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League of Legends Build Guide Author winstonston

Dude, That Shaco is Weird

winstonston Last updated on April 22, 2011
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Hello everybody. This is a build I've been using for a while now and with consistent - and really, really fun - success. AD Shaco may be more viable, but AP Shaco is definitely more fun for a change, and this build even strays from AP Shaco into a whole new kind of mobile nuke. This AP Shaco does not wait in the bushes with a hundred boxes (well you still can, but you don't have to), he goes around pooping on vulnerable squishies.

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Pros and Cons

- A whole lot of burst out of f***in' nowhere
- Good map awareness for the team
- Great at backdooring
- Ungankable! Almost. Kinda.
- More fun than riding a moose with a pretty lady

- As squishy as they come
- Countered with lots of vision, or invisible enemies, or teamwork
- Has a real tough time with tanks or magic resist stacking in general
- Takes practice! Unless you're naturally sneaky of course.

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How does one play this Shaco?

If you're a Shaco user, you've probably tried AP Shaco and stacked boxes in the bushes for an easy and hilarious kill. Go ahead and do that any time you feel like it, but you don't need to.

What I like to do in the beginning of the game is teleport to the nearest turret to their blue buff and gank their jungler. This works a hell of a lot better with a couple of friends to help, and against a properly runed Amumu or Udyr rarely works at all, but that's how Shaco works, ladies and gentlemen. A dagger and a prayer.

To do this, you head over to blue and start setting up boxes in the bushes just to the side of their mana buff, as if you were jungling on their side. Then, you wait. You'll usually just have one box set up when they get there and their team might be behind them, keep that in mind. Friends are suggested.
Also, if they have no jungler or their jungler starts somewhere different, you can keep setting up boxes there and just kill the mana buff for a really early level two, then get into your lane. If you know you're going to be doing this, though, I'd recommend getting boots and some health potions first instead of a Dorans ring, because you'll most likely take a few hits.

Shaco's nuke combo isn't much of a combo, it's more about timing. Your clone is an important factor. Use him as much as possible, with Deathfire's grasp he'll be off of cooldown a lot. Remember to lead with Deathfire's to do as much damage as possible, and Bilgewater Cutlass when necessary, either in the nuke or help slow. I find the combination of Bilgewater and Guinsoo's makes up for all the times you see an unattended minion wave and think, "if I weren't AP, I could be backdooring the hell out of this." Guinsoo's also helps your melee hits not be completely useless. Sheen is a lot worse of an option in my opinion, Shaco just has nothing spammable enough.

And also keep basic Shaco tips in mind. Always lead into a box, whether while running away from or chasing after an enemy. Foresight is great with any champion, but with Shaco it's practically a must.
That last tip applies to your Deceive too. Probably a lot more. If you deceive into a fight, make sure you haven't dug your own grave. Don't get blinded by a juicy, tender half health squishy and run into their entire team unless you got a hell of a plan B. You must prowl and await the perfect opportunity. With practice, you will know exactly when that is.
An oracle's is great for Shaco. Vision wards are Shaco's worst enemy, and should be dealt with. If your enemies opt to get oracles for themselves instead of vision wards, well, I guess you'll just have to kill them, won't you?

As Shaco, your team will probably hate you come time to team fight. But you're not that bad! Just don't hang with the rest of your buddies. You have a few options at this time.

1. Backdoor. Shacos are known to do this, and this build is no exception. You, your clone and a box absolutely wreck towers, it's possible to get one or two during the expanse of a team fight. Of course, your entire team might die, because it's 4v5. But hey, one tower's the same as another, right? Right?...

2. Come in from behind. Throw a box down, send the clone in first obviously, bum rush your enemies. Deceive away to avoid lots and lots of pain, but don't go running off. You pick off low health enemies, or even nuke a squishy from full health when their focus is on a teammate. Who says Shaco's not a team player! I've saved plenty of lives with a well placed boxes and by Batmanning my way into the middle of a losing fight. Just be sure to have plenty of escape routes, because you'll sure as hell need them.

3. Front door? Oh, the confusion! The enemy team is gathered, all 5 at mid, glaring menacingly at your tower. Their first mid tower is down. You and your clone buddy appear at their second mid tower, and start smacking it. Their team rushes to defend, but your team engages. What to do?

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These runes are very much suggestions, and should be adjusted for your playstyle. I like the extra mana regen late game and cooldown reduction for the shiv, considering it's your main damage with this build, but if you find something you prefer, please feel free to use it.
Should keep the magic pen though.

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Also my own personal preference. If you want two ranks in Utility Mastery, be my guest, but I rarely get blue for myself. It's just not necessary. You could also opt for Greed if you aren't getting enough minion kills, but that's really not a good mastery, and you should be backdooring more!

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You may notice you have a slot left. Oh, you don't? Sell Doran's ring. Do you see it now?
That's where you put your Banshee's veil. If they're all really tanky and you can't nuke any from full- or near-full health, you'll want more survivability so you can stay longer. You could possibly substitute Guinsoo's for an early Banshee's, and then some more defense for your final item. Zhonya's would be good.

If, for some crazy reason, you think you don't need more defense, then you've already won. Get a Lichbane and go get as many kills as you can before your team finishes their nexus.

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Y u no jungle, u n000b?!

Because if you jungle with a Doran's ring and no smite, you will die.

A lane and then roaming shaco who pushes lanes after a gank, or even during one, is equally as useful for the team. Shaco's clone will chase an enemy halfway to Arkansas and away from a turret when you've got a buddy with you. If he doesn't run, he's a dead man. Then the turret comes next.

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In Closing

A Shaco of any variety needs a reliable team, a whole lot of luck, and lots and lots of practice. You can't expect to pick up a Shaco and rip with him. That's part of the fun. You never know what you're gonna get. And if you play him right, your enemies won't know what they're going to get, either. Don't give up if you're having no luck. You'll get that perfect game, where everything goes right, and oh, will it be sweet.

I hope you enjoy this build as much as I have been. Please feel free to share anything on your mind.