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League of Legends Build Guide Author Alterations

Elo Hell - A Way Out???

Alterations Last updated on February 20, 2012
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What Elo Hell Is

In my opinion, Elo Hell is anywhere from 1200 and lower. This is a perfectly fine elo and while not particularly high, is not god awful. The reason I consider this elo hell, is you will be matched up with all the players who have just started ranked games, and are on their way down the elo ladder. So inevetibly, you will have to deal with baddies and trolls until you are above the starting elo.

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Are you really that good?

Gonna come plain out and say it, as acceptance is the first step to improving your game. If you believe that every single game you get trolls, most likely you are wrong! Take a second and look at your ranked stats. If they are not well above a 1:1 kill:death, you belong there. I realize most of you reading this probibly have around that 1:1 kd, this means you are at the right elo! Get this through your head. It's not because you are bad, but going even means you are at the right skill level. To move up, you must be better than the average skill level of your elo, not just at it.

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Ways to Improve Elo - Skill Level

You will notice right when you start playing ranks, you will probibly lose most of your games and end up around the 800-1000 zone. This is perfectly fine, it's exactly what happened to me. Just keep on playing ranked game after ranked game, and you will eventually get better. You will play with people of your skill level/elo, and gradually your skill and elo will go up. You will learn new tricks and strategies that just make you an overall better player with better decision making, so don't get frusterated at your current elo, just keep playing and don't think about elo at all.

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Ways to Improve Elo - Champion Selection

Alright, now that I've gotten it through your heads you are not god and not amazing, I can finally begin to give useful information :)

Take a look at your ranked stats tab again. If your top 3 champions consist of champions such as Talon, Akali, Yi, Xin... basicly anyone who is just a single target nuke with no cc... It may be a large reason you are losing. Take it from me, I used to main Akali and would wreck faces with her, averaging a 2.5:1 kd after around 100 games. Yes, I used to think I was good, and was baffled at the fact I only had a 40% win percentage. This is because they are champions I like to call "Score Champions", meaning you will almost always get a good score and it will look like you were good on your team because you will have a positive kd, but you are very little help when it really matters, team fights. Don't get me wrong, they are good champions that play a role of taking out the enemy's carries, but you do not have a game changing affect in team fights that is needed for you to carry yourself out of elo hell.

If you believe you are better than the elo you are at, might I suggest some things I've had success with single handidly winning games.

1) Tanky Dps are a class that you can make a difference and not rely on teamates. You have survivability and dmg where you can make up in multiple roles where your team is lacking. My favorites are Irelia and lane Udyr for this role.

2) Ap carries are another way to go. I'm not talking about ones such as malz or morg who yes add some good cc, but you will not single handidly wreck a team. What I'm saying is use characters like Brand and Anivia, who you can just blow up an enemy team, just requiring a little clean up from teammates. Trust me, if you win your mid, get nice and farmed, this is one of your best bets at leading your team to victory. Only problem is you can't push if your ad carries are scrubs.

Alright I'm going to put this out there, if you think you are going to support yourself out of elo hell, and are pissed you never get good teams to support, you are wasting your time. I don't care how good of a jana you play, you are not going to carry a team, instead your relying on randoms from solo que to carry you out of elo hell. At low elo, supports are useless, your just putting your team at a disadvantage in team fights. Supports are meant for a coordinated team that know how to play together, and utilize the benefits of having one.
I realize a support every once in awhile is nice and relaxing to play, but you are just putting your elo in the hands of others. Either don't care about your elo which I sometimes don't, or just play in normals.

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Ways to Improve Elo - Backdooring

In low elo, one of the most successful tactics I've had is plain out backdooring. I like to use either Nidalee, Udyr, or Yi for this role. Basicly what I do is just stay top literally all game, maybe switching lanes if they are covering it well. Keep the enemy jungle warded so you know when people are coming for you, as you're going to be overextended majority of the time. But essentially you are going to just stay away from your team. I know, weird. But take this for example. You are going to start pushing top. Tell me if I'm wrong, but in low elo, majority of the time the ENTIRE enemy team comes for you thinking your just an idiot and overextending. Guess what, you'll see em on your ward and just highlander out of there making them look like idiots while your team pushes bot. They go to defend bot, you just push top. It basicly puts them in a sticky situation, one that many teams have no idea to deal with. This tactic works overtime if you have a duo que where you both are backdooring champs. If you play split, ie. one bot one top, your going to have the enemy team running around all game, or having to keep people at their towers while your team picks up barons and dragons. With this tactic, you should beable to just put people in a situation they can't deal with, and basicly just win in the cheapest way possible.

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Ways to Improve Elo - Duo Queing

After having a good game where you show your skills, always add others who just by their gameplay, you can tell are pretty decent. DUO QUE WITH THEM! If you use basic math, you can tell that if you have 2 players you know are decent (you and the guy your duoing with) you have dramatically less odds of having uncarryable baddies or trolls on your team.

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Ways to Improve Elo - Negative Attitude

I realize having baddies on your team is frusterating, and sometimes there is just nothing you can do to avoid losing. Don't start screaming that they're bad, it never fixes anything. If you lose, you lose. If you start having an unbarable amount of games like this, play a few normals. It's always a good idea to herp derp in normals as ap shaco or twitch to get some frustration out, and then go back to ranked when you feel happy :)

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Recap (Bullets)

- If after reading this check your stats and come to the realization that you are not god, good for you :) your on the first step to getting out of there. Just keep playing and you'll get better.

- Avoid using assasin type champions. Yes you will get a good score, but use more impactful champions that blow up teamfights. These are what win games, not small skirmishes in the jungle.

- Duo Que whenever possible. It gives you that extra boost to automatically have another good player on your team.

- Keep a good attitude, you will play better when not piseed and trolling. If you get frusterated from having to many baddies, play some normals you don't care about with different champions that would not be viable in ranked. Dominion is a great carefree mode that accomplishes the same goal of lightening the mood.

- Always enjoy playing, if you've played for 6 hours straight, unless you're with friends, you will start to get bored. Go do something else! Come back later when you are motivated to do well.

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Champions Above

The champions above are just some of the ones I think have a big impact on a game if you are good with them. The builds and all that are just put basicly at random, that is not the point of this guide, so ignore that. Trust me, try learning to playing some of these well and you'll have success in ranked games.


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