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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by roflmao at u 2

Dr.Mundo; An (almost) Unkillable Tank

By roflmao at u 2 | Updated on March 25, 2012

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LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell:

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Comments and tips are welcome^^
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Summoner spells

Here I only picked ghost because thats the one I always choose. The second one you can take what you think you will need. I'm used to take fortify because it's an all-round spell and is always good. But if you have problems dying you should consider to use revive. Consider Heal as a sort of mundo-clarity or/and an escape mechanism, so it wouldn't be to wrong considering it. Cleanse is also very good.
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Ok, this is the part you (at least I, when I uses builds from other Mobafire users) have been waiting for. You can already see my items at the top, but I will try to "comment" as you read. Starting with a Regrowth pendant and a health pot, you get health and "Mundo-mana" regen, but you can also start with a Ruby Crystal, also that's your choise. Buying Spirit of Visage is important, but you sill need health, since your a tank, so buying Warmogs Armor is also very important. That makes me buy Giants Belt fist and then Spirit of Visage. Buy shoes as soon as possible, buy it when you got time for it and/or when you feel that you need it. I often buy it after i bought Spirit of Visage and all PARTS of the Warmogs. Mercury's Treads redueces,as known, slows and stuff, wich is a serious problem and a very common reason why you died when trying to run away from Tryndamere. The next step prepares totally of the enemy team. If they only got AD there is no reason to buy Force of Nature, and vice verse. Instead buy one thornmail and go on with the build finishing the second Warmogs and then considering buying another Thornmail or some other item with armor. If you lane against for example an AD Tryndamere and an AP Jax, buy Thornmail first if you think that Tryndamere is the biggest problem, buy Force of Nature if Jax is. Now, this last item are pretty depending on how the game is going, buying another Warmogs will make you almost unkillable but if you got a better item to buy, then buy it.
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Playstyle, tips

Ok, I assume you already knows what Dr.Mundo's abillitys do, so I'm going to scip that. We start with Infected Cleaver.

Infected Cleaver is a very good harassing tool, if I've noticed that my enemies are a bit scared for this, I place my self so I can hit the enemy minions but still have a straight shot to harass my enemies if they dare come close. That makes me often go for the "Magican minions", because Infected Cleaver works like Nidalee's spears, of you stay behind minions Nidalee won't be able to hit you with her spear, but as Mundo you have much shorter CD (Cool down) so you can toss your cleaver very often so if you place yourself right, the enemy will have hard getting those necessary minon kills.

I will scip Burning Agony and Masochism because I don't have anything to say about them, I believe everybody allready got a clue about them. (if not I suggest you read the other guides at Mobafire for Mundo, they helped me when I started play with Mundo)

Sadism; Ok, You will freak your opponents out when you got the whole enemy team at you, trying to chase you down, but they can't because of your HP Reg. Sadism is a very flexible ulti, you can use it while laning, your opponent recalls and you are able to push, because you already got ful health when the opponent are back. It's also very good for running away, you will almost always get "home" under the safeguard of the turrets because the enemy team didn't have time eneough to kill you untill you got to the base and became unreachable. Sadism is also the reason why I think Dr.Mundo is the best tank in the game; he can tank for a longer period of time thanks to Sadism.
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So, I hope this has helped. Haven't gone through all the spelling, think you understood anyways. Please, as every player I want to improve so please, please comment what you think and if you have your own ideas of a various item build, let me know.

(:Good Luck Have Fun:)
League of Legends Build Guide Author roflmao at u 2
roflmao at u 2 Dr. Mundo Guide

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Dr.Mundo; An (almost) Unkillable Tank
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