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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Morgana Build Guide by dropdread

Dropdread Morgana

Dropdread Morgana

Updated on July 12, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author dropdread Build Guide By dropdread 26,303 Views 17 Comments
26,303 Views 17 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author dropdread Morgana Build Guide By dropdread Updated on July 12, 2012
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Morgana is a very competitive mage with great crowd control, solid sustain in lane and team-fights, one of the best team support spells, and respectable damage when played/ built right. This guide serves as a guideline to how I play Morgana, as well as show some build ideas and tips i think are very useful to both new and veteran Morgana players alike.

Morgana really lacks the front-end burst champions like LeBlanc Veigar Annie and Cassiopeia (to name a few) have. Because of this, I feel building her like them is counter productive. I don't feel Morgana fits in that group and therefore building her like that is a waste when you could just play Annie and be more effective in that role. The build above is a core build, you should probably read the rest of my guide for the final 2 items before down voting or making your self look bad.

This is not a carry build or a full support build, as I feel she is best suited for a support/mage hybrid role. So before you go on, get in the mindset of "How can i be the best asset for my team and still be a threat on the map." The answer is simple. We kill the batman. Oh and also we should probably look into maximizing our potential by making Morgana better at what she does best, winning team fights, zoning, saving our bros with super clutch and crowd controlling like a bat out of hell.
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Morgana's passive skill is very valuable and keeping it in mind and exploiting it throughout your games will make your sustain top notch. More ability power leads to more damage to vamp from, so we definitely want it on a good bit of our items.
A snare skill shot with the potential to deal a very large amount of damage. Sure blowing things up is nice, however being able to constantly land this spell is going to separate good players from great players. Practice your skill shots and you will be ready to snare fools left and right. Like all of our other skills we can use this over terrain, allowing for some really cool positioning during team fights. I finish it last usually just because our other skills take priority.
This is a definite money maker for us. Placed properly it can zone enemies and also clear full minion waves. When playing mid you will want to use this as your primary minion farm and be sure to clean up the stragglers with last hit auto attacks. When placed between melee and ranged minions it can usually clear 4-5 of them. When bottom, i usually let the carry farm as much as possible and use this more for harassing and zoning purposes. In team fights it gets placed on crowd controlled bad guys and choke points.
Timing on this skill is huge. While it will be tempting to throw out on yourself, its going to be more valuable target like your AD carry. When being chased it will ensure escape 9 times out of 10. (problem Nasus?) We should value this as a crowd control prevention tool more so than a magic resist shield.
This wins team fights all by itself. One of the most game changing ults late game if your bros take advantage of it. Early game ganking is relatively easy with this skill as well (Soul shackles>Tormented Soil>Dark binding). We will be building around successful and maximized execution of this skill with our build. Also, this build will be shooting for the cooldown reduction cap to have this skill up every minute. It is very easy for opponents to flash or skill out of, so its not ideal to initiate with. You will definitely want to coordinate with your team on this one.
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Items are obviously very important and usually are what make or break a build. I don't always build the same, and neither should you. The item build above shows what i use as a core build. This changes depending on what the situation calls for. I will discuss the pieces i have selected above and then go on to give you some suggestions and items i like to keep in mind while playing.

Morgana loves rings. I feel this is a super solid starting item for her. Sometimes under heavy harass 2 of these works well.
  • 15 Ability power is always welcome. More damage and stronger shields.
  • 5 mp5 keeps us in lane longer and lets us get a bit greedy with our skills.
  • 100 Health keeps us in lane longer and what not.
This is a great early item for us and it builds into a really great late game item for us.
  • 30 Ability power keeps our damage in the game and in turn, gives us more sustain. Always a welcome stat.
  • 7 mp5 keeps us in lane and using skills. Building cooldown reduction is pointless if we don't make sure we have the mana to use.
  • 10% Cooldown reduction cuts down on Morgana's relatively lengthy cooldowns and gives us more chances to ruin someones day.
Kage's Lucky Pick or Philosopher's Stone
I love gp10 items. When I am playing a more support role and letting my lane partner farm creeps more I build one of these (in place of the on Morgana. I take Philosopher's Stone if I am bottom and need to harass more for my lane partner, or if i feel is going to be needed later in the game. I take Kage's Lucky Pick if I am mid or if I know is going to be needed to deal with high health champions.
  • 5 gp10 is going to give you new toys and LOTS OF WARDS
  • 25 Ability Power from the Kage's Lucky Pick keeps us hurting them, vamping more and blocking more.
  • 18 hp5 and 8 mp5 from the Philosopher's Stone keeps us in lane, harassing more, and shielding more.
There is nothing more annoying than waiting on cool-downs to come up, especially when your team is fighting and they need you. I fully understand the arguments for and against and once again, we are here to help our bros, not blow **** up. Honestly, your damage will be fine without them.
  • 15% Cooldown reduction will make us more available and give us more chances to change the battlefield.
  • Enhanced Movement 2 is obviously needed.
This is a beast of an item and it goes so well with our . It is a mandatory buy in my opinion. While is is rather steep in price, we are definitely going to be able to justify it.
  • 50 Armor helps against ad carries and generally will make you more comfortable getting in and out of the fight when active is not up.
  • 100 Ability power is going to help just about everything we do. Our will stop more, and our other spells are going to be noticeably more painful.
  • 2 seconds of invulnerable stasis is huge for Morgana. When used with , you are guaranteed a safe deploying of your ult, and with a low cool-down of 90 seconds it can also be used to counter heavy damage skills that your can't shrug off.
This item brings three things we definitely want as Morgana and it is a key part of my core build at a fairly reasonable price.
  • 57 Magic Resist is always a good thing. Once again, keeping us safe while we crowd control nerds. Just having it will make you more confident about getting in the thick of battle and making that clutch play.
  • 70 Ability power keeps us moving in the right direction of support/ mage hybrid by keeping our skills relevant and dangerous to the bad guys.
  • 20 Magic Resist reduction aura goes with our play style really well. We are getting in peoples face with our and making it easier for us and our bros to melt bad guys in team fights.

So that wraps up our core build. Obviously we have 1-2 more items we need to be thinking about and here is where I let my build vary greatly depending on the pace of the mid-late game and the enemies choices of items. These are obviously not your only options and I definitely suggest you try out many different items for your late game.

This bad boy builds out of our kage's lucky pick. It brings the pain and the suffering. As with all active ability items, you will need to remember it is there and know when and who to use it on. (early and on the fat ones)
  • 60 Ability power yum
  • 15% Cooldown reduction "how the hell is her snare already back up"
  • 10 mp5 keep spammin spammin spammin
  • Magic damage equal to 30%-45% of targets health This can really help deal with high health bad guys.
This builds out of our philosopher's stone and is a great support item all around. Please remember to use that active!
  • 330 health sure, why not
  • 30 hp5 and 15 mp5 keep spammin spammin spammin. Hp5 is nice with our passive and mastery vamp and keeps us hanging out with our bros even if we are torn up.
  • 15% Cooldown reduction "uh beavis....didn't she just us like a minute ago...."
  • 40% Movement speed active Vtec kicked in yo. Helps your team secure that ace or prevent a poorly positioned team fight.
There are several reasons to like this item. Perfect solution to an out of control Attack Damage carry. It is how do you say, the bee's knees. You should probably avoid licking it though :)
  • 99 armor this is a super large amount of armor. This with our and runes makes Attack damage champions sad pandas.
  • 500 mana keep spammin spammin spammin.
  • 20% cooldown reduction with this huge chunk of CDR we are able to sell our late game for some delicious and still hit the Cooldown reduction cap of 40%.
  • 20% reduced attack speed aura has a massive range and decreases enemy damage output. Great support passive.
While not as supporting as , this item gives us awesome defense and will often completely dissuade the more silly enemies from bothering you while your bubble is up.
  • 375 health i'll take it
  • 375 mana keep spammin spammin spammin
  • 50 magic resist definately helps against mages. with our and runes we are sitting pretty but not invincible.
  • blocks enemy spell every 45 seconds You are going to get crowed controlled by any competent opponent. Because we like giving our to other people, this will make that happen less. Can also stop combo champions dead in their tracks.
For the games we find Morgana playing a mage damage role, this item is very good. If you are pulling a decent amount of kills late game and you have other heavy Ability Power champions, any competent opponent will build Magic Resist. This will directly counter their purchase and keep us in the damage game. It is relatively inexpensive, and packs a hell of a punch.
  • 70 Ability Power comes at a rather cheap gold price and obviously helps all of our skills.
  • +40% Magic Penetration is going to make a huge difference late game as your opponents build Magic Resist.

The big guns. This item brings with it a super huge amount of damage. While it is expensive and brings nothing to the support table other than making our shield a beast, it's worth it. I usually end up grabbing this as a last item.
  • 140 Ability power "Thank you sir may i have another?"
  • 30% increased ability power "we will bring them pain"

So there are our items. Now lets give our brains a break and watch Phreak get down.

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Runes are huge in competitive game-play and there is no getting around it. Obviously they are not the most important factor, but they can make a great champion better. If you are new to League of Legends and aren't high enough level to invest in the highest quality runes, i would suggest holding off and learning as much you can about Morgana or any other champion you are playing for that matter.


Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

Greater Quintessence of Potency - These are generally a solid choice. We are playing an Ability Power champion so it tends to be good early, mid and late game.
Greater Mark of Insight - Magic pen is great, keeps us dangerous all game.
Greater Seal of Defense
Greater Seal of Defense - Personally I make it a point to bully the opponent and play aggressively with my in team fights. The extra sustain keeps you up and controlling all game.
Greater Glyph of Shielding - Once again, surviving longer = controlling longer.
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Summoner Spells

Yes I use clarity when there are several mana users and someone else to take Claivoyance. Early game it allows us and our lane partner (if we are bottom) to use our skills significantly more. People argue that late game it isn't significant enough. I respectfully say "nope.jpg". I don't always take it, but when I do, I make sure to be close to my bros when I use it.
Even post nerf this is a very strong summoner spell and it has several uses. It can be used to dodge nasty skills, jump walls, get in deep for that well placed , etc...
I haven't used this skill nearly as much as I used to before the nerf. It is still good and definitely can and will prevent early ganks if your allies are playing too aggressive.
Obviously a very useful and common summoner skill. I used to take this less, however, with recent buffs to Dr. Mundo, Vladimir, and Mordekaiser, and the rampant use of lifesteal/spellvamp, I find myself choosing this skill a lot. However, more than 3 on a team is a bit excessive in my opinion.
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Team Work

League of Legends is a team based game and we are here to win as a team. That being said, lets talk about how to use this build to maximize your teams chances of victory. These descriptions will not be brief, as they are very important. The first situation we will discuss is when we are solo middle.
Solo Middle
  • When we are mid we want to farm Creeps as effectively as we can. We have one major tool to do this with. Our is extremely good at farming minions and at skill level 2-3 it will be able to clear out a wave of minions with very little assistance from you. We want to avoid pushing the lane too much so that we can have plenty of room to gank and harass without ourselves falling victim to the same strategy. We want to keep out of the blue zone unless we are ganking, pushing or quick farming right after a kill. It is good to sometimes just deal with a wave by last hitting if you are getting over extended. We also want to avoid letting enemy creeps into our red zone to avoid unnessecary damage to the tower and losing creep kills to that dirty tower.
  • Another main objective of playing mid is to prevent the enemy mid from farming as well as you are. Depending on the champion, we have a couple tools to deal with that. Our is useful for zoning our opponent out of areas we don't want them and also for general damage purposes. When our opponent is playing loose and off the minions, our most effective form of harassment is to quickly our opponent and give him a to stand in and think about what he did wrong.
  • Getting a kill or two off of your opponent is definitely huge and will help you big time. This can happen in two ways. The first is properly harassing your opponent to around half health and getting the minion waves into the green zone where we have plenty of room to kill them and not have to worry about towers or the enemy jungler showing up for a counter kill. Our most fatal way to do so is to Flash in, , give them a to stand in, and then blast them with a when they come out of the stun. The second and more dependable way is to get a gank from our jungler. The same applies as before, we want to let them push our wave back into our green zone, and then open up on them. If our jungler is involved we want to let them get the kill if at all possible. A fed jungle is going to make life in all lanes easier.
  • Our final objective is to, you guessed it, avoid being killed. Our enemies will undoubtedly be plotting their own versions of the previous point, so we are going to do our best to foil their plans. By keeping the minion waves in our green zone, we give ourselves the best opportunity to gtfo when a gank occurs. Our is perfect for countering a gank. Throw it on and walk into our red zone. Feel free to punish with one of our harass combos if you feel it is save. The third and most important point is, WARD ZE BUSHES. spots are shown in pink.
  • Here are some other fun things to do. It is smart to keep an eye out for action happening in the river. We have the capability to head out there and change the outcome of a jungler skirmish or a chase coming up our way. If you know where the enemy jungler is and their mid is dead or back, you can check to see if their Wraith camp is up and grab it real quick for some gold and counter jungle.
Support Bottom
  • When we are bottom our main objective is to win the lane while staying safe and avoiding enemy jungle ganks. Once again we have a optimal farming green zone, a red zone where we don't want enemy creeps to be to avoid losing cs to the tower, and a blue zone which we only travel into after a successful gank, to pressure or harass enemies off the experience line, to push the tower with bros, and for chasing reasons.
  • In the current "meta game" you will often see a support character such as Sona, Janna, Soraka, etc.. with an attack damage carry such as Vayne, Miss Fortune, Graves, etc... in the bottom lane. The Ability power support champs play a rather passive role during the laning phase and serve as a cc/ shield/ heal utility. Allowing your carry to farm their brains out while protecting them and poking/zoning your opponent will lead to a very powerful and farmed AD carry mid game.
  • Morgana can fill this role well, and proves to be a very fatal asset for your carry. We can zone our opponents very well with our , preventing them from being able to last hit and harass. will still serve its normal role of poking, preventing ganks, and sealing the deal on kills. Our will also serve as a heavy support skill, however in the absence of an Ability Power opponent, it will mostly serve as cc/ skill prevention. Also it will prove very important to escaping ganks and will more often be used on our carry.
  • When playing this role, warding is huge and will let us have the upper hand on our opponent. We will be expected to purchase the wards and use them in smart locations. Placing wards and dealing with enemy wards will be a priority during mid and late game as well. Purchase a Oracle's elixir when you get the chance late game and go ward hunting (DO NOT MISS TEAM FIGHTS TO REMOVE WARDS). Removing enemy wards will give your team a map awareness advantage and make high priority neutral monsters such as Baron Nashor and Dragon much easier for your team to grab.
  • When bottom, we will be running what is called a kill lane. Due to the recent nerf to hard support champions like Sona and Soraka I feel the impact and effectiveness of a kill lane are much higher than they used to be. We have very fatal tools and with an aware and effective AD carry, bottom lane will become a death trap. In this situation it is very very important to be aware of the enemy jungle champions activities, as in a kill lane we will be more aggressively pressuring the enemy.
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Wards and Things

Warding is a huge aspect of this game, and not using them is a serious handicap. They are good from minute one till the end of the game. They are very cheap and will be something we will want to grab a couple of whenever we are at the base. First lets look at our options for wards.
sight ward

Nothing too fancy and rather self explanatory.

Now check this out bro.

These are my favorite spots/zones to ward. They watch major game changing buffs, heavy traffic areas, and a couple common ganking spots. Obviously it is unrealistic to expect every single one of these spots to be constantly warded. However, with some team work and situational awareness, you and your team will ward according to their current situation. Warding the buffs is not only smart for counter jungling, but they are also high traffic areas that have multiple paths in and out, allowing us to be very sneaky and maximize our peeping. When warding Baron and Dragon, it is sometimes smarter to place the ward deeper into their areas, as sometimes enemies will be looking to kill your wards and will misplay and not look all the way in.
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Wall of Shame

Protip: If you give me a **** tastic reason for downvoting, i will definately call you out on it. I am here to inform people of how i play Morgana, not how you do. If you don't like my method that is hardly a logical reason to downvote. I have presented my information cleanly, logically, and in an effective manner, the build is very viable and will perform very well if you learn about the character and take the time to practice and get to know the interactions with the game.

"Morgana needs 300+ ability power and 2 k mana" - swoilder
  • first off, read my guide before voting and making your self look stupid in the comments.
  • This build ends up usually around 400 ap+
  • Your mana requirement is reached by both full builds. For future reference there is no such thing as a mana requirement so I would probably stop talking about that too.
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Writing out pros and cons, finishing support bottom section and masteries sections still. Should be up within the next few days.

Received some great input from recent comments and I have played a couple of games with the changes and I agree with and am grateful for the advice. (Thanks Tokenthegreat and Rys Aberdeen)

*updated item build to show a possible final build.

If you are looking for a more damage oriented build for Morgana, Jhoijhoi has an incredible guide here

Phreak video created by Whist on League of Legends forum.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author dropdread
dropdread Morgana Guide
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Dropdread Morgana

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