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Shaco Build Guide by OddEye

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author OddEye

Enter witty yet sadistic assassin Name. (AP)

OddEye Last updated on June 12, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Pro Tip from the person who taught me how to play Shaco

"If you are getting hurt as Shaco, you are doing it wrong"

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AP Shaco works a lot like AD Shaco. He is quick and squishy and can out put a lot of damage and ganks a lot. There are some differences with AP Shaco besides people calling you a complete **** for even thinking about going AP Shaco. Like you will read a lot in this build(if you actually read it, which i doubt but boxes are your bestest most amazing friend. They NOT ONLY help you get the jump on people and fear them but do *** loads of damage to enemy champs. Two boxes mid game AP Shaco can also half a champions health and if you are close its free food to nom nom nom on. Running away and laying a box in a bush can save your life but if you are lucky kill the person chasing you. This is true with AD Shaco as well but even more with AP Shaco because that Box is hitting REALLY hard. Nothing makes people rage harder when they are chasing an almost dead squishy nomabe Shaco than him turning around jumping you in a bush and destroying you. BUT THATS NOT ALL WITH AP SHACO. Your Twin Shiv does *** LOADS of damage. It's 100% AP plus half attack damage plus the normal attack damage that the spell does. It will rape people hard. With that in mind it the Shiv becomes not only a better harasser but a force of destruction when you hit high levels of AP. Another abiliy AP specs off of is your ult, Hallucinate. When your clone explodes it does 100% plus the normal about the spell does around the explosion. In a team fight hitting a lot of people. All in all just rape.

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AD or AP Shaco. Hmmm?

People can argue that AD Shaco is better and i would have to say in some situations. Yes AD Shaco is scary and outputs damage like nobodies business but AP Shaco outputs more damage with boxes and your Twin Shiv. If you are in a one v one and you either got the jump or didn't and there is a box behind the enemy not only fearing them but outputting lots of damage, it will wreck their ****. The only down fall to AP Shaco is that yes, mid game you can rape **** but late game if you aren't stacked and are close to finishing you might find that AP Shaco is getting raped. It might also have something to do with the fact that you aren't lanning anymore and people aren't going into the bushes where you know where they will be and you can Deceive and rape their ****. I find that it all depends but from what i have seen AP Shaco dominated mid game and is still really good but not what he was because people have full builds while AD Shaco is good mid but late game he can hurt for a lot with his attacks. I have also juggled the idea of going AP Shaco until late game and selling everything for AD Shaco. The great downfall is you would probably lose the money for a whole item but if you find you aren't doing as well late Game with AP then switching might work. I am not dissing AD Shaco because i know how dangerous that little ****er can be as well. It all comes down to what fits you. Both can be amazing at times and both can be devastating because of his squishyness.

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The build makes your Boxes and Twin Shiv quite powerful. The Ionian Boots and Nashor's tooth give you enough cool down reduction that your boxes can be used a lot quicker. Nashor's tooth and Malady give you not only AP but attack speed as well making your auto attack a lot better. The Gunblade is giving you live steal and spell vamp along with attack damage. This, combined with your attack speed make your damage per second so much better with AP Shaco. The Lich Bane not only makes you faster but you are doing 100% if your AP every 3 seconds... So you just rape ****... Now with Nashor's Tooth and a Malady, you might fine that you have lower AP than other AP Shaco builds but i find the increased attack speed is alot better. You will thank me when all your abilities are down and your auto attack can still do work to help get that kill. Having that extra attack speed is so much fun with him. Now a Mejai's Soulstealer is always an option but i find its not worth it for AP Shaco.

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Boxes Boxes Boxes

You put boxes everywhere in bushes and you can also put them in the middle of a minion horde while lanning and push lane and other enemy champions back because they are not only fearing, they are out putting a lot of damage. Another think you can do is leave 5 boxes in a lane to cover it while you go out ganking. If you are being chased run through bushes and put boxes. The enemy champ will be feared and then damage greatly give you a great chance to kill them. Late game when the lanning ends, its hard to use boxes because they aren't guarenteed to go down the lane and through those bushes like when they are lanning. Try using the boxes in team fights. If you can see where they are about to happen place a couple and even in battle place them. They get a lot of kills for you. Use them to defend turrets. Use them to stop jungalers. Use them before team fights come your way. Use them during team fights. Even leaving 2 in a random bush is useful, you might not be there to kill them when they are feared, but i guarantee you, three boxes in a bush will take out a huge chunk of health. Anywhere and everywhere.

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Three V Three bot gank

When starting with Boxes first it makes bot gank kind of hard UNLESS you get there first with time so you can place perhaps a couple of boxes in the bush. While the "team fight: is happening your cool down for boxes his quite high so use it when you can, early game those boxes still do damage to either get first blood or help get first blood. During the team fight remember you are squishy with no Deceive or Twin Shiv so be careful. With Shaco in Three V Threes, bot ganks are a lot easier and usually lead to success because of the boxes. Remember if you get to the bushes late the boxes become slightly less useful but still have so use while the team fight is going on. I find starting with Deceive or Twin Shiv first is a waste. The Shiv isnt out putting enough damage and the cool down on it will make it harder to actually get first blood and Deceive might be useful but after you use it once you with the cool downs you most likely won't be able to use it again and getting first blood is harder.

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Early game to Mid game- mana hungry

Early game for AP Shaco is a little harsh once you get Deceive Shiv and Boxes because you are not only placing them in bushes to gank but to push minions because they do a lot more damage. He is even a little mana hungry mid game to but it shouldn't be a problem late game. The one thing to remember is that you are AP Shaco no AD Shaco and when you have no mana you can't do much. With that in mind, be careful Shaco is squishy already don't give them easy kills because you have no mana.

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Unique Skills


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Summoner Spells

I use Flash and Ignite but but i imagine Exhaust might be better but i just prefer ignite. Ghost would work but i find with squishy characters flash just works better in aiding them to get away. Flash is great because then you have technically have two but also when an enemy champ is escaping you can flash and throw your shiv and get lots of kills. Clarity would work well because he is mana starved because you are always putting boxes everywhere. Everything else most likely wouldn't help that much.

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Jungle a lot with Shaco while laneing. Attack and put boxes behind the creeps and use twin shiv if necessary. He is great at jungling fast and effectively. Use it to your advantage.

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Skill Sequence

I typically max out the boxes first because they are essential in everything Shaco does. Your Deceive auto crit when you hit, isn't that great because you aren't critting for that much. So you only need it to be stealth and flash.

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Team Work

Shaco is an amazing ganker and you should do that to everybody. Once you hit 6 or 7 just start helping people by ganking. When Shaco gets the jump on them you most likely will win. ISN"T SHACO MIA???? I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE HE IS....

For lanning its good to have someone who can take damage for you or someone with a stun or something like that. I feel like lane communication is needed when Shaco is in the lane because of your Deceive. With good lane communication it will lead to a lot more kills. That might not SEE the boxes even though they should but telling them might lead enemies right in to you traps.

Also, putting Boxes everywhere for other people as well. Its unimaginably helpful when an enemy champ is feared and takes a lot of damage any day of the week. This will also lead to more kills.

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Twin Shiv

When using AP Shaco, his Twin Shiv is doing a **** ton of damage and with the Cool Down reduction it makes it really spammable. Just harass the **** out of them with the shiv. Its also nice to last hit people who are running away because of its range. Its going to hit them in the back and destroy them. The Shiv also poisons them for three seconds. So basically, harass and destroy people.

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This ult is really good. It can save your life for a lot of things. If Ashes arrow is coming in you can ult and the clone would take it. Defending your self is rather important because you are squishy, your clone getting hit with a stun rather than you is the best thing that can happen. You can also take down turrets A LOT faster with your clone. Its down 75% of what you are doing. If you need to tower dive ult and let the Clone take turret damage. If you are being chased you can ult and you are 50% more likely to live. Alt-clicking to control your clone is a great system(even though its messing up from what i have seen recently). In team fights it helps you from being targeted and its dealing damage to enemy champs. Its amazingly versatile. Use it.

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Pros / Cons

-Your boxes and twin shiv to tons of damage
-With Nashor's tooth, Malady, and Hectech Gunblade, your damage per second remains fairly good.
-With enough boxes you can rape anybody...
-When your Clone explodes it deals massive damage.
-As with any Shaco build your ult helps ALOT with turrets use it.
-Makes people rage hardcore
-You, yourself, will start manically laughing and become insane like SHACO HIMSELF

-Team fights are still sucky with him because you are squishy and you get focused
-Can't really save anybody. People rage a lot when Shaco has to run away from you and can't save you. He is Shaco and if he helps he will most likely die along with you and then you are down TWO deaths instead of just one.
Shaco can not one v one unless he gets the jump on you or has boxes. Squishy Squishy Squishy
-Hard to play but once you learn his play style its quite fun.

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The masteries that i set we all offensive except for armor and a little mana because naturally he is a total in your face take my Shiv character. I mean you probably could go more defensive if you think you needed.

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Shaco can farm like a pro with his AP build because of his boxes. You put them in the middle of the chaos of minions and champions and not only do the work of killing minions but they push champions back leaving you and your lanning partner to push harder and longer.

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In the end AP Shaco works with this build even with the lower AP because of Nashor's tooth and Malady. Use lots of boxes and Twin Shiv and Hallucinate when needed while ganking the **** out of people and you will have no problem rapping **** and getting fed.