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Elise Build Guide by Adramelech

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Adramelech

Elise. The Wise and Dreadful, a Top Lane Hybrid Assassin

Adramelech Last updated on October 27, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Yellow! This is my first guide on mobafire, and im sorry if i make any nooby mistakes or dont have any banners Dx, not quite sure on how to do all taht yet haha. But this is my guide to building the brand new champ, Elise. Now i know most people havent even thought of her as a top lane, let alone a hybrid, so here is my guide to both o;.

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OK. So we are going to have my standard match up here for most of my AP champs. Your going to have your 3 Flat AP quints, 9 Magic pen. Marks, 9 flat armor Seals, and 9 AP/level Glyphs.

The Quints are just for that beginning damage and to get yo ualittle more with the scaling from masteries.

The Marks are for well, more damage throughout entire game.

The Seals are for your top opponents, since majority of them are going to be AD champs, unless you have a rumble up there, but either way this armor helps when fighting agaisnt the ADC as well.

The Glyphs are for more damage as you level throughout the game, plus the later it gets the more damage you get with the 5% bonus AP.

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I do a 21-0-9 build. You get the standard path for an AP on the offense tree, but with 3 on Mental Force and 3 on Blast. then you take the 4% into Attack Speed, because when you pop your w in spider form your going to speed up quite abit, plus the extra 4%.

You get the 9 into utilities, for the bonus movement speed which allows you to roam faster, or get places faster, you get more mana for some more spammability, then the longer duration of Neutral Buffs. Unless your support you should always have this, This means longer baron, longer blue, or even longer red. Your taking your point in improved Flash so oyu get it 15secs faster. I can't recall how many times ive had my flash just in time to get a kill or to not get killed.

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OKIE DOKE! I'm building her for a top lane hybrid. you start with a regrowth pendant and your one pot. From here you build a philo stone, so you get that eeded hp and mana regen, and lets not forget the free gold.

Next, we need a little more mobility, so we get our boots! aw yeah. our spider queen just got a whole lot faster.

Then, we get a sheen, we get this for more damage and that proc! Next we buy the Nashors Tooth, I normally buy the stinger first, for the bonus atk spd and CDR, but you can buy the codex first too, it honestly doesn't matter. We get this item, because it gives us damage, atk spd, and mana regen. All stats we could use to greatify our advantage.

Afterwards, we finish our Trinity force, usually building the phage next after sheen, so we get alittle more tankiness and the phage slow, because her auto attack range is ridiculous.

After trinity we need to buy ourselves some more sustainabilty in fights! so we get ourselves the key Hybrid item in any build. A Hextech revolver, then our gunblade. Make sure to remember this item has an active which slows and does 300DMG i forget this so much so if you don't i will give you major props. This item gives us both spell vamp for in human form and spider form but also life steal for when we pop w and charge an enemy down.

Since by now you will most likely get targeted in teamfights we need to buy durability,so Now we buy items that will mae us live a whole lot longer. We star off with are counter to any damage type. HP. The biggest HP item of them all... Warmogs. the hp will make you live longer, and help if your being made to initate since you have a whimpy tank.

Afterwards we get the best item in the game. Wait! i just killed him! DAMMIT HE HAD A GA!!!!!! That's right folks. we are buying ourselves a Guardian Angel. gives us some more armor and a little bit of MR.

After jsut buy elixirs and oracles over and oer again to flaunt your full build.

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Skill Sequence

OK. So with this we go Q-W-E Then we max R-Q-W-E

R first because maxxing it means you can summon more spiderlings, which means you can burst down someone faster, and take towers out quicker.

Q second, because it is your most damaging combo. if you qan enemy with full hp then turn around and Q them in spider, it will do alot of damage.

W third, because it is still a damaging ability but its not bursty enough to be wanted first. plus you wont be using that W on spider nearly as much without or nashors.

E last, since its only for utility, and it does it's job good enough with 1 point

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Summoner Spells

OK. So generally speaking we are goign to grab Flash, and Ignite. you can switch up ignite for exhaust, it really depends upon your play style., But flash is a must. It allows you to flash then E in spider form to close gaps and imeidatley pounce on someone.

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In the beginning farming with elise is qutie hard im not going to lie. Her auto attack has a far range so you can get those back creeps fairly safely, but her attack is extremely weak, so you have to kind of attack a minion at full HP to test the damage output, and from there farm away!

Later Farming, if you have enough ap you should be able to one shot caster minions with your W in human form. and if you dont want taht just pop w on your spider form and watch as your spiderlings destroy waves upon waves of nasty little creeps!

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Harassing/ Laning phase

During laning Phase, you want to harass as much as possible, so you can push the enemy laner to his tower away from creeps, or even make him travel back to base as frequent as possible. This causes him to lose gold, lose xp, and lose faith from his teammates. Everyone thinks your bad if your having a tough time agaisnt a solo lane, but sometimes the other person is just better then you or has a better kit to counter yours. So that's basically hwo you want your laning phase to go. The quicker you get that philo stone the quicker you can start full on harrasing.

Now harassing is quite simple with her. Usually what i ahve been doing his Q....Q.....Q.......Q....QW.......Q. just spamming that q on him Until the enemy is about half hp. Then you switch to spider form and start using that q on them. since about half hp means both of your q's will do the same damage theoritcally, this is when you switch over. When you think you are ready to kill them after some harassing you start in human form then your combo is as follows E-Q-W-R-W-Q and if they are escaping make sure to use your E and land yourself right on top of them. Now if they are A life steal champ, immdieatly use your ignite on them, and since we have taken that improved ignite, we will be doing 5 more AD and have 5 more AP so are abilities do just a tad bit more xD.

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So that was my first guide, I'm sorry if you don't like it or anything such as that. But if you ahve questions or comments write below and i'll answer! or if you wish to speak to me ingame Message Adramelech II. Thank you for your time! P.S. I will be updating this guide wit htime, adding in videos, icons, and just overall alot more indepth sections.