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Elise Build Guide by jetetroll123

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author jetetroll123

Elise - The new hero ``SpiderGirl``

jetetroll123 Last updated on November 17, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Before you start reading the guide and commenting or voting, please do not down-vote the guide, because you don't like an item or because this build isn't hybrid or anything like that. It's AP and Jungle guide. Make sure to see the Alternative items chapter if you don't like the Frozen Heart. You can replace ANY item from the build with the Alternative items.

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There are up's and down's to every champion, including Elise.


She has high burst damage if used correctly
She can easily jump to her enemies
Her spider form abilities do not cost any mana
Fun champion


Takes some time to get used to
Very vulnerable when her abilities are on cooldown
Her late game is much better than her early game
You need to have a good start to dominate late game

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For Elise I picked out the "Standard" AP runes, taking Magic Penetration, Ability Power, Defense and Magic Ressist

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Skill Sequence

Neurotoxin / Venomous Bite - "Q"

These are the two abilities on her Q. Neither of them are skill shots, which means they are easy to land. You can use the Neurotoxin (Human) for harassing your enemy and then naturally zoning them. Make sure to deny them the farm and minion kills. Remember, the Q does not do a lot of damage so you need to use your other abilities to make your laning phase for successful. The Venomous Bite is used to assassinate your target. Make sure to use it when you targets Health is low, due to the Bite deals more damage that way. The lower your targets health is, the bigger your damage will be. Max this ability SECOND.

Volatile Spiderling / Skittering Frenzy - "W"

The next two abilities are on her W. They are the primary damage dealers (especially in Human form use the Volatile Spiderling (it deals the most damage). This is a skill shot! It does not go through minions. It will explode when it reaches its target. It can be a minion, monster or champion. Make sure the way to your enemy is clear before using it. This is for the Human form. Now for the Spider form, this is an incredible Attack Speed boost! Use this when farming, killing your enemies and their turrets! This also gives you Life steal when the ability is active and it costs No mana (ONLY in Spider form). So if your enemy is not in the lane, use it and get your health back up! Max this ability FIRST.

Cocoon / Rappel - "E"

The E does 0 damage! One early point at level 2 or 3 is very useful because it stuns your enemy! It is not a slow skill shot, like for example Anivia's Q. It goes rather fast and with practice you can land it 90% of the time! Just make sure there are no minions infront of your target. It's pretty much like Ahri's Charm (Her E). In Elise's Spider form this ability allows you to jump to your enemies. While in air you CAN'T be targeted so for example if you are being focused by the turret or enemy champions simply E up. This ability also allows you to see nearby Enemy champions, minions or monsters in the jungle, which makes this ability very useful! Max this ability LAST.

Spider Form / Human Form - "R"

She gets her Ulti at level 1 and it costs no mana. It's only a transformation spell between the Human (Mage) form and the Spider (Assassin) form. Get this ability whenever possible (at levels 6, 11 and 16) as it increases the amount of your spiderlings when switching to Spider form. If you spiderlings died, use your Human form abilities to regenerate them, so when you go back to Spider form, they will fight by your side.

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Summoner Spell

For the Summoner Spells I recommend you Ignite and Flash.

Ignite - if your target barely gets away, Ignite will surely finish them of!

Flash - Easy escape from Enemies over walls or away from them in-lane or jungle.

These are the standard Mid lane spells. However, you can also use

Exhaust - Your enemies can quickly get away? Stop them with Exhaust. Finish them of in your spider form and assassinate their face!

Ghost - if you don't really need Flash, Ghost has a lower cooldown and is perfect for chasing down enemies. For escaping, Flash is better in my opinion.

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Skill Combo

This is a great combo for Elise. I've used it every time I played her. It is an amazing combo to finish your enemies. This is my explanation of it.

For doing perfect combo's you need to be FAST! Don't wait for your enemies to escape, be quick and perfect your combo as a true Assassin!

Start out in HUMAN form.
First try to land your stun (E) on the enemy. If successful you can quickly proceed to using your W and Q and pretty much the same time to deal the most damage as possible!
Now Switch to your SPIDER form.
If your enemy flashed away use your E to jump to them. There use your W for the incredible attack speed. Make sure to keep using basic attacks while your W is on. At the end use your Q on the enemy. Remember, the less health your enemy has, the MORE damage it will do! If you enemy still isn't dead, some of your cooldowns will go down already so you can either:
- Use your Q again or
- Switch back to Human form and do the same combo

At the end just use ignite and if you aren't sure your enemy will die to one more basic attack on it, and if you are in turret range and almost dead, simply flash away or if your E (in spider form) is up, just use it on an enemy minion or if close enough - a jungle monster (for example a wraith).

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Jungle And Warding (only for jungler and support elise)

This chapter is for the Jungling build. Here you will see on where you (and your team) can ward, where to go start first, where to go next and when to gank!

Let's start out with this nice picture I made.The BLACK numbers are for the Blue team.
The RED numbers are for the Purple/Red team.

Also the wards. If you are on the blue team, you use the warding places that are on the RED/PURPLE team's side!

If you are on the Red/Purple team, you will use wards on the BLUE team's side!
This is how you will know when your enemy team's jungler is getting his buff and with Elise you will easily steal it! For the rest of the wards located in the River, BOTH teams ward there. It prevents the enemy jungler from ganking your lane. Also, a quick tip: EVERY lane buys wards, not just the jungler and support ;)

Simple. If your enemy has low health and you know you can kill him, simply use your Spider Form ability Rappel (your E) and jump to either the buff or the enemy himself! I recommend quickly smite stealing the buff and then taking out your enemy, it will increase your chances of winning that fight. Once you finish him of, with the Combo I wrote earlier in the guide, make sure to GET OUT as quickly as possible! The lanes will definitely come and try to kill you and that's not good for you or your team! Make sure to be fast.

That's also the reason I chose the Mobility Boots. You are very fast when using them with your Spider form.

For the first time you are getting a buff (I recommend the Blue buff), make sure to get a Leash.
I would prefer a Hard leash, it makes jungling so much easier and faster and makes you spend less potions.

What's a Leash, you ask?
A Leash is when a player from the Mid lane (in most occasions), attacks the buff (the jungle monster), only ONCE and then runs back to their lane. This makes the Jungler survive, when facing a Buff at level 1, otherwise, most junglers would die.
A Hard Leash is when the bot lane champions come and help the Jungler finish off the Buff, so the Jungler loses less health and kills the Buff faster.

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Farming as Elise is simple!

Human Form

You can use your W (Volatile Spiderling) to farm, but not use it too much! It costs quite some mana and your mana will run out quickly at lower levels. This is for mid game and late game farming. In the early game just last hit the minions and try to deny your enemy farm to ensure an easy start and to block your enemy from doing too much damage late game.

Spider Form

In the Spider form you can also farm with your W (Skittering Frenzy), because it gives you and your Spiderlings an INSANE boost in Attack Speed + you regenerate your health while attacking with the boost.

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Team Work in team Fight

In Team fights, I would recommend you to let your tank go in first. Elise is not an off-tank and she can be killed very quickly. She is the type of a champion that goes in pretty much last and quickly cleans up the fight allowing her team to win.

When you are in a Team fight, fire your human form W in first, followed up my an E (the stun) and the Q on the target you will be focusing. Quickly switch to spider form and use the Combo that I wrote above this Chapter.

Play with your head and think about what you do, before you do it! That will ensure you a win of the fight and the game.