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Twisted Fate Build Guide by xRoflface

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xRoflface

DPS Twisted: "Twisted mi- OH SHI-"

xRoflface Last updated on December 14, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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First, let me give loads of credit to Crazy Smurf, who's guide I started with and then tailored to what I think is best. Also, my first build, so any tips or any suggestions anyone has are greatly appreciated! This is a guide on playing in normals, I have not tested it in ranked and have no idea if it would be viable or not.

DPS Twisted is often overlooked on account of his relatively low attack range, but he has turned out to be one of my main champs! Pick a Card is one of my favorite skills in the game because of its versatility. Stun/manaregen/harass/AOEslow, it has it all! Knowing when to pick the right card at the right time is the key to success with Twisted. I always lane bottom with Twisted, (it doesn't really matter top or bot if both are duo lane.) because he seems too excel more so there than mid. (Or maybe i just suck at midding him, lol.)

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Everything in the Offense tree is self-explanatory, But I would like to note why I pick Hardiness and Good Hands in the other two.

Hardiness is a great pick for survivability in early game, since you will be laning against at
least one AD champ. Trust me, that 6 armor is more useful than it sounds!

I pick Good Hands because you never know what kind of team you're going to get, or if whether or not you just might have a bad game! Either way, a 10% reduction of 50-70 second respawn timers in late game becomes invaluable.

These 6 points can be put into whatever you think would be better for you, but I would recommend getting everything shown in the offense tree.

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Greater Marks of Desolation are really great, and the best marks for Twisted. As a Ranged DPS,
Armor Pen is your best friend! It ends up getting you more damage than Attack Damage Marks could ever hope to!

Greater Seals of Vitality are great for survivablility. 19.44 X 9 = 174.9 health at level 18, almost as much as a ruby crystal! Though it might not sound like much, it will save you more than you would think.

If you don't like the Seals of Vitality, or if you have some trouble with early game, then you might opt for Greater Seals of Resilience, as the flat 1.41 armor a piece can really help against any AD champ.

For glyphs I get Greater Glyphs of Warding. Again, it helps tremendously with early game if there happens to be some APage in your lane. Also, it's really the only good pick in glyphs in my opinion.

I choose Greater Quintessences of Desolation for the same reason I get Marks of Desolation, Armor Pen ftw! These plus the marks, you end up with almost 25% Armor Pen just from runes alone!

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Summoner Spells

Flash is an absolute must on Twisted, as it can get you out of a bad situation quickly and effectively. You could also use it to get that one last hit for a kill, or gank with it, but I like to save it for getting the fudge out of anything I need to get the fudge out of. It depends on your personal preference really.

Exhaust is also a good pick, as it can be used both offensively or defensively, just as Flash can. If you are 1v1ing anyone, its almost a sure win if you pop this on them. If you are chasing someone, then use this and you will catch up just enough to Yellow Card them. If someone is ready to gank, pop this and then they will die 90% of the time. Defensively, it can be used to slow someone down if they are chasing you. If they towerdive, you can use this to insure their death in early game, but I usually use Yellow Card for that tactic. How you use Exhaust is really all up to the situation and how you want to use it.

You could also pick Ignite for your second skill, but I prefer exhaust because it can be used both way. But nontheless, ignite is a great spell, as it will get you that last little bit of health 4 out of 5 times with practice! Again, its all in your preference.

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Twisted's passive is really a great one, each minion kill (and any other kill) will give 2 extra gold! It counts for the entire team too, so your team has a bit of an advantage on gold when it comes to farming.

This skill is the bread and butter of DPS Twisted. You have what you need for many situations just from this skill alone! Note though, that the enemies can see the card over your head just like you can, so they will know what is coming if they know Twisted. Let me run through each card and their uses:

Blue Card: Your next attack will deal magic damage and restore mana equal to 65% of the damage done. With this skill, you will basically never run out of mana. Also, out of all the cards this one does the most damage, so its great for harassing. But be careful though, with Twisted's short attack range, it can be dangerous to get off on them. Only harass with this if you are sure you can get away with it.

Red Card: Deals AoE magic damage (AoE center is the target. Radius: 200.) And slows all enemies that are hit. This card will be mainly used for farming and teamfights because of the AoE damage and slow. Another good harassing choice if your laning enemies are standing next to each other. It is great for farming because it can pretty much hit 3-4 minions at once, and will kill them if timed correctly. The reason it's awesome for teamfights is because everyones all grouped up, and the AoE will do mega damage at that point. Note that this card does the 2nd most damage of the three against one target.

Yellow Card: Next attack will deal magic damage and stun the target. This is really one of your most important skills, as it is a very reliable stun and will get many an enemy ganked. Use this card to gank enemies (as said above.) Stun enemies that are killing you and run away (if 2 are chasing you, stun the one you know can catch up to you). If they are killing your friend, run them off with a Yellow Card > Auto Attacks to one of them. (If both of you are running, use the technique above.) In teamfights, you will want to try to disable their carry with Yellow Card, but if positioning denies you, then just Red Card them. Note that Yellow Card does the least damage of the three.

Another passive, and even better than the other. With each level, you get more attack speed and more cooldown reduction! Plus, on every fourth (auto) attack, you deal extra magic damage.
The number of attacks you have is displayed where buffs are. It will look like a black and white icon with a "1" on it with 1 attack, it will look the same, except with a "2" on it with two attacks, and on the third attack it will become colored with no number, plus cards will form a circle around Twisted. On the fourth attack the damage will be dealt. This will be important, as it will help your harassing tremendously. Get your stacks up to three by attacking minions, then pick the card of your choice, and hit a champ with it. It will deal the damage the card deals plus the damage from Stacked Deck, making for a very nice attack.

I level this up last, as it doesn't do a whole lot unless you are building AP. But it is not to be over looked late game! In teamfights this can do a lot of damage, as it will probably hit each champ on their team. It has a huge range on it too, so it can be used to try and pick
runners off if their health is low enough. Though it is a little hard to aim, you can get great at it with it with practice.

This ult is one beastly mofo. There are a number of uses for it: You can gank with ease with it, just pop up behind the enemy champ and yell "Surprise!" with a yellow card. You can chase down a running enemy by popping up in front of them (again, with a yellow card.) If you are in a bad situation, you can get out immediately by warping away. This is a little hard to do though if everyone is chasing you, as you might die before it goes off. Note that it can be easily interrupted with a stun or knockback or the like. Also note that a circle of green flashy cards will appear wherever you choose to warp, so the enemy will know a few second ahead of time before you get there. The first part of it is great as well! Being able to instantly know where everyone is is just the best. If your team is getting baron and you don't where the enemy team is, use this when you start fighting or a little bit after and then you should know where they are for the whole duration of killing baron.

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So to start off you will want to get a Ruby Crystal.

Now you might be thinking "Wtf?" but it is the best time to get this. It will provide you a good amount of health for your early game, and will build into Frozen Mallet for your core build. After the ruby crystal get your Berserker's Greaves,

which will get you that movement speed and some decent attack speed.

Then work towards Phantom Dancer,

which will get you enough Movement Speed and Attack Speed to make you scary at that point in the game.

Then you will work towards the Frozen Mallet,

which is such a great item for Twisted. It provides the health Twisted needs to stay alive, and then your auto attack slow, which is a bit ******ic. (I would recommend getting Giant's Belt first if you can, because at that point the health will be more important than the slow.)

After this start on The Bloodthirster,

which will make you an absolute nightmare. Try to get it farmed up as fast as possible, then try your best not to die after that, as it brings all those stacks to 0. After this, it gets situational.

If you're having some problems with casters pwning you then get Banshee's Veil.

If you're getting CCed all the time, then get Quicksilver Sash.

If their tank is becoming a beast or they have a lot of tanky DPSes, then get Madred's Bloodrazor.

If all is going well, and you don't need anything above, then get Youmuu's Ghostblade next.

Its Armor Pen will take care of tanks (well, anyone really.) and its attack speed buff will absolutely pwn everything. It has quite a low Cooldown, so use it every time you get into a fight. Then for your last item you could get one of two things: You could get an Infinity Edge,

which has a lot of Attack Damage and will make your crits ungodly. Or, you could get another Phantom Dancer,

which will allow you to move around like no one's business, plus the attack speed should bring you to 2.0 attacks per second. Whichever sounds better, it's all up to you.

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Thank you for reading my build, and please vote on it! Again, if you have any suggestions feel free to comment!