With my core build. She used Ghost and Flash, and I still caught up. Thats how dangerous Udyr is.

Flash and Exhaust are incredibly important in teamfights, as it often makes the difference on anti-carrying or protecting your own carry. Try to keep them up for teamfights, because chasing that one guy for a kill isnt always worth it.
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Right. I guess this is necessary when it comes to a champ like Udyr, considering he has 18 points to fill 20 skill point slots. Oh noes, 2 points. Whoopdie do. Well, my friend. What if I told you that those two points had four of the best skills in the game to choose from? Well I would be exaggerating.. a little. But only a little. Let me elaborate.

Udyr has no true ultimate.

Ultimate: a skill that is deliberately designed to be stronger than other skills for the purpose that the champ serves.
Por ejemplo. Amumu. Despair = passive aoe damage. Tantrum = active aoe damage and a little damage reduction. Bandage toss = stun and gap closer CC. Ultimate = an AoE (soft) stun that deals damage.

Right. Now that may not have been the best example, because Bandage Toss is actually similar to an Ultimate from DotA, but you get the point. And all I can think about when I think of Ultimate is Amumu's Ult. And I'm lazy.

Holy tangent Batman! Where am I? What am I doing? How much vodka is in this drink? PORTER ROBINSON WOO! Ya... Uh...

Tiger Stance


Tiger Stance


This skill is almost entirely associated with the laning phase. It is really your bread and butter damage in lane. I see no reason not to max it as Lane Udyr.

As far as when to max it is concerned: I would say max it second for the Top threat tier on the Laning Threat list, and max it first for just about everything else. High tier is a close one, and if you are uncomfortable, or the other player is exceptional, you can mix it with Turtle Stance or straight up max Turtle Stance by level 9. If you need more damage in the lane, this is your skill. The runes are designed to abuse this skill anyways. Why not do as the guide tells you?


Turtle Stance


Turtle Stance


This is my fallback skill. When in doubt, throw a point in Turtle Stance. No such thing as too many points in Turtle, although there IS such a thing as having not enough points. If you are losing your lane, getting focused, need more sustain, etc. Turtle stance is your man. Arguably the ugliest of the four Primal Udyr skins, you really don't need to be pretty to get the job done. They are just jealous.

Top tier, max first. High tier, usually max first or mix with Tiger Stance... everything else I would get it to lv 3 as fast as you want and leave it there, in the event you need more points elsewhere. Turtle Stance is my go-to skill if i'm not sure what to leave at lv 3. It can be risky but the late game pay off can make the difference. The early game and mid game are where Turtle really shines.

Bear Stance


Bear Stance


Another must. A lot of times when people really like their damage and defenses, they opt out of the utility. In this case, Bear Stance is that utility. But I promise you. You will regret it. While you really never ever want to max this first, you ALWAYS want to max it eventually. You will notice the difference in move speed buff, and you will be sad that you were so close to getting away. Or you couldn't quite catch up to the sona with 1 health left. Or you just feel so sluggish compared to everyone else.

Idk. Improvise. All I'm saying is, Utility is one of the strongest traits a champion can have. Trundle is used all the time JUST because of his 7 second slow. It seems like the least gain out of the four, as the stun time does not increase at all. But when people think of Udyr, they think of Bear Stance and Turtle Stance. Bear because of the ridiculous mobility, but is somehow still countered by poke teams. Turtle because of the stupid sustain and ridiculously OP shields. Phoenix and Tiger are just auxiliary noise. Comparatively.

Again, never first, never last.

Phoenix Stance


Phoenix Stance


Ahh yes. The Phoenix Stance. It's that skill that noobs find completely useless in lane, but I beg to differ. Actually, I really don't need to beg. its a proven fact that phoenix helps in lane. Imagine the enemy recalled, and you want to push your lane to their tower. Tiger ain't gonna get you there very fast. Phoenix = pushing. But wait, there's more! Phoenix and Tiger synergize better than Sunny and Cher... or something.... Phoenix gives you AD, which buffs Tiger. Tiger gives you AS, which buffs Phoenix. Phoenix hurts. Tiger hurts. Match made in heaven. The only trade off is you sacrifice sustainability for Phoenix. This is the crux of this section. If you are feeling confident with how the game is going, by all means, grab Phoenix. In this case, max tiger first, get turtle to lv 3, put a point in Bear at lv 4, then max Phoenix second. If you are feeling behind, max Turtle second and leave Phoenix at 3.
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Anti-Carry Priority List

Sometimes people might be a tad bit confused with What to look for on a team. Well luckily for you, I can help. Also lucky for you, you picked Udyr to play as an Anti-Carry.

Top Priority
  1. Kog'Maw - Stupid damage, no escape. KEEEL
  2. Ashe - Anyone who has seen an ELO late game Ashe knows why you get her first. End game her non-crit hits do 450 or more.
  3. Vayne - Even though she has stealth and a knockback, I would still advise focusing her in a teamfight.
  4. Akali - She is one of those anti-carries worth focusing. Late game Udyr can tank her pretty well, so just go after her till she dies.
  5. Annie - Typical high priority AP caster.
  6. Cassiopeia - Wow her damage is ridiculous. If you can get to her before her ult goes off you save a lot of damage from your team.
  7. Brand - Owie. Kinda like annie, and he has no reliable escape.
  8. Miss Fortune - Not as good as before, but still a ranged carry.
  9. Caitlyn - The damned slow. otherwise she would be at the top.
  10. Orianna - Her utility can get annoying, but better if she blows it on you.
  11. Morgana - She is a counter to all AP carries, but Udyr can do just fine with Triforce. A little bonus, if you kill her before her ult ends then there is no team stun!
  12. Sona - One of the best AoE stun / Support champs in the game, and can keep her team alive just enough to kill your entire team. She needs to die.
  13. Talon - Gah hes such a good assassin.
  14. Fiddlesticks - Them buffs... After you get FoN you should be able to tank his ult fairly well, and he is almost always squishy.

High Priority
  1. Twitch - Sucks now, has way less damage. Kill him just to get rid of him lol. It should be noted, however, that he IS still a ranged carry, and can still get fed. His squishiness and lack of reliable escape [assuming you have oracles] means he is an easy target.
  2. Graves - Dash and fairly tanky, but he is a carry.
  3. Anivia - The more you kill her, the harder time she has of getting ahead for the rest of the match. The problem is, if you focus her and her egg is up, you just gave her full health.
  4. Pantheon - After his buff you just cannot ignore him anymore.
  5. Teemo - Damn his blind. Otherwise Udyr would eat him alive.
  6. Tristana - She would be in the Top Priority tier, but because of her amazing escape skill, she shouldn't be bothered with if you can take someone out from the Top Priority tier first.
  7. Corki - Same as Tristana.
  8. Gragas - With AP Grag being popular, he can be a great target.
  9. Veigar - Eats your casters. Can't let that happen. Must die.
  10. Ezreal - Hard as hell to catch, but squishy once you do. I found that is actually a lot easier to get to him with Frozen Mallet, so I moved him up. He is still a carry, and must be stopped.
  11. Wukong - Only if he builds squishy. Otherwise just ignore him.
  12. Rumble - Tanky dps, but still a caster. He can go down easier than true offtanks.
  13. Kennen - No one likes a painful team stun, so the sooner hes gone, the sooner you have an advantage. It also helps to get close to him because his main damage is poking from afar. The only problem is he has a really high mobility set, combined with kiting.
  14. Soraka - Just because she is support. And she also happens to be Soraka.
  15. Katarina - Her ult is devastating, and her pokes hurt. But her damage output is decreased when you break her ultimate. Just poke her and you are done.
  16. Xin Zhao - He has some really annoying CC, and can be dangerous if left unchecked.
  17. Lux - She gives the illusion that she's hard to catch, but once you do, she's an easy kill. Her CC is a major nuisance.
  18. Gangplank - His crits end game can 2 hit your casters, and that is bad. Very bad.
  19. Nocturne if he isnt tanky, then he is a higher priority. If he is tanky, then he is a lower priority. Typical Anti-carry.

Mid Priority
  1. Twisted Fate - He has that annoying stun, and can escape fairly well. After his nerf, hes meh. If you still want to chase him be my guest, but you almost never have a real issue with TF.
  2. LeBlanc - She has high mobility, but she is squishy. Its a toss up. She is designed to kill carries, so your choice.
  3. Mordekaiser - This guy is a little iffy. The current Morde metagame makes him a lot squishier than before, so you might consider targetting him. At the same time, he can still be incredibly tanky for a caster.
  4. Karma - it depends. she can hurt if she got farmed or fed.
  5. Sivir - Only because she is technically a carry. She is just really weak and often times there will actually be stronger carries to target.
  6. Taric - Taking him out of the fight is necessary. The only reason he isn't higher is because he is bulky... ish. depending on how he's built.
  7. Vladimir - You will want to make him waste his pool so when your team comes in after you he has no real escape.
  8. Ryze - After the remake, he is really effin tanky. Up to you if you think it is worth it to focus him.
  9. Master Yi - He's annoying. 'nuff said.
  10. Malzahar - Meh. Easy to avoid, until he ults. THEN you want to get rid of him.

Low Priority
  1. Irelia - Gah. Similar to Udyr, but a little squishier and more damage.
  2. Urgot - If he was actually good past mid game, I would say maybe. Its more of a last resort kind of targetting.
  3. Riven - Suddenly she has become Lee Sin 2.0... Only arguably stronger. Still can't handle her. She is too mobile and too strong for Udyr.
  4. Warwick - Not a huge priority, but his ult can really screw up your team structure. He is also really tanky. Maybe just get a stun on him.
  5. Kayle - Not a hard carry, but she can do some damage with her slow. The only reason she's lower is that if you focus her, she will just ult and make your efforts useless.
  6. Evelynn - Shes just not good right now, but we will see after her remake.
  7. Heimerdinger - He should die, but hes not your problem. He does damage whether he is disabled or not.
  8. Skarner - The buffs they did literally saved this little fellow. He builds somewhat tanky, however.
  9. Lee Sin - tanky anti-carry. Depends how fed he is.
  10. Janna - Support that needs to die, but Udyr hates her. She is a ***** [lol] to chase after.
  11. T Trundle - So tanky. Beast mode late game.
  12. Kassadin - He does some heavy damage, so scare him off. He's a ***** to catch though, so don't chase if he runs off. I moved him down a tier because of his Ult. Attack him just enough to scare him off, but DO NOT CHASE.
  13. Karthus - Hes a huge pain, but he keeps on chuggin even after you kill him, which is almost more dangerous because he has nothing to be afraid of.
  14. Nidalee - Also needs to die, but amazing at kiting; something you cannot deal with.
  15. Swain - Stupid health regen, and lots of annoying CC. His damage output is a little low, so he isnt a higher priority.
  16. Sion - Going for him can waste his stun on you, which is good, but he is tanky as hell.
  17. Maokai - Lots of utility, but he is generally tanky.
  18. Shyvana - tanky, but she has her weaknesses. Try to get on her for slows and stuns.
  19. Shaco - Still Shaco. Sure, he can be argued to be useful, but when one champ has two CC's and two escape skills, Udyr is never going to catch him.
  20. Udyr - He's a serious pain for your team, but mirrors are always really risky, because if he has slightly better runes [assuming you dont have my recommended runes] or he is slightly farther along on his item build, you are screwed. He is also really bulky, so i suggest saving him for later.

No Priority
Just a little side note for this part of the priority section, I actually stared at the remaining champs for about ten minutes trying to figure out how to go about this. I'm not even going to write a reason to go for them, because you shouldn't. I will explain why not to. Most reasons will be "tank blah blah blah" so don't get excited.
  1. Poppy - She is an anti-carry, but her ult makes it useless to target her.
  2. Cho'Gath - Lots of health scales well with your madred's, but most of them go tanky, and so it takes forever to kill him in a team fight. Time that is wasted.
  3. Zilean - If you focus him, he has to blow his ult on himself, which is good for your team. But like i said. He has his ult. Meaning he will just revive.
  4. Olaf - His ridiculous lifesteal is just dumb, and he has burst, which eats you up. Try to avoid.
  5. Yorick - Dear god this guy is annoying. But you can't do much to him.
  6. Renekton - Falls off really hard late game, and he is tanky anyways.
  7. Nunu & Willump - Good luck catching him, and once he has Banshee's Veil you can't catch him anyways. Just stun him once when he ults.
  8. Dr. Mundo - Another one of those annoying ults that you just can't seem to handle in a teamfight. Ignore him if possible.
  9. Blitzcrank - Lots of annoying CC, and usually pretty bulky. His damage is less than stellar though, so don't bother in teamfight scenarios.
  10. Nasus - You really shouldn't ever 1v1 him with his ult and natural lifesteal. Just a bad idea.
  11. Jarvan IV - So tanky, and he doesn't have much damage anymore.
  12. Rammus - If you can get rid of him, that means no AoE ult and no taunt. But he usually stacks anti-AA stuff, including his Defensive Ball Curl.
  13. Amumu - That % health damage from Despair hurts like a *****. Sadly, he's a tank, and he wants to get hit for Tantrum.
  14. Leona - good luck focusing the truest tank out there.
  15. Shen - There's that taunt again. Unfortunately, he's an incredible tank.
  16. Malphite - If you get in melee range, he can use ground pound. It hurts. A lot.
  17. Garen - Sunfire Aegis plus Judgment is very bad for Udyr's health.
  18. Galio - With Bulwark, he likes taking the hits, and it makes his Ult that much easier to activate.
  19. Singed - The only way he is effective is if you chase him.
  20. Alistar - All he will do is stun you and then push you. Waste of time.
  21. Tryndamere - Okay. Maybe it is important to focus him, but it isn't your job as Udyr to focus him. Anti-Tryndamere champs include ranged carries, AP carries, CC champs, and burst champs. Udyr is none of these, and while he has a stun, that is only once every six seconds.
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The Jax Scenario Lane

Jax is easily the hardest champ to go against Udyr, for the sole reason that he is designed to counter auto attack champs. AKA Udyr. I hate to tell you guys, but this match up comes down to outplaying the other guy. Harassing Jax can be a *****, but it is possible.

You need to time your harass when his Ult stacks are low, preferably zero. Also he should not be in the middle of your creeps, otherwise he will always have stun up. Thirdly, you want to try and time it where you don't get hit by his third AA proc on his ult.

Remember, Leap Strike decreases the counter on his ult proc by one, and Empower resets his AA timer. If he uses it during Leap Strike, then it doesn't reset the AA timer. Try to take advantage of his lack of dodge before lv 4. In some cases, he will have Cloth Armor and 5 pot. If you can get him to use all five pots right away, you are effectively ahead of him in gold count.

The way to win this lane is to not die and farm as much as you can, provided it is safe to do so. Pushing to his tower is an option because he is a purely single target farmer, and big waves at his turret can be overwhelming.

The secret to this lane is not hyper offensive Udyr. This is the one case where I would seriously consider taking Turtle Stance first over Tiger Stance. Harassing Jax is often a bad idea, and can actually get you killed if the player is good. Just keep in mind when his stun comes up, be it from trying to harass or him tanking minions. Keep in mind when his ult proc will go off, and keep in mind his cooldowns. It would be helpful to take note of when he uses summoners as well, because those can allow him to get his last hit off.

Bad match up. If you haven't mastered Udyr, Avoid this lane at all costs.
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Laning Threat List

So a genius thought came to me this morning. I thought "Taggrin, why not make a section that specifically explains every solo top match-up?" Self, I said, that sounds like a brilliant idea!
What I'm going to do in this section, in contrast to the actual threat list, is similar to the Jax Scenario section, except for every champ that you would commonly see at solo top. I will also add less common ones based on request. EXAMPLE: Corki is uncommon solo top, but I actually laned against him just the other day. It was awkward cuz I went hextech Udyr. ANYways. Here it goes.

Top Threat

  1. Jax - Right I think this was expected. He will easily be the strongest counter to Udyr in lane. Udyr is almost entirely AA based, and Jax was designed to counter those champs. Unfortunately, given equal skill levels, I would have to give this match up to Jax. But I will go through how to win anyways. You saw the Jax Scenario. Well use that. Also start with Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion. That will help to keep you alive.
  2. Teemo - Udyr's playstyle against Teemo is crucial. I would start Boots and 3 Health Potion. What you are going to want to do is try to bait out the blind shot, because if you full on engage when he has his blind shot you will lose the trade. If you know his blind shot is on cooldown, you will have two choices. Play defensively and farm when you can get last hits, or go in to do some damage. Without his blind shot you should be able to outdamage him. This is where the boots come in handy. Without the boots he could just kite you all day. As far as farming is concerned... Good luck. This is why the match up is such a pain. He can easily poke you on every single chance you have to farm, and it adds up very fast. For this match up I would definitely max Turtle Stance first just to stay alive.
  3. Talon - Right. The [almost] new guy on the block. He was iffy for about 5 hours, and then people started realizing that he was really really good. You may think at first that an assassin should have a hard time killing a tanky champ like Udyr, but you would be wrong, my friend. Talon has one of the strongest harass skills for a solo top laner, as well as one of the strongest single target skills for a solo top laner. Compound that with a blink silence that amplifies his damage and the compounding slow, and Talon can virtually harass without retaliation. That is, unless you anticipate it. If you can pull out Tiger Stance just before he goes in to silence, you can get off a proc, making the trade favorable. That is the problem, however. Anticipation. The blink is instant, so it can be hard to predict. For this match up I would probably take Cloth Armor and 5 pots. All of his damage is physical, and that early armor can really help.
  4. Irelia - Going head on 1v1 will lose you that fight due to her ridiculous true damage. What you need to do is get a stun off, get your Tiger Stance proc off, and Turtle Stance out A.S.A.P. If you can avoid her stun/slow that is ideal, but 99% of the time she will get a few hits off on you. When she hits 6 is when it gets really hairy. If she's running Flash Ignite, she can bait you into commiting to a kill then stun you, ignite you, and ult off and suddenly you are almost dead and she has 50% health. Start either Boots or Cloth Armor and whatever amount of pots you want, but make it at least 3. Patience is a virtue, being over-aggressive WILL get you killed.
  5. Renekton - Same thing as Irelia. He has some heal skills, and his stun does a LOT of damage. He can easily poke you and get away before you have a chance to trade with him. Post-6 is really dangerous. I'm not entirely familiar with his ult, but it hurts. A lot. If you engage him and his ult is up, you will almost assuredly find a surprise waiting for you and suddenly your screen greys out and you died. What you want to do is stay by default in Bear Stance so you can instantly land a stun if he gets in melee range, followed by a quick switch to Tiger Stance so that you have time to get it off. By keeping Bear Stance on by default, the 1 second global cooldown for stances is negated, and you can get a second hit off before he retaliates. Getting that quick Tiger proc off gives you the advantage in that trade. After you get the proc off, switch to Turtle Stance and that should soak up most of the damage. I would still max Tiger Stance first here.

High Tier

  1. Garen - He would be top tier... but you really only have to worry about the first 2 or 3 levels in lane, when his damage is the strongest. After that you can really manage him and actually outdamage him quite easily. I would advise Cloth Armor or Boots and 3 pots, depending on what you need more. I usually go with boots because it allows me to keep up with his burst of speed for the most part. I would consider putting 3 into Turtle Stance by lv 5 just to counter his early damage. After that, max Tiger Stance. If you want to push hard you can always max Phoenix Stance first. Up to you.
  2. Kennen - Simply because of his range and mobility, he is a hard champ to lane against for Udyr. This is a bit of a touchy lane, because no one likes to see a farmed Kennen 35 minutes into a game. What I would consider doing is one of two things. You can either push to his tower and force him to miss cs, or you can hold the wave at your turret. For this lane, i would suggest a Null-Magic Mantle or Boots. This allows you to either dodge his skill shot altogether, or you can simply tank his damage. The issue with this lane isnt so much avoiding death as it is making sure you outfarm him without being harassed out of lane. Also, post-6 you need to watch out for his ulti. It can really burst you down if you aren't prepared for it.
  3. Rumble - Rumble is a pain in the ***, but thankfully he isn't played too often that it becomes a consistent problem. Definitely start Null-Magic Mantle 2 pot when you lane against him. It can be difficult to lane against him because his harass is incredibly spammable. If you have good timing you can get off a Tiger Stance before his Q comes back up, but its a pretty small window and you should only attempt it if you are out of the way of his slow and if you are close enough to him before hand. Consider maxing Phoenix Stance first to counter his crazy pushing.

Mid Tier

  1. Mordekaiser - He is one of those champs that can push really hard and get away with it. I strongly advise opening with max Phoenix Stance, because after he gets Hextech Revolver good luck harassing him down fast enough to force him to back. Pushing back is the best way. If you max Tiger Stance first, you better be ready to keep track of all of his cooldowns and harass and farm in between his skills. Turtle Stance can also be a good option. You can start Boots or Null-Magic Mantle, whichever you prefer.
  2. Nasus - This guy really pisses me off because he is such a ***** to harass down, but you have no other choice because he is one of the only champs that is actually scarier than Udyr when farmed up. Literally every time Tiger Stance is up you want to look for a chance to harass, even if it means chasing him past his minions just to get him away from his creeps. If you harass him enough, eventually he will have to stand away from your minions, and THAT is when you can start zoning him instead of actually harassing. But if you allow him to stand in your creeps he will always be at full health because of his ridiculous passive that gives him lifesteal and it procs on his Q. Ugh. I hate laning against nasus.
  3. Akali - The other assassin that can actually give Udyr some problems in lane. Her Q harass is ridiculous against Udyr, because she can just poke him down and doesn't need to proc it, but if he tries to harass with Tiger Stance she will just proc the Q and win the fight. Knowledge of skill cooldowns is important, and constant use of the brush is important. If she uses her shroud, try to be a little more aggressive, because her main form of defense is gone. Just watch out for her Q. It hurts a lot. Definitely start Null-Magic Mantle 2 pot.
  4. Lee Sin - His mobility is a pain, especially with cripple slows. His Q percent damage can surprise you as well. Start Boots to dodge his Qs better. Not much to say. Just really annoying. Like the fly that you keep trying to swat away from your head but it always comes back as if your head is a piece of candy. That is what Lee Sin is. Cept he can actually kill you. So try and stay behind your minions.

Low Tier

  1. Singed - never fun to see a farmed Singed, but fortunately it is fairly easy to harass him. Boots to keep up with him, try to get a few Qs off at lv 1 to get rid of his health pots, and after that just avoid his poison when he goes to farm and as soon as he turns it off attempt to chase him away from the minions. If you stand IN your minion wave he can't poison them, and his throw doesnt start hurting till much later, especially if you manage to Turtle Stance it. Try not to let him free farm though.
  2. Cho'Gath - Cho'gath with a lot of farm is a pain, but somewhat managable. It is next to impossible to harass him out of lane, so just focus on outfarming him. Avoid the ruptures, Turtle Stance the aas and silences, and you should have little problem. Definitely start Boots.
  3. Gangplank - Lv 1 and 2 he hurts a lot, but after you get a few points in Turtle Stance it becomes very managable. I would start with Boots just because. Don't think about this lane too much. If he Qs you that means hes losing gold, if he Qs minions that means he is vulnerable for harass. Don't let him free farm.
  4. Wukong - Just kinda weak... the fix to his Q makes him hurt a bit more so just try to avoid that, but other than his Q he really doesn't have much to hurt Udyr. He isn't even that great with farm so you can either outfarm him or just harass him out of lane. Or both.
  5. Jarvan IV - lol. Just bad nowadays. His damage is pitiful, and even if he does manage to knock you up, it leaves him vulnerable to way more harass than he is able to dish out. Just avoid his passive procs and you should have zero problem beating him to the ground in both farm and harass.
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Farming / Jungling Lane

After getting Wriggle's Lantern, Udyr really excels at farming and jungle control, even if he is in the lane. It is your job to make sure enemy creep waves don't get to your towers. I actually make teamfights a secondary. Most of the time your team is intelligent enough to avoid engagements unless they know they can win a 4v5. Similar to Singed [Yes, I did it again], Your presence at the teamfight in mid game helps, but isn't always required.

Yes I just said "isn't required".

This is because even though you are strong at that point in the game, you can easily fall behind if you aren't keeping a consistent source of gold. Plus, pushing the lanes in your favor never hurt anyone. As for Jungle control, there are several options. The first is easy: Wriggle's Lantern. You can just ward the most important objective, usually Dragon or Baron, or a main pathway that you would expect to see the enemy team. Buying additional wards can make split pushing exponentially easier. A second method is to physically BE there when your team is completing an objective. Your team presence is incredible, and can make enemies think twice about engaging. Plus, Wriggle's procs on jungle objectives can really speed up the process, particularly at baron.

Farming is much less important late game, but you should still push back waves that threaten towers. This is only if it is absolutely necessary to do so.
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Part II [Jungling]

Yup. You read that right. I added an entire Part 2 to my guide. Meaning the wall of text essentially doubled. But never fear! JhoiJhoi's guide will help me touch it up to look gorgeous! Possibly even sexy... ANYways.

To all them haters out there [that one guy that cant speak english well and thinks Udyr can't lane... pfft] I hope you are satisfied.

But in all honesty, while Udyr is by no means failure in lane, I have recently preferred jungling to laning for a few reasons. It lets you control the flow of the game by helping out any lanes in need, Lets you freely farm your jungle and possibly the enemy jungle if you are feeling particularly ambitious. Shaco will never see it coming....

On top of that, Udyr is far and away one of the strongest Junglers in the game, matched only by Lee Sin, Nocturne, and MAYBE Fiddlesticks or Gangplank. His ganks with early boots are scary as hell, his jungle clear is easily the fastest of any champ, and his jungle control is pretty damn good.

What really makes the jungler, however, is how well they scale into mid and late game. I finally gave in and took a little advice from the popular Jatt [Rock Solid's Udyr main]. Wit's End is, to put it bluntly, a fantastic early item. In contrast to Trinity Force, Wit's End is designed to give you the earliest advantage possible. Because of this advantage, I have yet to build more than four items in any of my Jungle Udyr ranked matches for Season 2.

I guarantee you will outdamage anyone in the game when you first get Wit's End [assuming you aren't an idiot and avoid standing in Garen's full spin or Fiddle's full ulti derp]. You will get this before 20 minutes almost every game with the core build order, and an early Wit's End really puts the game in your favor. One small issue I have found is that Udyr is a little low on armor until he starts building Randuin's Omen. Other than that, I really like this order.

Another thing, Udyr in the jungle and not knowing where he is a very scary thing. No one wants to see Udyr pop out of the jungle and grab an extra 300 gold.

Without further ado, I present to you the updated, new and improved Jungle Udyr section to Taggrin's Udyr.
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Items [Recommended] Jungle

Early Game:

Mid Game:

Late Game:

Before you cry out "******** THIS BUILD IS SO EXPENSIVE!!!" I am aware it is a ****ing expensive build. Every item in here after Early Game is optional, and can be switched out with something more affordable. Besides, With this build you will rarely need to finish your build anyways, and the fact that it gives you significant late game scaling never hurt either.

NOTE: I start with Cloth Armor and 3 Health Potions. This allows me to stay in the jungle for as long as I want, but at the same time allows me to use only one pot if I want to back after the standard route.

Boots - I generally opt for this on the first back. It gives me improved gank potential, especially when coupled with Red Buff. The only other viable option for the build is possibly a Long Sword, but I'm trying to start skipping Wriggle's Lantern unless absolutely necessary because it doesn't synergize as well with Phoenix Udyr.

Wit's End - I never liked this item on Udyr. I just felt like it didn't optimize Udyr's damage. Turns out, that was just because I was playing so much Tiger Udyr. Duh. Wasn't thinking. Since I play a Phoenix Jungle Udyr, this item is perfect. For roughly 500 more gold than wriggle's, you can get Wit's End instead. Everyone knows how scary a Wit's End Udyr can be early game.

Mercury's Treads - Standard, same old. Zerks or Tabi optional. Less CC, more Udyr rape. If Udyr was a real human being, the entire city of Manhattan would be butthurt from all the rape that Udyr does with these boots.

Warden's Mail - I like this afterwards if I need more armor, otherwise I opt for Heart of Gold... into...

Randuin's Omen - This baddie is all sorts of right. Using this item again is like returning to a long lost friend. Gives Udyr all kinds of goodies to use. Same use as in the Lane core build.

Force of Nature - The ying to my armor's yang. Move speed, MR, and health regen. Everything that the armor side is weak on, this makes up for. Slow on Randuin's, Move Speed on this. Flat health regen on Randuin's, % health regen on this. It just works. Banshee's if you are having a problem with CC, but I strongly recommend this even in that case.

Trinity Force - WTF I THOUGHT YOU BELIEVED IN ONLY ONE DAMAGE ITEM!!! Well... I lied. Wit's end will get you to late game, but it just doesn't do enough on its own late game. This is where Triforce comes in. If you really get this far into the game and you get Triforce, you will almost always tip the scales in your favor. You are already stupid tanky so getting another damage item that gives health isn't going to hurt.

Atma's Impaler - Just to abuse that health even more. If you aren't wrecking kids before this, you will just start critting on them and tanking even more.
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Items [Optional] Jungle

Slightly different in some respects. I will only cover the ones that differ from the Lane Optional Items.

Wriggle's Lantern - I hate that this is an optional item, on Jungle Udyr no less... but it doesn't synergize well with Phoenix, especially when Wit's End is only 500 more gold. I dearly miss the lifesteal... It was my favorite part. If you are in desperate need of jungle control or early armor, I recommend this item. Otherwise... goodbye, dear friend. CURSE YOU JATT!!!

Shurelya's Battlesong - This is definitely an option. I don't like it because it is way more utility than it is tank. Regardless, I have seen it too many times where it steals a kill from my grasp because even Udyr can't keep up with a shurelya'd champ. Consideration.

Quicksilver Sash - This item should always get a mention. It is honestly without a doubt the best anti-cc item in the game. Easily the most underrated as well. No one uses it because it is an Active, and requires quick reflexes. If you put this on Udyr, I would grab it as the 6th item over Atma's. Atma's can be a bit overkill as a quasi-third damage item. Get this item if you have problems with too much CC.
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Skill Order Jungle

Alright. There are technically 3 main jungle options. You can max Turtle, Phoenix, or Tiger first. I always always max phoenix first. It is way better than Tiger or Turtle jungle easily. Even with Phoenix jungle, you remain at comfortable health the entire jungle. After lv 9, the skill order gets pretty general, as you can switch out what you want for anything else.

Defensive Phoenix
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Max Phoenix first. AoE means faster jungling and farming. Phoenix actually does the same amount of damage as Tiger assuming you can get 3 hits off, which you will if you have red buff. Then I get Turtle and Bear in whatever order I need, Bear if I need mobility and aggressiveness, Turtle if I am getting focused and I need sustain. I pretty much always leave Tiger at 3 unless I am already wayyyyyy ahead. I have a more offensive build for Udyr, but I actually play Jungle Udyr a bit more defensively. It's wierd, but whatever.

You will want to start at double golems [get a pull and smite the first one], skip red, do wraiths and wolves, smite blue buff, recall, do double golems again, then do red and gank.

Offensive Tiger
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Looks oddly... offensive. I know, I just said I play a defensive Jungle Udyr. Well I play Phoenix, not Tiger. I really think that Tiger Udyr needs to be hyper offensive.

I'm gonna say you should start at blue with a big pull, but I haven't done Tiger jungle in a while. But it's an option.

Offensive Phoenix
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

If you are feeling ambitious, this is the way to go. Your damage output is incredible, at the expense of your main sustain source being weakened. If you go this route I strongly suggest Wriggle's Lantern. Start at Double golems, skip red, recall after blue. Double golems to Red buff and gank.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Right... If you are new to Udyr and have trouble staying alive... I guess you can use this... You will never ever die in the jungle, but I don't advise using this because you will take forever to finish jungle. Start at double golems, end at wolves, recall go to blue. I would suggest opening with a Philo stone for this skill build.
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Masteries Jungle

Offensive Tree

One point in improved smite for slightly better clear time and better jungle control. Yay god.

Defensive Tree

For Defensive, I like having 3 in both Resistance and Hardiness , grabbing Nimbleness , and spreading the rest across Defensive Mastery and Harden Skin . Nimbleness might sound a bit odd, but with Monkey's Agility it actually works quite nicely.

Utility Tree

This is my favorite bit. Perseverence and Good Hands , with Awareness . Exp boost is incredibly important, and even better if you get Zilean on your team =3. Two in Utility Mastery for the prolonged buffs, which are amazing on Udyr. The other two in that tier go into either Greed or Meditation . Finally, 3 in Quickness and Blink of an Eye . Gives me shivers just to think about it. Move speed is like a drug on Udyr, and for all you that just love the flash mastery, rejoice!
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Summoner Skills Jungle

Flash - I honestly don't think there is any say in the Summoners here. Flash is far and away the most valuable non-smite summoner skill right now. Ghost just doesn't get it done like it did in the Tanky DPS era. Flash lets you escape over walls, chase flash champs, and gap close to the back of the crowd while maintaining a good amount of move speed. Really really love this Summoner, and it makes me sad when I see people that refuse to take it.

Smite - Right. I promise you. While Udyr can do the jungle easily enough without Smite... you really really want Smite. Without it, the jungler just doesn't have jungle control like he should, and his jungle speed is reduced considerably. Any good jungler knows this skill is required above anything else.

Ghost - Meh. If you REALLY have to have Ghost, then take it. It works, but why would you when flash is so broken in the metagame right now? I don't know. I just don't know.
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Feel free to ask me questions about my reasoning, and I will be sure to post them here.

Q: Why not Defensive masteries for Lane Udyr?

A: They are entirely viable, but with the core build it is a bit of overkill and I find the bonus to be far less effective than they would be on something else, such as say, Rain Man teemo. I am a believer that masteries should cover what a champion's weakness is. Udyr is incredibly tanky by nature, and every little bit from Utility and Offensive helps him out so much.

Q: Why take the last point in Quickness instead of Blink of an Eye ?

A: Well. This is a very interesting question. I don't find a 15 sec reduction that big of a deal TBH. Just like I never use CDR runes. Personal preference more than anything. On Udyr, I'm a bit of a Move Speed *****, for good reason. Sure, I sacrifice 15 seconds per Flash use that I have no gap closer / secondary escape mechanic, but I really feel that an extra 1% in movespeed is worth it. Yes, I am aware that it has diminished returns. If you really need that extra point in improved flash, go 14/0/16. That movespeed is just too important.

Q: What if I don't like your Skill build?

A: That's the beauty of Udyr. It doesn't matter what Skill build you take because they are all equally viable. This is just my personal preference for Lane Udyr, but even I often switch it up based on the needs of the match.
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In this section I will post in response to any patch that affects Udyr. Otherwise, I will leave it as is.

.125 [9/25/11] - As this is the first patch my Guide is available, I will start here. Right now, Lane Udyr is less popular, but still as powerful as ever. Very convenient for the avid Udyr player that plays lots of ranked... -cough- ANYWAYS. He takes advantage of the relatively squishy metagame, especially with move speed and triforce burst damage. Flash is still required to get closer to the carry faster.
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In summary, Udyr is powerful wherever he plays, however he plays. The biggest part is knowledge of which skills fit the situation and how aggressive you need to be while remaining a smart player.

Udyr comes off as an easy champ mechanically, but learning a champ is the easy part. Mastering that champ is an entirely different situation. And Udyr is by no means an easy champ to master. Patience, children. Like I said, 800+ games and even I have more to learn about Udyr.

Do not feel intimidated, however. Udyr is easily one of the strongest champs in the game when played correctly, and in my opinion, also one of the most enjoyable and satisfying.
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Thank you

Big thank you to SixSonatas for being awesome, and turning me into a quality guide maker.

TheUn4givenRage for the awesome Target Priority idea

foggy12 for the banner that to this day I still use.

Thank you to EvilDice for supporting my Udyr 100%

jhoijhoi for being the sweetheart she is and helping me out with odds and ends

Wrath for being critical of my guide and actually making some great points that have affected my guide already.

Finally, thankyou to everyone that offered criticism to make this build better. Without you guys, every build on this site wouldnt be as good as they are right now.

I don't know if any of them are here anymore, but regardless. Thanks guys.
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9/25/2011 - Guide created.

10/1/2011 - Added a Laning Threat List.

10/7/2011 - Added Jungling Basics, touched up some mistakes.

10/29/2011 - Added a When to max What section.
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In the Works

  • An entire Jungling section to the guide, including items, runes, masteries, routes, etc.
  • Videos to better explain gameplay as a second method [other than wall of text]
  • Item sequence paragraph

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