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Lee Sin Build Guide by DuffTime

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DuffTime

Duff's top lane Lee

DuffTime Last updated on July 29, 2011
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Duff's solo top lane Lee Sin.

Hey guy's this one's gonna be real short and sweet.

I haven't had much time for guide making lately, but people wanted the concepts of mine to work with, so what I'll be doing for a while is releasing a few builds and this little tag here in them so that you can still have something to work with and use.

I will try to post BRIEF explanations in regards to the champions they concern as well, so, I hope you can design a play style for the builds listed!

If not, perhaps they can give you a little push in the right direction for the champions I will detail! =)

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Purpose and functionality of this build/champ/lane.

Your team is lacking physical damage.

You don't need a real Offtank to soak damage or initiate like Jarvan, but you do need a lot of physical damage.

There might even be a specific squishy on the other team you're eying hungrily.

Well, why not just auto lock the big boss, the blind monk himself, Lee Sin?

I've played quite a bit of Lee. He's one of my favorite's, and I rarely lose a lane with him. If you're crafty and understand a good energy champion and how to abuse your opponents, you should feel comfortable in most lanes.

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Your role in unique. You want to get in, but you also don't want to be the -first- one in.

I recommend playing Lee on teams with decent amounts of CC already present.

Perhaps an Amumu is with you, or an Annie, or an Alistar or something of the like. Something that will chain the enemy up for a while.

Also due to Lee's abilities, I find he is much better vs. AD champions, so keep that in mind when picking him and playing him.

Try to kill or at least disable their carry when and if at all possible. Well timed Lee Sin ults can be absolutely devastating when correctly timed and landed on more than one opponent.

Sometimes, you may just want to kick a tank away or something, you'll need practice getting used to his ult.

Q in, E twice, put in some work, and W out is my usual choice of attack. I try to deal as much damage as possible without dying.

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Why no boots?

Eh, Moba is silly.

You eventually sell the Brutalizer in those builds, not the boots.

I just don't want to change the build order just to teach Moba the priority of items.

TL;DR, keep boots, sell Bruta instead.

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Lee Sin's main pro's

-Crushes most AD champs in 1v1 with ease. When he's geared it's almost no contest.

-Able to quickly float in and out of fights, allowing for a surprisingly survivable melee/carry type champion. This allows you to build more damage than you normally might on a melee. (Unless you go balls deep like St Vicious and just build full DMG anyway o_O;)

-Lots of utility, great application of skills, and a fantastic passive.

-One of the highest base armor stats in the game. (If my memory serves me.)

-Late game, effective fluttering through skill cycles results in absurd amounts of damage with an Infinity Edge/Last Whisper/Atma's. Your damage output will be excellent with Trinity/Last Whisper/Atma's as well.

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How to beat troublesome "Sustain" laners.

"Yorick's impossible to beat in lane. QQ nerf."

Hmmm. Lee Sin beg's to differ. In fact, Lee Sin (Considered by many to be an average laner, but considered by some to be very strong) thinks he can actually beat Yorick in lane, through careful, tactful play.

The very common mistake people make when in lane vrs a champion with high sustain like Yorick: They give up.

If you're clever, you can usually find a way to win the lane, without compromising your late game. The fourth build listed above, is an excellent way to take advantage of the tools available to beat a strong sustained lane like Yorick with a champion like Lee Sin. With enough HP regen (If you need more you can buy a regen pendant and sell it later, as I find 30-40 HP5 is enough to beat Yorick) and the Armor and MR combo of Warden's and Merc, you can dash in, and CS a creep or two. If Yorick harass's you, this is good. You then dash out, and his creeps die. You repeat this until you have Warden's mail or better, and then you can begin to actually Creep and harass Yorick simultaneously.

DON'T go below 30-40% HP! It's too risky if they a jungler. If you can maintain a 40-50% HP ratio, that will be fine if you have wards.

He will see you low HP, and almost every Yorick player alive will try to harass you out of lane, thinking you have no heal, and underestimating your regen.

I don't know why they do it every time, but they do, lol. I think it's the "I am OP, can win lane for free" mentality or something.

At any rate, I've never lost a lane to a Yorick. I always have higher CS, and have them thinking they can kill me, wasting their mana on me. I keep careful track of my life and know how much burst they can do.

That will be fundamental to your success in lane vs. Yorick with Lee Sin. If he kills you, it will snowball. If he zones you, same thing.

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How to beat "AD Bruisers" in lane.

Same basic idea as vrs the Sustainers, but instead, with a focus on taking less initial damage, rather than regen'ing it all off after you take it.

Logically, the same item fulfills both purposes.

Warden's mail is a perfect counter to your typical solo laner Bruisers.

If you don't believe me, just start Doran's shield and buy a Warden's mail next time you find yourself in lane vrs Jarvan, or Irelia, or Garen, etc.

You're going to see a shocking drop in their damage. That's your moment to farm like crazy, and maybe even try to kick -them- out of range of creeps.

You should feel comfy trading with 30 some HP5 and 60 bonus armor from items that early on. That doesn't mean go crazy and take free damage, but a smart trade will generally be in your favor as an energy champ with regen.

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In summary!

Again, keeping these guides short and sweet, but if you have questions, as always, feel free to ask.

Lee's a lot of fun and has a high skill cap, noobs be wary when picking this champion. ;P

And hope you enjoy and dominate a few games!