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Elise Build Guide by killerkamal1

Assassin Elise - She DOES bite!

Assassin Elise - She DOES bite!

Updated on October 27, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author killerkamal1 Build Guide By killerkamal1 2,088 Views 1 Comments
2,088 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author killerkamal1 Elise Build Guide By killerkamal1 Updated on October 27, 2012
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Hey guys,

My name is Killerkamal1. Im from Holland, and the name was a joke,
I play a lot of jungle,mid or top, and assasin's are my favourite type of champions. i own lee sin, rengar, kha'zix, talon, ahri, nocturne and more tanky type DPS champs. When i saw the spotlight of Elise, i didn't hesitate 1 second and bought her. i jungled with her, but i failed. i started to play her and experiment, and this is my guide.
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The choice is made for the runes is simple. in the jungle is armor just a MUST for
, and combined with the Cloth armor, you atart of with some nice sustain.
The AP gives you more damage for your spiderbuddies, and heals more for your W.

In lane, i go for a Full flat AP page, just because i don't have a lot of runes yet. Per level AP is nice too, it's really all up to you, but with this page, her Q is unbelievable in lane.
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Pretty straightforward imo, just experiment with these.
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I really have no idea how to add items here, it's my first serious guide, so maybe if it gets some like someone will help me on this.

The Madred's razor for jungling is just a need for elise. its the only way she can start with a cloth armor, and that's whats best. i tried starting with boots but i was low HP way too fast.

Rylai's is soooooooo nice on elise. you can insta slow with your W, then Q (or stun with E afcourse) then go to spiderform, E on them, W and Q and kill secured in most cases. the target won't escape due to your slow from this nice item.

I chose rylai's over Rod of Ages, just because she doesn't really need the mana. in the jungle you are her spiderform way more then her human form, and you won't lose any mana in spiderform anyways. in Lane your double doran's give you enough regen.

Abbysal scepter. perfect. her range isn't very big, especcially in spiderform. the MR she has is 30 all the way, so this fixes that.

Rabadons. Do i need to explain?

void staff and zhonyas are just situational, for when u sell your doran's and get a very long game.

Madreds bloodrazor. when u are in the late game, and had some good ganks but the opponents are tanking it up, you can upgrade you starting razors to this, in spiderform with W activated... Damn where did my health go?
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Skill Sequence

Jungle: W for sustain and her free brushcheck,

Lane: Q for poke and harrass until its save to jump on.
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Summoner Spells

Your choice IMO, but flash is a secure choice

Smite. if your the badass, dont take it and enjoy a game full of rage, embarrasment and deaths.
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Pros / Cons

(damn i want this to look cool like in all the other guides but i don't know how....)

epic spiderbro's
free zhonya's

Litttle squishy, even with rylai's, but yeah shes an assasin.
CD on E is balanced.
jungle isn't the best place for her.
SLOW. shes slow as f*ck. when i chase someone in spiderform they can just run and i don't have a chance to attack...
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Start with a Good pull on blue,


help for wolves (just ask them to damage them a bit, dont pull)
Blue Pull
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Combo for yo' bedombo

Drop them low enough with human Q and W, close trade-offs with E.
When low enough E on them, W, and finish with Q.
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It's my first real guide, PLEASE give some advice, help, critisism,
and vote up, so i can update it and make it look WAY nicer,
like all the other #1 guides.

thanks for reading!
League of Legends Build Guide Author killerkamal1
killerkamal1 Elise Guide
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Elise - She DOES bite!

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