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Team Guide by NakiMano

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NakiMano

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NakiMano Last updated on September 7, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This is a team match up which will make you want to *ragequit* and leave because all of these characters are pushers, carries. Getting matched with this team will make you want to QQ. Not only do these characters have CC's (Crowd Controls) but have their own sort of healing ability as well as each having an AoE (Area of Effect). Towards the point you want to chase these guys down, it should be extremely avoided. Where you have your hopes up of getting the enemy foe down, you will find yourself slowed, knocked-airborne, stunned, and your enemies life would have been from what you've seen at a low 50 HP, to Full HP in seconds and back into battle. D:<

(Team Set-up)
Top - Taric & Xin Zhao STUN, Slow, Heal, Knock-airborne, Lower enemy armor, Higher ally AD. UGH!
Mid - Vlad...If you're bad with him. UNINSTALL. Slows, Nukes, Tower dives, Spell Vamps. He is your carry and should take first blood.
Bot - Kayle & Janna Slow, Heal, Knock-airborne, Shield, Increase AD, Push. Invulnerability.

(Team fights)
2 Initiators Xin Zhao or Taric. Preferably Taric.

-Taric - This is a tank that shouldn't be taken lightly. He is meant to take the hits, but his ult shouldn't be underestimated. It increases attack damage of all nearby allies which will benefit Kayle (Giving added Ability Power as well with Attack Damage) and Xin. With his Q ability, stunning the carry or caster, it will make this team able to put him down in seconds. Making sure to Shatter all enemies and Healing those that are low. He is truly a walking Rally.

-Xin Zhao - Audacious Charge initiates, slowing the enemy, casting W so your Attack Speed is quicker and then Q for the final blow and making sure R has hit all enemies where it increases your Magic Resist and Armor. WTH! He's meant to take that Carry out. Disabling them and making them immobile. Xin is also a tank destroyer and great at 1v1. But make sure he has taken down that pesky carry. He is also a great chaser. Having that Charge as well as Ghost will make the chase downs a breeze especially with Janna's Buff for increased Movement Speed and Kayle's Heal. <333

-Kayle - Slow the carry which will increase damage when you have enabled E. This will keep you far from the battle as well as doing damage and hitting targets which are close to it as a splash damage. Ult the ones which are near death. It will save the trouble of feeding them more. It's there for a reason! This cooldown is ridiculous that within another team fight I guarantee it will be back up. Also, don't forget to heal those which are low in HP. Don't forget to use your Hex Gun. It proves its use when Q has worn off or if they have Cleanse. Heal your allies which are low. Also, at any chance you get. Have the blue buff.

-Vlad - Ult them all! Don't miss a target. If you at least got close to it, that's fine. Spell vamp the carry, E all the targets, Spell vamp and if you're being focused, pool it up! If any survivors are there, slow them with your pool, it comes extremely handy and is great for running away as well as Turret diving. Don't overuse it however, it takes away a chunk of that HP. Keep note of your HP when using it. It should only be used if necessary.

-Janna - Here's the character that will be handy for any type of situation. Her Tornado can knock-airborne the whole team. It doesn't necessarily have to charge up. If it disables at least most of the enemies that's perfect. Nuke the carries with your W! Shield up Xin with E before the battle starts for he needs the boost in Attack Damage. It can go on turrets?! Yes. OP. You have no idea how useful this skill is. Since Xin is a valuable player, and will most likely be focused since he is in the center of all glory, it'll hinder his death. 50+ AD is extremely helpful as well as 90+ AD of Taric's ult. Janna's ult + Amumu's ult = GG. It will scatter all of the enemies making it easy to focus a target which drifted off far away as well as save lives.

The amount of supporting that's going on, health being healed, CC's going around will dominate this game match and take the victory with ease. These characters themselves have high HP as well as High ELO playing strategies. They are among top Tier and just one of them is surely a game changer if played correctly.


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