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Wukong Build Guide by marxmann

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League of Legends Build Guide Author marxmann

Enter the Stone Monkey! Wukong! Guide to succeed*UPDATED7/29

marxmann Last updated on July 29, 2011
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Ver. 1.01

This section explains the changes that I made on this guide/build.

Ver 1.00
-published with Intro, Runes, Items, Skill Sequence, Masteries with only few details.
-first build

Ver 1.01
-posted a second build *accessible by clicking on the second wukong icon on top*
-added some more info under Items, Skill Sequence, and Masteries under *updates*
-added this section and More to come chapter

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The newest champion Wukong is a melee fighter wielding a staff as his weapon. I find that building him tanky and off tank is the way to go with this guy. Despite his passive Stone Skin, its not enough to keep you from building him into a glass cannon or crit/ad build, well that is all in my oppinion. This will be a brief guide and its purpose is to just get you introduced with Wukong. After a few days or weeks I'm pretty sure someone would have come up with a much more in-depth guide, for now this build will help you survive for the most part without feeding.


This is a brief guide and not an in depth one that focuses on TANKY DPS BUILD and not pure damage.

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The rune set up is pretty much self explanatory and is pretty much dependent on how you will play Wukong. My rune set up is as it is to go hand in hand with my Mastery set up.
However a better Rune Set Up with Wukong is probably the usual Armor Penetration Reds, Dodge/Flat Armor Yellows, Magic Resist per level blues and Armor Penetration Quints.

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10 - 20 - 0 Mastery is probably a weird Mastery Set Up however it works enough for me. Having that 4% reduction in damage (the last point in the defense tree) MIGHT save you by a small freak chance during the early levels but once your enemies are critting for 900 what does it matter?

Also I set up my mastery so that I get extra attack speed from both offensive and defensive tree and get more use from my dodge seals by filling up the dodge section of the defense tree.


Getting Flat Armor Runes and taking points off nimbleness and dodge from defense tree into other points yields better results.

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Items, unlike Lee Sin (for some reason I see these two champions almost closely alike), I feel that Wukong is completely item dependent.

There are a few ways you can build Wukong while stay true to the tanky/dps formula.

Start with either,with potions or if you wanna rush phage start with
EARLY GAME GOALS:or if enemy team is CC/AP heavy
now if you are getting fed early on RUSH STRAIGHT TO
if not then proceed with buildingfirst.

so your MID GAME should look like this:

So for the most part, CORE ITEMS:
If Frozen mallet is not enough to keep you alive, it might be necessary to buywithoragainst melee carries.

Also buyingcan help provide extra armor and magic resist needed without buying any extra defensive items. Also, i've had it happen once where Guardian Angel and a well timed W (Decoy) completely saved me from a mob waiting for your revival.

now However if you are completely dominating your enemies, your build might look like this:


After playing with wukong some more I find that rushing trinity force at any situation yields great result. However I start with 2 doran's blade then rush shen followed by phage.

Also, as you can see my second wukong build yields really good result against heavy ad teams specially against a team with a yi/tryndamere/udyr carry.

The frozen heart is a really good armor equipment choice because of the cdr and extra mana and a wooping 99 armor plus. However only ideal when an AD Carry on the other team is emerging as a major threat.

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Skill Sequence

For the skills I put one on Q level 1 as the 30% armor reduction together with your own armor penetration yields possitive result, if your laning partner has an exhaust, a stun or a slow it will most likely get you a first blood.

Then I choose to max Nimbus Strike first for its multiple target, speed buff and chasing capabilities.

I max W last as it is weighted against Ability Power and also it is really only useful for sneaking around and avoiding enemy skills, one point is enough.


I find that having 2 points at crushing blow early game yields better result specially with the cdr boots.


Its so easy to make the mistake of using E first then Q. It just seems like the most logical combo HOWEVER, I find that initiating with Q any time u start a fight better than starting with E better, specially early game. E should be your finisher not initiator. Only use E for chasing. Ideally, when an enemy is at full HP you wanna Q> AA > E> AA >W > walk out of there for a better burst damage. I mean surely E > Q > W is faster, but use that only for harassing.

So ur combo shud be something like: Q > auto-hit > R (Unless you are one of those who only use R to finish off multiple enemies) > chase with E > Q again

Sometimes when u just wanna finish off an enemy you can also use your W to proc shen and just use it somewhere in the middle of your combo. If you are confident that you will get out of that fight alive.

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Summoner Spells

Its really what you want, except for ghost, ghost is perfect with the monkey king's Ult. The second summoner spell is pretty much what you want with a little bit of common sense of course.


if you want early game domination, put one point in your mastery on exhaust and grab exhaust (paired with ghost or flash) and together with your Q, exhaust, masteries and runes, you will have 40% armor reduction and 29 armor penetration. You can bring almost anyone down under 3 seconds (assuming you have a competent teammate) early game with this.

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More to come:

Originally I intended for this build/guide to be a one stop like my first two guides, however I am liking the complexity of Wukong and would like to keep this guide updated with the things I have tried or will try in the future.

So whats next? Im testing Jungling with him and I've done it once and I must say even tho I messed up, it went fairly good. Needs more work before I can add it to this page however.