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Draven Build Guide by TH3B1GB0SS

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TH3B1GB0SS

Draven - Solo Vampiric Critter

TH3B1GB0SS Last updated on June 12, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Just check this out, if not satisfied, just add me and watch me slice em up :)

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Hi there everyone, first I would like to talk to you a bit. It's been three months since I started to play. Well, I know, "it ain't enough to be a pro" you will say. Your argument is invalid gentlemen. I spent the whole three months on AD Carry characters, (played some tanks and offtanks, and used AP builds on some carries too) and I play carries better than most of my friends which have been playing for 2-3 years. This is my first build, but more will be coming soon...

If you succeed to complete this build, none can stand in your way. You can go in a gank fight and leave with a penta, or attack a group of enemies, take a double or triple, and then run away, or maybe take em all...

Note: This build is for solo mid (5v5), or solo top (3v3)

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I don't have too many to say about these, but let me give some explanation:

You use the pen quintessences so that you won't have to go buy "Last Whisper" or anything else. Your attacks will tear them apart, so you won't have get anything else than these armor pen runes.

And, as you will have AD runes on, you won't have to get Doran's, and you'll be able to get boots and pots. The benefits of these will be explained later.

As you have noticed, you won't have any space for the last phantom dancer. Sell your boot to get it.

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Boots will let you easily chase up your enemy, especially if your enemy doesn't have any boots. As they will know that they can be chased, they won't come close to take the minion kills. You will just dominate the line, get more than double of the minion kills of your enemy, and also, having boots will increase your FB chance on 3v3. If you get dominated by a longer ranged enemy, pots will let you stay longer on your lane, also pots will let you full up your health if you get the kill and get low on health, so you wont have to go base that fast.

Stay on the lane until you are low on health and you have no mana. When you are really low on any of these two, just go base, buy the Berzerker Greaves, and also Doran's if you have money.

From now on, focus on just dominating your lane. Don't go for ganks, use your ult for kills from the other lanes. Go only for guaranteed kills in the terms of gank.

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Pros / Cons, And Some Tips


- "E" lets you slow your enemy on FB, and then slice him up with "Q" and "W" while he tries to run away.

- "E" and "Q" can be used together for runaways, you will escape %90 of the ganks when you add the summoner spells

- "R" can be used for epic long range kills

- When you complete your build, you will be unkillable. As you will have a huge crit rate, your attacks will always go crit, and your trinity will make you even more deadly by the %150 AD bonus after each skill. All these damage will return to you as a huge boost of heal. Just continue hitting them, and never run, even if you have only %10 health. Your health will fill up instead of going lower.


- "R" is too weak, compared to the other Ultimates, so don't use them while starting fights or in the middle of the fights. Use your "R" for finishing the opponents that are trying to run away, or use it for against multiple enemies in taem fights.

- Until you full up the stacks of your bloodthirsters, you will be too squishy. You will be able to just vamp off the healths of your opponents when you get your bloodthirsters and your trinity...

- If your team feeds the enemies, or if you fail dominating the lane, you will be a dead man walking, just throw your monitor from the window, and that will be helpful.