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League of Legends Build Guide Author Brentt

Dr. Mundo, the Crazy Crit Tank

Brentt Last updated on December 28, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Want to transform Mundo into a real beast? Than this is the guide for you!
Many Mundo players go health(regen) only with Mundo, which is okay if you want Mundo to be a super-bulky,tanky type with huge survivability. On the other hand, if you want Mundo to be a dangerous fighter too, you have to compromise and cancel some health in order to get you that rough, dangerous power.

First thing to do is buying Mundo health quintessences and make sure your first item is a Ruby Crystal. If you do this, you'll be sure of being the champion with the most health to gank with in the beginning. With a high-end ganking strategy and a Mundo prepared like this, you'll be sure to whipe 1 or 2, maybe even 3 of your opponents of the charts.
Next thing you buy is boots, giving you attack speed and quicker movement. The Ghost- and Exhaust spells make Mundo a great chaser, he can use his ulti and Ghost to chase, his cleaver and Exhaust to slow the target. Succes garanteed.

Then you start with a Warmog's armor, giving you a huge health boost and some health regen. When you're lvl 6, you must be pretty unbeatable because of Mundo's insane healing ulti, and that'll spare you some money because of the no-need of healtpotions.
The third item I buy, is usually another Warmog's armor, so I know I'm save with enough health and health regen to stand my man, but other good choices are Thornmail, wich gives you some extra health too, with a nice bonus that you return 30 percent of your taken damage, or you can buy the other items first before buying another health item. I myself like to start with the health items, because Mundo's spells work with health and the cleaver deals a percentage of health-damage.

Allright, fourth item is Atma's Impaler, giving you some armor that heightens your survivability, but most importantly, granting you some crit chance.
That is exactly what you gain with your fifth item: phantom dancers. This item is great on Mundo, although not many Mundo players use it. It gives you some extra movement speed, attack speed and crit chance. With these items, you become fast and dangerous, giving you circa 6/10 crit hits, which is insane, because you also have like 4k health and regenerate a lot thanks to your passives and ulti.

Normally, the game is over before you have enougb money to buy your sixth item. If you do, it can be another Warmog's armor, or a Thornmail in case you didnt already have that. It could be a Black Cleaver, so you deal some extra damage, but a good choice is Infinty Edge, so you get like 7/10 crit chance + more crit damage + more normal damage. This'll turn your Mundo into a beast.

If you use these items, it's sure you'll be a great person in the team. I love this homemade build because it doesnt only makes you a little tanky by health and armor, but it also makes you fast, so you can easily escape (in combo with your ulti) or attack fast as hell, having 7/10 crit chance, so dealing massive damage.

I used to go health-only with Mundo, but this makes Mundo so much better and more dangerous, I couldn't play him anymore without knowing he is da bomb and handing out crits like a maniac. I love Mundo and I love my build