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League of Legends Build Guide Author KisameFNN

Escaping Elo Hell And Climbing 101 (Under Construction)

KisameFNN Last updated on May 12, 2016
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To those seeking the knowledge of climbing and overall improvement of all aspects of League of Legends.

Welcome, my name is KisameFNN and I have been playing League for about 4 years since the first quarter of season 2. Over the course of the evolution of League I have learned many aspects of the game and wish to share my knowledge.
In this guide I will address aspects of the game that begin with the foundations, that should be fully understood by Bronze and Silver players. And advance concepts that should be well understood by Gold and higher, currently I am Plat 5 but peaked at Plat 2 during Pre-Season 5.
Each season I have risen a Tier beginning at Silver, with that in mind I have extensive experience with issues that many lower elo players encounter. This guide will reference others, that cover certain aspects I address in much greater detail, but with all that being said let us begin.

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Objectives And The Cornerstones To Complete Them

The overall objective of League is fairly straight forward, players guide minions to the enemy nexus and destroy it. The complexity of the game comes when the factors of champions, are added into the equation. Currently League has a total of 131 champions, all can achieve the main objective of destroying the enemy nexus. But the approach is different for each champion, the key that every player must understand is the "win condition" or approach each champion takes to victory.

Although each champion is different, this first segment will cover the concepts that apply to all champions to achieve the ultimate goal of the enemy nexus.

Basic Concepts

    Champions To Climb With
    Map Awareness
    Champion Knowledge
    Match Up Knowledge
    Objective Prioritization

Advance Concepts
    Team Composition
    Team Organization
    Lane Phase, Minion Wave Management, and Lane Control
    The Aspect Of Time

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Basic Concepts (Bronze to Silver)


Excluding the role of support, each position (top,mid,bot) should first prioritize "farming" as the main aspect to focus on above all else. Farming is the technique of dealing the killing blow or "last hit" to lane minions to receive excess gold.
Gold is crucial to any champion, the extra gold allows you to purchase items that either increase the defensive, offensive, or supporting capabilities thus making the overall objective easier to reach.
A common misconception lower level players have is the idea of, kills are more important than farm/cs (creep score). This argument is only valid in some scenarios, but for the sake of this guide we will simply compare the gold value of kills versus farm.

One kill is valued (with no first blood or bounty attached) at 300 gold, so the question we must ask is how many creeps must be killed to equal the value of a kill. The answer is 15 minions 7 melee minions, 7 caster/ranged minion, and 1 cannon. These 15 minions can be killed within the first 3 waves of the game effectively getting you a "kill" at 3m30seconds of you are "last hitting" 80% of the minions in a wave.

Still one wonders why prioritize farming over kills? "I can get one kill in a skirmish that last no more than 15 seconds versus getting 15 minions at 3m30seconds"
The answer is simple, during a skirmish with your lane opponent you are not guaranteed to receive the kill. And even worst you can die and give your opponent gold. But donating your opponent 300 gold is the first of your worries, as you wait for the death timer to reach zero here are all the unintended negatives of dyeing to your lane opponent.
    Your opponent is free to assist other lanes
    Your opponent can push and damage your tower
    Your opponent can return to base heal and buy items (he returns to lane stronger than you)
    Your opponent can now farm freely without threat of harassment from you

But the largest disadvantage you have given yourself is potentially allowing your opponent to "snowball" out of control. This happens WAY to often at lower levels, and I am almost positive that this has happened to all lower level players. When one lane loses the whole game due to one death that snowballs out of control. This is the double edged sword of prioritizing kills over farm.

So ask yourself what sounds better, potentially losing the game off of one kill and repeatedly feeding; or the slow and steady trudge of gaining gold at a constant rate that will allow you to keep pace and contribute to your team?


"So should I never go for kills?" "Should I farm and only farm?" The answer varies and is not clear cut, but the answer to that question is heavily reliant on the scaling of a champion. Scaling is the terminology used to describe how much stronger a champion gets when getting items and levels. In other words how much a champion's damage/survivability increases over time.

Lets take a look at two champions that can demonstrate scaling Pantheon and Nasus . In this instance we will look at each champion's q spear shot and siphoning strike

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To all who stumble across this guide, I wish you the best luck. As you can tell this guide is currently under construction, so I'll be sure to go back and add all the bells and whistles. But in the meantime, to those who need immediate and quick advice feel free to add/pm me.

See you on the Rift,


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