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League of Legends Build Guide Author ThrusH

Easy Ezreal

ThrusH Last updated on January 4, 2012
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Okay, this is my first build that i'm posing on MobaFire. I hope you guys enjoy and like my build for Ezreal.... The Prodigal Explorer!! Ezreal is great in team fights and 1v1's. He used to be one of my favorite chars and one of my mains. And sorry about the boots at the end. They should be right after the sheen, in between the phage.

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Ezreal's passive makes his AS go up as he uses more skills that are SUCCESSFUL! So in a team fight if they are all next to each other. Pop True Shot Barrage and you will get max stacks on your passive to do much much more damage because your attack speed is a lot higher

Ezreal's Mystic Shot is one of my favorite skills.
It applies on hit affects. So with the Trinity Force it deals GREAT damage.
It also happens to be a skill that when it hit's an enemy it lowers the cool down of all skills. This is really helpful. You can spam mystic shot well. Its a great harass.

Essence Flux is a skill that i find is VERY useful if i have a ranged or mele ad carry. If not i find it quite worthless except for it slows down the AS so great in team fights. And you can't farm with it because it doesn't hit anything except champions. Just my view of that skill

Arcane Shift is probably one of my favorite skill Ezreal has. It let's Ezreal jump, to, from, over. It makes life so simple. Its also the reason i take exaust over flash. I already have one. If you don't spam this skill, when you need it the CD will be up.

Ezreal's ultimate is one of the best. Its a global Ultimate that deals MASSIVE damage when used correctly. It takes some practice to not miss the skill-shot. When you set up for a gank, if there is a stun slow or snare get up in there and ulti that person. Their health will drop! Especially if you just hit level 6, it hits like a truck. Its great in team fights to use before and after. It takes practice! But its great after!

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Skill Sequence

To kill somebody 1v1 you should open up with a mystic shot a few basic attacks than leap to them mystic shot essence flux than ulti and finish off with mystic shot and basic attack. With a teammate/s it will work no matter what. If you and your team-mates are coordinated and the person doesn't have an OP running ability.

And in a team fight. If it looks as if your team is losing IMMEDIETLY toss your ulti out to as many people as you can. Than focus the carries. If your team is winning the team fight SAVE YOUR ULTI!!!!!! There's always a loner that might get out. Why risk it? Have somebody CV for you and ulti. Kill for you. It takes practice and good judgment. Once you get the hang of it, it gets easy. As they say; practice makes perfect.

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Well i hope you enjoyed my build. I really want feedback. If you didn't like my build PLEASE tell me why i would like to make it better. Like i mentioned in the beginning its my first build so feedback is nice. Thanks for reading my build and i hope you are successful with it!