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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by Pearstoph

Dr. Mundo - The Clever Cleaver

Dr. Mundo - The Clever Cleaver

Updated on April 11, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pearstoph Build Guide By Pearstoph 7,948 Views 2 Comments
7,948 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Pearstoph Dr. Mundo Build Guide By Pearstoph Updated on April 11, 2012
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This Dr. Mundo guide is aimed at capitalizing on some strong points of Mundo that some people don't take advantage of when building and playing him. After spending a lot of time thinking about great builds for him and too many bot games to count to try them all out, I have landed on a build that is hard to pass up. In the build the main focus is health and health regen early game, mid game we need to make sure we have resistance to both magic and attack damage, and late game... it's time to give the other team an overwhelming feeling that Dr. Mundo just can not die.
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So to some, most of my items seem obvious... and it's because they are. Duel Warmogs, Force of Nature, and Atmas Impaler are some what of a standard on the Pwndo build. These items are stadard because of the high health amount, ridiculous health regeneration and the good attack damage that follows with crits here and there.

Now let's talk about the elephant in the room on my build. That dang crystal scepter staring at you. Let me break it down, and explain why the item is a must late game for Dr. Mundo, and how it is a game changer. The Crystal Scepter gives 500 health (Mundo can never have enough of that), 80 ability power, and an AMAZING PASSIVE! The passive is that when you deal magic damage you slow the target for a few seconds. Your cleaver deals magic damage and so does burning agony. Your cleaver will have a more crippling slow than it already does, and when you catch up to someone with your burning agony on... they can't escape because they will be trapped in your slow and by mundo's blazing speed. Also burning agony has a small use for Ability Power so thats not totally wasted, and DOT adds up people... it really really does.

Late game this item takes the other team and sticks it in their fanny without even asking permission from their parents. Yeah, its that ugly. Champions are their fastest late game, as a good mundo should be as well with Force of Nature and a well timed Sadism in a fight. So with a fast mundo slowing the poop out of everyone, it leads your team to easier kills and better all around game control.

I also figured I would talk about why I chose Ninja Tabi boots over other boots. Ninja Tabi boots are the cheapest boots in the game, they provide a little armor and a decent passive that makes you take 10% reduced damage from non-turret basic attacks. I choose these boots so that Mundo has a little resistance against AD carries early game. When Mundo gets a force of nature he will then have magic resistance. Which rounds him off with a lot beef and a little resistance to both damage sources. While we're on the topic of boots though, I can also explain why what boots you SHOULD build are situation specific on Mundo. Simple scenario: you are in a 5v5 game, and you choose Mundo for Solo Top. What boots you SHOULD build should reflect what you need for your lane. Lets say for instance you are going against a character who is relying on farm *cough* Nasus. Instead of Ninja Tabi, grab Ionian boots so you can harass him to keep him from farming as much. Now lets say instead of that stupid Q farming dog you have a Morde in your lane. Grab those mercury treads quick, and I mean real quick. If you can slow down his damage on you, than maybe hit a few cleavers to drop his shield, well you might be able to take control of your lane. When you're up against a CC heavy team, even if who your up against in your lane doesn't have much CC but the rest of the team is crazy, than grab the treads. Tenacity can and will save your life. Boots of swiftness are very intimidating on Mundo because that mad man running 1000 MPH at you hurling cleavers at your face will make even the strongest laners feel a little insecure (about their sexuality). Lastly, if you go solo top and so help you god, that stupid Ryze wants to lane against you. Grabbing sorcerers boots is the right choice. As I mentioned before, your cleavers deal magic damage and there is only way to make them more effective. That way, is the Magic Penetration way. It will look awkward, it might even feel awkward but your cleavers need to get through to that Ryze. Now you don't have to go all out and get a void staff too, but making your presence known is very important when laning against a Ryze.
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Summoner Spells

I will just touch on the summoner spells kind of briefly because there is always a preference on summoner spells and exhaust/flash is mine. Why grab exhaust? When your jungler comes to gank for you, having exhaust is a big help in making sure your enemy gets killed. I know that your cleavers will slow people, but in a team fight, throwing that exhaust on their AD carry and running after him will be beneficial to your teams success.

Flash is the best escape in the game. With all joking aside, Mundo can die. I'm sorry to all of those who thought he couldn't but he can be caught and he can be countered. Flash gets you out of those sticky situations.

Now most who go solo top want a teleport so that they get back to their lane quicker. Mundo has a great lane sustain so I typically don't have to go back and forth that often, which is why on him I don't get teleport. Many will disagree with that statement. I understand why, but don't rage on me for your opinion.
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These are the runes I grab on Mundo because they help out every area of defense. With the new Magic Resist rune nerf, this might be looked at again for revision but for now these are the runes I'm sticking with.

Bonus Health from runes is around 55

Bonus Magic Resist is 13.5

Bonus Armor is 13

It's a nice even resistance and sustain rune page. I stray away from the extremely expensive runes. While they are usually more beneficial, they are a pain in the butt. So while I realize that there may be runes that are better than mine, these runes are pretty dang cheap and I am alright with that.
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Pros / Cons

    Mundo will have a **** ton of life
    Great health regeneration
    Good overall resistance to the other team
    You'll slow every enemy champion that thinks about fighting you
    Mundo goes where he pleases

    Not a lot of DPS output
    Ignite will mess your ult up
    Executioners calling can mess up your ult, if someone is smart enough to grab it
    You will always be out of mana
    If you don't like the color purple, than you won't like his skin color
    Mundo does drugs
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Creeping / Jungling

Taking the doctor to the jungle is rather common. So when you want to jungle mundo, set up your masteries in a similar way but have one point on summoners resolve instead of summoners wrath. You should grab cloth armor and 5 health potions, get masochism first instead of the cleaver, and get a leash for blue. Now Mundo doesn't need blue other than for the cooldown reduction I guess, but I grab that first because it puts you at lvl 2. Than look to see if top/bot lane(whichever you are closer to) needs an early gank. If not, than go wolves, wraiths, golems and you should be able to snag red. Go back now. Grab boots and some more potions and get back at it. If you decide to go with Ninja Tabi boots, than your cloth armor will build right into that. If you don't want Ninja Tabi, than you can build your cloth armor into a wriggles lantern I guess. If you do this, then I would leave out the atma's impaler in the build.

Mundo can counter jungle decently, and every jungler should always look to mess up the other teams jungle when they can. From my experience, Mundo is capable of stealing buffs with a smite/cleaver combo. He dominates a jungler if he waits for them to grab the buff, and goes in on them guns-a-blazing with his burning agony on and masochism being spammed to fight them. As long as they don't get a lucky flash off, you got a kill and a buff all in one.

When ganking, landing your cleavers are CRUCIAL!!! Not to many ganks workout when a mundo has missed his opening cleaver. So be patient when throwing them, wait for that great opening and then make them bleed their own blood. A tip for junglers that I see a lot of people not understanding. When a jungler comes to gank, it is up to him to make the first move out of the bush or wherever he his hiding. Do not tell your laner to "go in" because that will usually just scare them off. If your laner hasn't touched the enemy in 5 minutes and you tell them to "go in".... what the devil do you think the enemy is going to think? Instead wait in your desired ganking spot, PING that mother lover, and then lead in with your cleaver when the enemy is in his worst position. It's sad when a gank gets rushed to early, so be PATIENT. If its warded or the gank just isn't happening, thats okay. Get back to jungling asap.
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Team Work

Team work can be a joke when playing LoL even though its the main premise that the game is based on. I know that there are some players who are trolling, or feeding, or whatever, but that doesn't mean you should give up right away. When you play league of legends, with any champion not just Mundo, play to win and expect a good fight. I wish the millions of players who just talk trash for no reason would come to their senses and realize that doing that stuff is typically what loses the game. So don't talk trash to your teammates if you want to win. If a teammate accidentally gave up first blood, get over it. Don't call them a noob, don't say GG to [ALL], just figure out what the team can do to make sure that whoever got it, doesn't keep getting kills. A snowball bigger than Nasus or Veigar is encouragement. When your team does something good, always let them know that they did a good job. Trust me people, having teammates who are cool with you, will save your life more often than not. Sometimes, you should just be the one who buys the wards. Even if its not in your lane, always remember this is a team game. Before ever blaming your team for a loss, you better make sure you played the perfect game and did EVERYTHING you possibly could have done to win.

With my soapbox aside, lets talk about how Mundo fits into team comp. He is pretty dang tanky, but that doesn't mean to play him as a tank. He is technically an off-tank, which is why he is great at solo top and jungling. If you don't have a real tank on your team than you will just have to play the tank role, sorry. But how do you play the role as off-tank? Your job as off-tank is to do two simple things. Harass their AD carry(remember thats one of the reasons we grabbed exhaust) and keep the enemy team from touching your carry. If you are doing those simple things, than what the heck? Go get a kill because you deserve it :)

Can a Dr. Mundo carry? Yes, he can carry a team. I have personally done and seen it happen many of times, the hardest part of carrying as an off-tank is to not get to over confident. You will feel invincible in most team fights, but don't let it get to your head. Stay smart and stick to the basics. Harass to kill, kill to harass. In their minds, you need them to think "Oh my god, I just can't kill this Mundo" because if you stick to the basics and they keep running scared, you will have lanes pushed and inhibitors down before you know it.

If you are fed, share the feast. If you are starved, time to farm.
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Well thats about it for the The Clever Cleaver. Hope this guide was useful in one way or another. Please Please PLEASE, give me feedback. The more I get some honest conversation going from you guys, the better builds and guides I can make. Thank you for reading and happy cleavering.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pearstoph
Pearstoph Dr. Mundo Guide
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Dr. Mundo - The Clever Cleaver

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