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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gunner884

Dresden Nunu

Gunner884 Last updated on September 29, 2010
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Nunu Build

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Not Updated For Current Season

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This build is straight up AP, as fast as possible. Nunu scales very well with AP (especially his ult), and the point of this build is to capitalize on that as much as possible.


Ice, ice, baby: Unless you have your ult, ALWAYS level this first. As Nunu, this is basically you're only way to attack other champs. You can take pot shots at first to weaken and scare enemy champs (especially with your passive), but as their health gets down and you level, try to conserve it unless you have full mana. Nothing sucks more than going for the final iceball and finding out you have no mana.

Blood Boil/Consume order: Try not to favor either one too much. Blood Boil will help you chase down enemies and conserve mana, but if you find yourself getting hurt a lot, you'll need consume to stay in your lane. Really depends on the opposite team.

Consume: Don't be afraid to go a little out of your way to nom a minion when you're running from a fight. Try to only use it if you have your passive up. It can be a huge mana waster if you aren't careful.

Blood Boil: Whenever, wherever man. Generally easy on mana, you should have this up almost constantly in fights; during, to, and from. If you aren't alone, use this on your friendly champions, or if there are none, the best minion in your lane. You get the same benefits as your target, which are the same when you target yourself. If you have an enemy inhibitor down, use this on a superminion if possible. Those guys really do pack a punch, and the added attack speed could mean it gets those few extra hits in on a turret, destroying it.

Absolute Zero: GET THIS. Use it in team fights, but only if there are other champions around to help distract the enemy and keep them from killing you or running away. Don't be afraid to use it against a single champ for the gank, or even a big group of minions late-game.

AP, AP, AP. You will be the magical thug of champion-land (hence the title); huge damage, not too much health or sustainability, fairly straightforward gameplay: KILL.

The exact order is up to you, but AP is most important early game. I suggest getting Amplifying Tome first, and deciding, based on the enemies' and your performance, whether to go straight for Mejai's or get Zhonya's first. If you still aren't doing so hot, focus on stacking Mejai's; only go for a kill if you know you won't die because of it.

Runes, Masteries
Really whatever you want, but try to go for magic damage or penetration.

Summoner Spells
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Heal and Clarity. These are always good spells for early-game Nunu, but are all but essential for this build due to the lack of support items. For Mejai's, you want to stay alive as much as possible, and these spells help you do that. If you're especially good at conserving mana, switch Clarity for Cleanse.

WARNING: This build is meant for pansies only! That means you have to get used to running hard, and running often. You are fairly squishy without all those tank items, and it'll show. Also, as you level up and get more and more AP, they WILL start to target you, because you will become extremely painful to them. Against singular enemies, you should have no problems, but in team fights, stay back, let your allies initiate, and run in to help finish them all off. Other standard fleeing Nunu fare apply, but are even more essential now due to your not-quite-so-tank nature.

If you can pull this off, you will have an instant, targeted nuke that destroys a very large portion of their health, and an AoE ult that can kill tastier champions in one shot if fully leveled.

Other Suggestions
Lane with someone good. I know that seems a little obvious, but if you have a choice in your team, put yourself with someone good. That will help keep you alive, build AP, and form a team of destruction that can take down the entire enemy team in late-game. A good teammate champion is a ranged physical DPS such as Teemo or Twisted Fate. These guys can get the opposing team down to gank-levels without worrying them too much, and have good slows and stuns for when you go in for the kill. In addition, if you're facing a meleer like Master Yi, you can kill him without letting him close, which is pretty much necessary if you want to survive for some champions.

All-in-all, this build actually requires quite a bit of skill. You have to closely monitor your health and mana, and position yourself well to take advantage of your damage and keep your deaths down. But if you succeed, you will become a machine of pain, death, and misery.