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League of Legends Build Guide Author GaterMegaton

Eternal Pain

GaterMegaton Last updated on September 4, 2010
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Ok so here is a build for Urgot, the Headsman's Pride.

First off, the summoner spells:

Flash - Very useful for getting just close enough to fire that last Acid Hunter for a kill, and very useful for getting away if you get ganked (which happens alot as Urgot).

Ghost - Again, useful for running up to fire that last Acid Hunter or for fleeing after you've flashed to get away from those ganks that keep happening.

Second, the Masteries:

I go for Utility mainly for the cooldown reduction, mana regeneration, and the XP bonus, because Urgot is a great early-game character, dealing tons of damage with his Noxian Corrosive Charge/Acid Hunter combo. However, you run out of mana very quickly from pestering, which is why the bonus mana regeneration is very helpful. Also, Noxian Corrosive Charge has a significantly longer cooldown than Acid Hunter, so the cooldown reduction masteries are helpful as well.

Third, the Runes:

I get ArP marks simply because Urgot is a ranged DPS champion, and because his Acid Hunter deals physical damage, not magic damage, so the ArP helps alot with landing that last blow on a champion. The mana regen/level seals go along the lines of pestering, and running out of Mana as Urgot is awful, because you don't deal nearly as much damage without Acid Hunter. The cooldown reduction glyphs are for the same reasons as the masteries, more pestering with Acid Hunter and Noxian Corrosive Charge early game. Now for the quintessence it's really up to you, but I like attack damage per level because Urgot's base damage is not very high, so every bit of damage helps.

Finally, the Item build;

First, Doran's Ring, for the health (666... Weird right?) and the mana regeneration. Next, Berserker's Greaves unless you are facing a strong caster like Ryze or Annie, then get Mercury's Treads. Then I like to get Zeal for the movement speed and crit, then Phage, and finally Trinity Force. Lifesteal is actually quite helpfull as Urgot late-game, so Malady or Stark's Fervor would be good choices, or you could go straight for Bloosthirster. Then, start going for damage, and The Black Cleaver is very useful because it reduces armor, and adding your runes on top of that will give you around 50 armor ignored with 6 stacks of the Cleaver, which is extremely helpful. After that, I prefer Infinity Edge, but it doesn't really matter as long as it is a damage item (you don't need anymore attack speed at this point), but Lifesteal works to so Bloodthirster is a good option.

Playing Urgot (early and late game):

Early Game: Urgot is one of the best pestering champs that you can play as, seeing as if you can land Noxian Corrosive Charge you can fire at least 3 Acid Hunter's at the champion, which is very useful becuase they will most likely retreat more often with this combo. Terror Capacitor is extremely useful for chasing enemy champions, because it slows on attack and stacks with itself. Once you get Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser, use it as you see fit, whether it's to pull a champion into the line of your turret or to stop them from escaping and pull them to you ally (this is a very supporting skill, mostly designed for specifically targeting and kill an enemy champion).

Late Game: By this point you should have quite a few assists, and possibly kills as well. Your Acid Hunter will deal crazy damage with all of the damage items, and applies on-hit effects like Malady, Black Cleaver, Terror Capacitor, and even Urgot's passive which reduces damage dealt by the unit.

That is all the basics to playing Urgot I can give you, the rest comes with practice, but I've found that this build works better than most other I personally have tried. I hope this build works for you and enjoy your game!