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Irelia Build Guide by luxannacrown

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author luxannacrown

Erza's Scarlet Armor's Irelia guide

luxannacrown Last updated on August 7, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi guys I'm here to talk about one of my favourite champ Irelia. I love Irelia for 3 reasons 1º she reminds me of Erza Scarlet from anime fairy tail; 2º she has some nice stats at mid game phase and 3º Irelia its a walking blender even built tank or full AD.From the first time I ever played I totally loved her she is able to solo top with no problem; Able to chase down enemys stick to them and chop them to pieces like a boss.
This guide its not complete I will upgrade it as soon as I can so sometimes come check the guide.

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-Amazing Solo Toper

-One of the League's best farmer

-No need to damage only Health and Attack Speed

-Very durable


-Encarnation of Erza Scarlet

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-Item Dependent
-Runes and Masteries needed
-'Carry' Fighter
-Able to kill tanks but takes out her time to kill carrys and mages
-Melee range

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Summoner Spells

Ignite allows irelia to pick up fleeing enemys or help 1vs1 against Dr.Mundo;Nidalee;Swain; some one with heal or Irelia herself

Often picked by me and some other players I prefer this over Flash when laning since you will tank damage and alllows you to chase kite and flee from enemys

I think this one is better when jungling because if you pick ghost you can activate to start a gank but it can turn useless since the enemy will see you coming rushing at high speed at high speed but still he will see you now with flash you can flash over a wall to surprise the enemy and quickly bladesurge for a kill and bladesurge out of tower range using a minion and Flash allows to flash over a wall to chase kite,flee and juke

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Skill Sequence

Ionian Fervor
-your passive allows to gain tenacity(crowd control reduction) to a base 40%.It work's based in how many champions are around you up to there. Remember that you have to see the champions so stealth champions won't proc you passive. combined with the Juggernaut masterie and Irelia can achieve the hightest Tenacity of the League at a total of 50% and if you buy a Mercury Treads you can achieve a total 85% tenacity

-use this to get last hits even if cost some mana it will help late game
-This skills reset your attack timer so you can you can use it to attack Bladesurge and attack again
-Amazing chasing skill
-If the wall is thin enought you will pass throuw the wall
-A good tactic is to wait for the enemy to use ]flash and then use ]Bladesurge

Hiten Sytle
-Gives you passive lane sustain and jungling 'Lifesteal' doubles the heatlh gain if you atictive
-If you buy mana regen you will be able to keep in lane for long periods of time thanks to your mana regen and you health gain from passive and active Hiten Sytle

Equilibrium Strike
-Save this skill for later in the fight to make sure you win the fight
-if you're chasinguse this to slow away you're enemy
-if you get ganked wait for health to get lower and stun you're enemy to run away

Transcendent Blades
-When press R you will shoot one blade you will get the shoot other 3 so remember to aim you cursor over the enemy champion before pressing R
- At eary levels your best way to gain health is by spaming your ulti on minion waves
-when doing a 1vs1 you must use this spell when there is a incoming minio wave to maximize your health gain
- remember this spell does not interrupt your attacks or movement making it a good finishing skill

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Farming and Invade Jungle

During your solotop laning phase, you should always invade the enemy jungle when possible. This means don't invade, if there is a wave of minions you should be farming on instead. Instead invade if you pushed your minion waves up to the enemy tower and there isn't really a way to get the enemy minions behind.

If you are at blue side invade the enemy small golems as often as possible. If you are at purple side invade the enemy wolves as often as possible. Even if the enemy jungler already took the camp, you can reset your timer to invade next time. Remember that wolves and small golems spawn every 1 minute. This will give the enemy jungler a harder time (if there is one) and give you even more farms if you manage this invading system well. If the enemy jungler is ganking bot lane, it is a good idea to invade during this time to. This will usually give you enough time to even steal their red or blue buff. Just be careful if the enemy team is smart, they may send their solotoper or caster to come and gank you. Remember not to invade if you have a creep wave coming though.

After getting some items, I'd say the red buff would be the better one to get from your jungler. Obviously it is a good idea to ask for the buff. Even if you have aTrinity Force, that little passive damage from the red buff will still benefit you greatly in fights and farming. If you only have a Phage, this buff will make sure your opponent gets slowed. If you have an AD carry nearby, you should just give the red buff to him/her. Blue buffs should be for your caster. If your caster is a manaless caster (eg. Vladimir, Kennen, etc., and your jungler doesn't need it too, you may want to take it)

For farming use your Bladesurge or Transcendent Blades IF you need to or else simply last hit with your auto attack. If needed, use your Hiten Style active to help you with farming. It will save much more mana than just simplyBladesurgeing for every last hit.

Prioritize Transcendent Blades for farming 6+ minions at once, for it will save you time and mana. However, if you believe that a teamfight may start soon, be sure to save this ultimate.

When a creep wave is at your turret and your turret is attacking them, 2 hits are required for the melee minions and 1 hit with an auto-attack+ Bladesurge, or an active Hiten Style should get the minions. 1 hit from turret for caster minions. Sometimes an active Hiten Style and a Bladesurge after is required for the minion kill.

If you do have a Trinity Force, activating Hiten Style and Bladesurge-ing after to a minion will garuntee a kill. That is only if you have the Sheen passive on.

Learn to farm. I can't really teach you how to. No one can. Once you learn to farm well, Irelia will become so scary.

I can only help you learn how to farm. This photo shows the best places to farm

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Though I personally don't like jungleIrelia, I decided to include it anyways for those who actually like the whole idea. When jungling with Irelia, always take Smite and another summoner spell. You take Smite to speed up your jungle route and also so you don't die to jungle camps.

While jungling, you will definitely want start with Hiten Style as it will not only help you clear the jungle faster with that extra true damage power, but it will also heal you for each hit. Because of this, you may want to consider attack speed marks, seals, glyphs, or quintessences. Skill sequence later is quite simple with Bladesurge to pick off last hits and to cover some distance. If you plan on ganking at an earlier level (which you should actually practice doing), you may want to take Equilibrium Strike at level 1 or level 2.

For your item build, consider starting with a Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potions, a Regrowth Pendant and a Health Potion, or Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potions. If you started with a Cloth Armor, directly rush a Wriggle's Lantern. If you started with a Regrowth Pendant, build a Philosopher's Stone. If you started with Boots of Speed, you may choose to finish building a tier 2 boots or simply rush aWriggle's Lantern, Wit's End, or a Phage. Not that if you do start with Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potions, you may need a good leash as Irelia's Hiten Style is much weaker now and you may not be able to sustain well enough without the extra armor or HP regen against the stronger jungle creeps.

As a jungler, you'll probably be in charge of stealing the baron nashor if the enemy team decides to attempt it. If for some reason you do not have Flash with you, Bladesurge may be the way to get it (this is if you have vision on the baron nashor or else you cannot target anything with Bladesurge). Often if you just walk up to the enemy team while they're doing baron, they'll either just turn around and kill you, or quickly take baron and then kill you. Bladesurge on the other hand provides a quick way to dash in and Smite the baron nashor. A good tip is to click on the baron nashor to see how much HP is remaining, and with good judgement, dive in, and use Smite at the right time. If possible, you can even communicate with your team to follow you into the whole "steal baron and ace the enemy team" idea.

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Ranked Play Teamfights

Teamfights tend to happen all around the game. As mentioned previously, if you did any well in the beginning of the game, don't be afraid to initiate as long as your teammates help you after you initiate.

Your job is to target the squishies. If the enemy team has champions that have very little amount of HP bars, that is your target. If you cant kill them, injure them enough to keep them out of the fight. Burst them down ASAP. Good targets are like AD carries (eg.Vayne, Ashe, Graves, etc.) or casters (eg. Brand, Ryze, Annie, etc.). If you have a Frozen Heart, you basically shut the enemy AD carry easily with the aura debuff on them reducing their damage output like crazy.

Your stun is a powerful weapon throughout teamfights. As long as you aren't dead and regardless of how much HP you have left, as long as you have your Equilibrium Strike up, you remain as a huge threat. A 2 second stun is no joke and can easily turn the game around. Go for casters or the enemy AD carry as usual Sometimes it is better to concentrate on the fed enemies even if it is the tank. Remember that stuns will stop channeling spells, so spells like Nunu's Absolute Zero, Katarina's Death Lotus, and Warwick'sInfinite Duress will be canceled if you stun them. Use your stun wisely