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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by _Szu

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author _Szu

Dr. Mundo-Offtank-3v3

_Szu Last updated on July 8, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi, here is my guide to Dr. Mundo for 3v3. I've been playing Dr. Mundo ever since being a lowly level 5, and I have experimented a great deal with him in doing so. Tank Mundo? DPS Mundo? Off-tank Mundo? I've seen a variety, and all of them have their strong suits, as well as their weak ones. I will be going over Off-tank Mundo, I feel it gives you the most potential to do well in a 3v3. Of course note that my item build, or any item build for that matter, should never stay static and is just directing you down the right path.

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In terms of runes for playing 3v3 Dr. Mundo Off-tank I chose; Attack Speed Marks, Flat Armour Seals, Magic Resist/lvl Glyphs and Flat Health Quints. These runes really give you strong laning and initiation abilities in the early game, as that is when Runes are most effective. The Attack Speed helps in just about every area of the early game, the Armour Seals and Health Quints give great survivability to keep you alive until you get the more tanky items. Magic Resist/lvl Glyphs are a generally great rune on any champion, I strongly recommend them.

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Quite simply I chose 9/21/0 for my masteries because of the great survivability, which really wins games in 3v3's. Also, the cool down reduction and magic penetration are great all throughout the game.

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I will give brief points for each of my item choices in this section.

((Ruby Crystal))-
With the health quints, this will give you an insane starting health of over 800.

Hopefully on your first trip back you will be able to afford kindlegem and tier 1 boots, if you have more gold, continue building your Spirit Visage, you'll need this as you get your ultimate.

((Berserker Greaves))-
Mundo has a painful attack speed, these fix that. They really give you the extra damage output you need, and with my other item/mastery/rune selection you'll have enough surviability, making Ninja Tabi/Mercury Treads not so necessary. Of course throw them in if you prefer. I'm not forcing you into anything.

((Spirit Visage))-
This is a MUST on Mundo. His ultimate is like crack with this item. You'll get into a team fight, pop your ult and the other team won't know what hit them when you're still alive and kickin' at just about 90 years old.

((Youmuu's Ghostblade))-
A great DPS Item, it's active is amazing, an activation before a team fight will allow you to melt faces. The crit, armour pen., attack speed, etc, makes this my choice over a Phantom Dancer or similar item.

((Sunfire Cape))-
This item gives you great damage output and tanky-ness. That's what we're looking for right? You'll be getting right up in the other team's grill with your cleaver and ultimate making this a great item.

((Frozen Mallet))-
The greatest off-tank item out there. Damage+Health+Slow. Nuff' Said.

((Infinity Edge))-
A great damage item, you'll be hitting hard after you get this. Damage, Crit Chance, Crit Damage, couldn't ask for anymore. Get this in the very late game.


Amazing in 3v3 to make Tryndameres quickly kill themselves.

((Force of Nature/Banshee's Veil))-
Great to stop that Annie in her tracks.

A very good item on Mundo, you'll see it in most builds and in fact I use it a lot. I do find it really slows down the build. Once you get your first Giants Belt for your Sunfire Cape you'll be plenty tanky. Get a Warmogs if you like it, I wouldn't reccomend it if you follow my guide.

((Phantom Dancer))-
I stated why I like Youmuu's better, but go for it if you'd like. It does give some great movement speed and damage.

(Just for fun try getting 5 Phantom Dancers and Boots of mobility on Mundo. It's freakin' hilarious.)

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Skill Sequence

Getting points in Mundo's cleaver (Q) and his attack damage increase (E) early are vital for ganking, last hitting minions and getting fed. :D You may be wondering why I work so heavily on Burning Agony (W) around the time of his ultimate. Well, Dr. Mundo's ultimate completely negates the health cost and this is also around the time that team fights start breaking out on The Twisted Treeline. It will serve you well in these fights as well as farming up those minion waves. Trust me, as long as you're on 3v3 turf, max out the agony.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost and Exhust are super standard summoner spells. Great for 3v3. Ghost can of course allow you to escape and chase as well as get back into the fight or save a teamate/turret.

Exhust is great, I find too often that there is a Tryndamere/Yi who is 3 hitting our squishies. Exhust completely destroys those Tanky DPS/DPS heavy team. I prefer not to use this for chasing as without it, the previously noted champions will rip you to pieces.

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Thanks for reading my guide on the Doctor. I hope you enjoy pwning noobz in the 3v3 xD.

Have fun!