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Lux Build Guide by nathan422

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author nathan422

EPIC lux support

nathan422 Last updated on September 4, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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support nuke

This build will help you dominate bot and mid lane and you will save everyone on your team at least 10 times before the game ends. Also this build will give you op damage and let you tank it out with the best of them.

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What To Do With Lux

Get first blood you can easily use your snare to get first blood. Play aggressive use your E to harass and don't be afraid to flash up to an enemy to land your snare and start a fight. At lvl 4 get your blue this will help alot. Also gank mid to get kills a fed lux equals gg. many build tell you stay safe but thats **** i mean sometimes you have to play safe but with ap runes an aggressive lux will get kill very easy. if your useing to much mana get mana pot also i always try to have hp pots so i can lane for along time. By all mean ks with your ulti but only 1-3 kills to much and it will hurt your team but in order to be an op lux you need kills.

ward blue,dragon and baron and use your ulti to KS them also late game your ultis cd should be around 30 seconds

in lane try to save your snare to escape ganks and try to use it mid way through a fight if possible

also lux must harass thats your key feature and try to kepp them half health or less.

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I know most builds will tell you not to get Ionian boots but with the cd runes it actually makes a huge difference, also instead of magic pen boots get the void staff it works the same plus gives you extra ap. also as this is a support build get wards as needed. some people say they hate dorans items because they don't build into anything but trust me early game the health is a good bonus and the mana regen will help your lane sustain. The sheen early game will give you epic damage as long as you cant hit someone mark by your passive and the lich just makes that damage even higher. GET RYLAIS the slow is amazing when combined with your E and lux needs the health. hour glass just for tankyness and the active can save you if your caught alone but i would also recommend frozen heart.Also boots of swiftness can be good if all your enemy's are faster than you.

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Summoner Spells

For your summoner spells take ghost and flash. These summoner spells give you very good escape tools being that Lux is very squishy. I know she can already escape well but these make you almost untouchable. Another reason for these spell is to quickly get in position for a quick stun,ult or kill. YOU NEED FLASH!!! but you can sub ghost for exhaust if you want the slow and damage reduction , ignite goes well with your passive and heal to save yourself and team mates.

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For lux Farming is not easy at early lvl's. Personally i dont try to farm at all but the best way to do it at lvl 2 is attack each back row minion once then use your E then attack them each again to activate your passive and you will kill them all.

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Pros / Cons


lux has amazing crowd control

lux can use her Q to single out targets, start team fights and prevent escape

lux's ulti allows her to clean up with its long range and insane damage

lux can easily escape ganks


lux can be very squish early game

lux requires you to be good with skill shots