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Udyr Build Guide by DuffTime

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DuffTime

Duff's Tiger Stance Udyr

DuffTime Last updated on October 2, 2011
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Duff's Tiger Stance Udyr.

Hey guy's this one's gonna be real short and sweet.

I haven't had much time for guide making lately, but people wanted the concepts of mine to work with, so what I'll be doing for a while is releasing a few builds and this little tag here in them so that you can still have something to work with and use.

I will try to post BRIEF explanations in regards to the champions they concern as well, so, I hope you can design a play style for the builds listed!

If not, perhaps they can give you a little push in the right direction for the champions I will detail! =)

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The basic concept.

Udyr is a melee champion with absolutely no "surprise I'm all up in that" initiate abilities.

All he has is Bear stance and Turtle stance to get in. A careful opponent is going to be able to punish you for this.

Because of this, we are going to be ****ing Brock Lesnar udyr. We are going to embody the essence of a train. We will be the UNSTOPPABLE FORCE!!!

We need to have good, reliable damage output, we need to have good tankiness, and we need to have good movespeed.

We're lucky though, because there's a good combination of items that will give us just that.

With the completed build, you'll have 4k hp, between 100-200 resistances, depending on which build you decided to use (Decide based on your opponents and your own team comp) and 20% move speed bonus.

Couple that with well timed Turtle/Tiger/Bear stances, and you'll be absolutely flying around, be incredibly tanky, and deal absolutely absurd amounts of damage.

Trinity Force is Tiger Stance Udyr's best item in my opinion. Move speed, a proc that has great synergy with his stances, and a slowing effect to further stick your opponents right where you've got them.

Warmogg's is the most versatile survivability item in the game. It doesn't get more straightforward than a massive block of HP. It's also one of the best items in the game. People are just sleeping on it at lower levels of play.

Atma's after that Warmogg's is the most cost effective way to improve both your damage output and your survivability. The synergy between Tri-Force, Warmogg's, and Atma's is disgusting.

FoN. Again, perfect synergy with Warmogg's, and really stretches that 4k HP out a lot, making you much harder to take down.

The last item you pick is really preference. If you need damage, I.E. If you need to be a true tank, GA. Their AD carry is monster fed and bought Last Whisper? Randuin's will help you A LOT. AP and CC busrting your whole world down and locking you in place? BV may be what you need.

(For those who are not that experienced, the damage listed in Mobafire is not the correct, functional damage you will have in game. You can expect your damage to be 60-80ish AD higher on your auto attacks, due to Atma's bonus. Just FYI)

Your job is to rush in, and TEAR **** UP. YOU ARE A NASTY MEAN TIGERBEARTURTLE. I don't even activate Phoenix hardly at all when I play Udyr. Maybe I'm a newb, I just don't ever feel like I have time. Between 1 cycle of turtles tigers and bears I've usually either won the fight or lost it already. Udyr's sort of a "GOGOGO" champion and you really can't play like a scared little girl when you play him. You have to be a REAL MAN and fight hard. That's why you need the tankiness.

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Yes. It's a jungle build.

No, I won't explain how to jungle with Udyr, because I almost never jungle the same way twice. I generally start blue and free form jungle/gank from there.

HOWEVER! These builds will make your Udyr a perfectly viable selection for solo'ing top.

The only difference will be you'll probably need more points earlier in turtle to be able to CS effectively, and you won't take smite. (Ghost, cleanse, teleport, whatever you like will be excellent replacement. I would take teleport right now.)

You'll also need to consider countering your lane opponent with a Nega cloak or a Chain mail after wriggle's/merc treads to help your lane strength lane out.

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To be honest, there's options. If you've got something that works for you, feel free to use it.

On Udyr, increased blue and Red buff duration is just sooo good. however, I've provided a few different mastery pages, including a 16/13/1 just in case you wanted a offensive page version instead of a buff duration page (Probably not worth it). They are unrelated to the builds they are listed on, just for clarity, I just provided them to offer different thoughts on the possibilities.

Yes, cleanse is great on Udyr when your opponents have a very CC heavy comp. Amumu, Kennen, etc. When you're worried about lots of CC (Which is the bane of Udyr) then you might consider taking cleanse instead of ghost.

Also, flash is a perfectly viable option. I find myself using it as my preferred summoner in most games.

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Duff, why do you think Tiger > Phoe?

I don't. This is just how I build Tiger stance.

I don't play Udyr thaaat often, and I am just learning Phoenix.

Some people swear by it, and I'm sure it's great.

Although if I do become better an Phoenix Udyr, I will post a guide for him then.

However, some nice aspects about leveling Tiger stance:

Very bursty, high physical damage ganks around levels 7-13ish. Like. Devastating. You should be getting kills around this time, if lanes are pushed, and you can't gank them, clear your jungle, and then get up in their jungle and clear it until you find that fool jungler on their team and rip him to bits.

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Duff, WTF!?


Yeah. I know. I'm probably a bad funkin' scrub muffin or something... I just LOVE that 4 second duration of Bear Stance speed buffer.

I can't live without it. <3

Level the skills as you please. Not that big of a deal, I won't be mad if you don't follow my skill order. Lulz.

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Hope you enjoyed!

Again, apologies about the length of the guide. Like I said, I don't have the time for the nitpicky details anymore, but I want to continue to release guides for you guys.

The only way I can do this is to cut the length of guides down drastically.

Cheers, and enjoy.