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Draven Build Guide by ADCGuides

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ADCGuides

Draven ADC Guide

ADCGuides Last updated on October 11, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Draven with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Jinx Jinx's early trading is horrendous if you're trading damage with her as you should be. Don't let her land any free rockets on you. It's extremely easy to dodge her W, even without Blood Rush. Typically, any engage on her will lead to her dropping chompers in your direction. If she's alone, then don't hesitate to Flash over her chompers and use Stand Aside to slow her. If you are equal or ahead of her, she's usually 100% dead. Late game, she's a monster if she has at least 4 items due to her Fishbones and passive resets. It's not uncommon for me to completely wreck a Jinx in lane then come back to a 10/6 Jinx later in the game (crappy teammates, eh?).
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Everything you need to know about Draven

Draven is an AD carry whose playstyle exclusively revolves around his signature skill: Spinning Axe.
His damage output is unrivaled among the AD carries, assuming he is just as farmed. Draven's entire kit is geared toward the offensive side which leaves him near defenseless, and as such; playing him can be extremely risky.

While Draven comes with big risk, he also brings great rewards. This is not easily achieved, however.
He is one of the most, if not the difficult champion to master. Any AD carry who is foolish enough to engage a skilled Draven player in a 1v1 will most likely end in Draven's favor. The ridiculous amounts of physical damage he can dish out in a short period of time can also lead to players becoming greedy (and possibly inheriting Draven's personality).

The satisfaction of overwhelming your opponents through two Spinning Axes is second to none.
He is one of the most strongest champions in the game in terms of brute force.

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Early Game

When the game starts, proceed to your lane. If you're on blue team, run to the tribush to keep an eye out for enemy invades. If the enemy team does invade, get out of the area and warn your teammates. If you're on purple team, run to the river and stand at the entrance to your blue buff to look out for the enemy team. Be sure to help your jungler by damaging the Gromp/Golems. Activate Spinning Axe at 1:51 and hit the monster 3 times to start lane with two Spinning Axes.

Remember that Draven's main goal in lane is to completely bully and deny the enemy AD carry, so that should be your main focus in lane other than getting cs. If the matchup doesn't favor you, then play passively and accumulate Adoration stacks.

When the minions begin their skirmish, keep a Spinning Axe(s) going and rack up Adoration. Try and get level 2 first for the lane presence. Since Wicked Blades was removed, you don't try to all-in at level 2, you'll probably die especially in higher levels of play.

Under normal circumstances, you should never try to initiate a fight. That is your support's job. Your job is to farm and accumulate stacks on your passive so that you may cash them when your support gets a good engage or your jungle successfully ganks.

At some point, there will be 5-8 people at bot lane for the dragon control. Either the enemy jungler and mid will come and tower dive you, or the other way around. You and your team should always prepare for this so that you don't lose the dragon, it's very important.

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Mid Game

By mid-game, a couple towers will be destroyed and usually a team will be ahead of the other.
Talk to your teammates often and try to control objectives like the Dragon and Jungle buffs. By now, you should at least have your first major damage item, try to finish up your second one asap.

If you have the gold for it, buy a couple wards and trade your Warding Totem for a Scrying Orb. Attempt to farm your lane as much as possible because you need the gold, perhaps now is the time to destroy the enemy bot tower for that nice amount of experience and gold. The main focus of this part of the game is map control and tower pushing. Your team should be trying to catch someone out of position so that your team may push a tower.

You should at least have 100-150 cs by this point.
200 cs is possible, but very difficult.

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Late Game

Ah, late game; where one can make a single mistake and possibly cost the game which leads to raging from teammates (especially in lower divisions or Platinum).

If the game doesn't end by then, you shouldn't be harassing too much as Draven's autoattack range is rather low, most champions with a targetable gap-closer/CC will most likely get you killed (which leads to a lost teamfight and/or a tower). Ask your team to ward and clear Baron often, though remain vigilant if the enemy team is nowhere to be found as they may be baiting a teammate into walking near the pit.

You are responsible for most of your team's damage, therefore you should put extra effort into trying to survive.
Positioning is key to winning the game. If a teammate sacrifices him/herself for you and you're given a chance to get away, do not waste the life they have given you. Get away, heal up, and defend any structures that are vulnerable.

If your team is winning, use your advantage to secure Baron and push for the win!
If your team is losing, play very careful as the game is not always lost. Get your team to ward key points often and try to catch an enemy out of position. This is where your Scrying Orb mostly comes into play, you can scout key areas like Baron and the jungle buffs, to check an area before you walk into it, or to foil a Baron bait attempt.

I cannot stress this enough, but if your team is losing; DO NOT RAGE.
If your teammates are raging, do everything you can to stop them from fighting.

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For me, this is the most frustrating and scariest part of the game.

Before we get into teamfighting, take the time to look at their comp for any particular champions that excel in teamfights and/or assassins that can easily kill you. There are a lot of champions that Draven has a hard time with in teamfights, some examples are: Renekton, Nocturne, Jax.

A lot of factors can affect a teamfight. Did your top lane feed their Tryndamere like crazy? Does the enemy Elise consistently land stuns? Does Rumble have really good ult placement? Think about it, you don't wanna get caught off-guard.

If your team is fighting the enemy team in the jungle, then be really careful because you probably don't have vision of the entire area and there could be a bruiser/assassin coming from the side. Otherwise, you should be trying to stay behind the frontline and focus the target in front of you.

In lower elos, there's a chance that you'll be flamed for focusing the tank. Just ignore those types of people, the purpose of an ADC is to deal as much damage as possible regardless of target. You should NOT be running up to their squishies, instead try your best to stay away from everything but be close enough to attack the nearest target. The only time I would recommend going for their ADC is when their frontline is away/dead and he's in a bad position. Kiting is probably the most valuable skill in a teamfight, you must learn how to kite effectively with Draven while catching your axes, which is why many people consider him to fall off late game.

Always look to be kiting back or chasing forward, the reason for this is you never want to be led by your own axes (like say, if you're standing there autoattacking, your target begins to run away but to catch your axes, you have to run the opposite direction for a second.) Sometimes it can be risky and will break your positioning if you choose to lead your axes toward the fight, but when you play enough games, you get a sense of whether you can go balls deep or play it safe.

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Support Synergy

Alistar-Lots of CC, sustain, and a very good tank. Offset by high mana costs. Recommended. 4.5/5
Annie-Tons of burst and good lane presence, but very squishy. $5 says she roams early on and leaves you to 1v2 for several minutes. 3.5/5
Blitzcrank-A hit-or-miss support, literally. 3/5
Braum-Not as strong as he used to be, but he'll always take the brunt of the punishment directed at you. Plus his all-ins are quite effective due to his passive. Recommended. 4.5/5
Janna-Requires coordination to be effective in lane, very good disengage. 4.5/5
Karma-Decent poke, okay CC, meh shield, strong disengage. 2/5
Leona-Extremely powerful with Draven, strongly recommended. 5/5
Lulu-Requires coordination, strong dueling potential at level 6. 3.5/5
Morgana- A Morgana that can land skillshots with ease is a godsend. Most CC directed at you will be rendered moot, extremely powerful all-in at level 6. 4.5/5
Nami-My personal favorite. A skilled Nami player is extremely powerful with Draven, otherwise a meh support. 5/5
Sona-With today's common support picks, I wouldn't recommend Sona. Very squishy but can make plays. 2/5
Soraka-Free HP and decent harass, but squishy. Any trade you do with the enemy ADC will be rendered useless, take advantage of it. 2.5/5
Taric-He used to be a 5/5, but he's kind of meh now. Sustain, a targeted CC, and free armor. 3/5
Thresh-YES! Most overpowered support in the game, offset by a high ban rate. 6/5
Zilean-Extremely nice pick. Decent harass and a good ultimate, but high mana costs. 1/5
Zyra-Good lane control, harass, and CC. Strong level 6, squishy. 3/5

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Why should I buy Draven?

If you're looking for crazy damage through the entire game, look no further than Draven.

Keep in mind that while he can dish out tons and tons of damage, it doesn't come easy.
Personally, I think Draven has one of the highest skill caps in the game. He might seem straightforward at first, but having to learn how to manage two Spinning Axes at once while keeping your Blood Rush active through the entire duration isn't easy at all. Though, mastering this feat can be very rewarding.

One of the higher elo players inspired me to become skilled with Draven. One time, I spectated a ranked match with the player "Virus". It was indeed terrifying. There he is at bot lane all alone, pounding away at the Inner Turret with his minions. Out of nowhere comes Ezreal and Hecarim! Two axes spinning and he begins to melt away at Hec's HP bar while dodging Ez's skillshots, catching every single axe. Obviously struck with fear, Hecarim begins to run for his life. Ezreal begins trading hits with Virus. Soon, reality hits him; he's going to die. Hecarim comes back to try and save his AD carry, double kill. Immediately after, the enemy Lulu and Twisted Fate come to avenge their fallen teammates.

He kills them both.

-If you're looking for tons of damage, you've come to the right place.
-If you're looking for a champion that's very hard but rewarding to master; you've come to the right place.
-If you're looking for an easy champion that requires no effort to play (aka Caitlyn), turn around.

Take a spin with Draven, you won't regret it.

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Pros and Cons

-Highest DPS in the game.
-Insane scaling on his Q, Spinning Axe.
-Extreme snowball potential.
-Very easy to last hit with.
-Great lane presence and strong throughout the entire game.
-Spammable Attack Speed and Movement Speed steroid with his W, Blood Rush.
-A slow + knockback that can cancel gap-closers when timed correctly.
-Global ultimate that can secure kills, steal objectives such as Dragon, and prevent enemy minions from destroying an unattended tower. All within safety.
-Amazing kiting/chasing potential.

-Highest skill cap among the AD carries.
-Very difficult to master his Q, Spinning Axe.
-Long cooldown on his only CC, which leaves Draven vulnerable.
-Very easy to starve yourself of mana.
-Passive requires kills, so it's easy for Draven to fall off hard.
-Easily killed by assassins/bruisers.
-Getting CC'd makes it very easy to drop axes.
-Your only form of escape relies on your skill with Spinning Axe.
-Deals nothing but physical damage, which can be countered with Thornmail.