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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Oshera

Eve.. I feel bad for her boyfriend

Oshera Last updated on November 14, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Evelynn: The Widowmaker

This is by far my favorite Champion that I have played. I figured since I love her so much and since I rarely die with her, I would make a guide to share her amazing-ness with the world.


If you do not read this carefully you will not be getting the full effect of it thus not playing Eve as well as she needs to be played. Thank you and on to the guide!

  • 60 second stealth with a stun as long as Sion's attached
  • 3 hit kill combo
  • Early-midgame fear (Lategame fear as well if you are doing well enough)
  • 800-1000 dmg Ravage lategame
  • Hate Spike to make for easy KS (I know its mean but its a part of Eve) and to get those bastards that only have 50 health and survived ignite
  • Her ult which if played right should have NO cooldown whatsoever. Plus the healing for almost half her health and 100% attack speed. Come on whats not to like?
  • Map control. After you get your Boots you can get anywhere on the map in a short time. If you make that known the fact that you aren't showing up will have the other team scared for their lives.
  • Being able to steal buffs is nice too. (More detail later)
  • And to top it all off her greatest strength (in my opinion). The fact that Eve is SOOOO underrated and looked down upon. Most people think "Oh I'll just get Oracles and Eve is nothing".... Wrong. The main reason for her stealth is for the stun. So **** Oracles. Eve can get passed that no problem.
  • Super squishy. Either you kill in about 3-5 hits or at least get them running by then or else you are dead.
  • Not the greatest tank fighter. Eve can handle tanks to an extent but you NEVER try to take a tank by yourself. EVER.
  • Not the best early game. If you don't play carefully and get those little kills here and there you won't get started and therefore won't be in good shape the rest of the game. So be sure to pick the right lane partner! (This I'll explain later in this guide)


Ap runes. That about it. I prefer the runes that just flat out give it to you over the ones by level but its up to you I suppose.


I enjoy 9/0/21 for the AP, Mana, and CDR and its what I would recommend.


Now I know that the sequence of items may seem a little strange and you may complain about them but please take the time to read my explanation before you say anything. Okay now for me recalling is a very rare thing. I generally recall when I can get boots and when I can afford Soulstealer. Now with Eve the way I see it is you should be doing good enough to have Boots and Soulstealer by level 6 or 7. That is roughly 3 kills in. Since you don't really farm minions with Eve you have to rely solely on Champ kills for gold. That is unless you are big on jungling with Eve. Me personally, I am to busy getting my kills to waste my time jungling. Now after you have Soulstealer and have gotten a few kills you should be at about 8 stacks or so. Thats when you can make the decision to either go back or stay out and kill because you should be able to hold your own still. Now at this point you should be able to get Blasting Rod or sell your Dorans for a Needlessly. This continues and by midgame you should have Zhonyas. I have NEVER been through a game where I could even get another item after I get my Zhonyas. I generally spend my extra money on Elixir of Brilliance. Kick up my AP and keep on farming those kills.
Now I see a LOT of people go for Lich Bane first. I completely understand the reasoning behind Lich Bane. I just don't prefer it. I NEVER have MP problems after level 6 and with Boots of Mobility my movement speed is fine. The extra damage seems nice but in the long run, you are taking out Champs with or without it. However I have found that Eve is mainly about preference so if you prefer it, experiment and try out Lich Bane first. I also like having Void Staff for the Magic Pen but again, its about preference. You could always substitute it for a Banshee's if the other team is big with stuns or even a DFG for the active.
Now my reasoning for Rylai's... Come on, a free slow on a spammable skill with some good AP? Yes please!
Now I have only gotten to four items in one game so I just kinda put up the common items for Eve. Its really up to you past the Boots, Soulstealer, Zhonyas, and Rylai's. These are just what I would focus.
My order of items is like thisandfirst.
Then after a few kills and I Recall and start working on my boots. If I dont have enough I pick upbut if I have the 1000 I go ahead and getthen I go back in.
After some more kills and a few ganks I getto start working onThen guess what you do? Go back in for more ganks. This should come easier with your team helping you plus the stacks you are building with Mejai's.
After the Ganks I pick up aor if I have enough I'll sell my Doran's for aAfter this continue working on. Then after that like I mentioned before its all up to you. I generally never have a game last longer than that. However...

I cannot stress how much they help around level 15-18. You bump up that AP a good 60 points and it can mean the last hit on that Cho'Gath you need to get a few stacks off of him. So Elixir of Brilliance = Eve's magic juice.

Oracles and Wards

Now this is one of the most important sections to my guide. Everyone thinks that if they get Oracles or if they get a Ward then they completely shut down Eve. That is completely and utterly untrue. Why you ask? One word. Teamwork. You know someone has Oracles don't be afraid to tell your team to focus them so they either keep wasting their gold on Oracles or stop wasting there time/gold. Now imagine if they buy 4 Oracles. Thats 1600 that they have pretty much wasted because your team is now focusing them. An Oracles, if treated correctly, is basically a ping for your team to focus.
Another tactic for Oracles is just play safe. You can play very defensively and catch an enemy when they are focusing someone else or if they are being focused themselves. If an enemy champ is being focused and knows they are probably going to die, they aren't going to be paying very much attention to you. That is when you pop your ult or Flash towards them for the kill.
Now for Wards. If you know someone has put down a ward go ahead and get yourself an Oracles. You can start knocking out the other teams wards and making them keep buying more. Yet again just think, if you make them buy 4 vision wards they have wasted 600 in which they could buy MR or something useful. Eventually they will rage and give up on buying them.
Another tactic for Wards is knowing where they are placed. Chances are someone on your team has seen where the Ward was placed and you can easily avoid that area. People tend to forget about Wards when they start focusing other champs on your team. Or even if you don't show up for a while, enemy champs tend to get ballsy, and that will be their downfall

Lane Partners

Now we should all know that Eve is NOT a mid Champ. However, if you don't pick your lane partner wisely that could cost you the game. Trust me a bad Eve might as well be AFK because all you are doing is feeding and NO ONE like a feeder. Some of the best Champs that I have seen for lane partners are as follows:
- He is great because of his stun and his ult snare. Plus the fact that he is a great tank helps a lot as well
- Now this one is a little tricky. You have a double stun which is great but you have to be careful with two Champs who run on burst damage. If you lane with an Anivia who can successfully dish out damage as fast as you then you are golden. If not, you are both dead.
- Definitely one of the Champs to watch out for when playing against one. When playing with one however, he is a great partner mainly for his grab. If you have a good BC on your team that is REALLY good at the skill shot then he is an ideal partner. The stun mixed with yours after grabbing toward turret. Easy early game kill.
- Double stun + Tormented soil + Ravage = Death
- Now this one is my all time favorite. The reason being one move, Fling. Fling may as well be a 2 second stun on top of your stun. In addition early game its amazing because you will be hiding in the bushes. When the enemy gets cocky (which they will) You stealth out near your turret, Singed Flings you stun and they are dead with most likely your kill. And if not Singeds poison should catch the little health they have left.
- Another double stun but the longest one here. Possibly the best lane partner. Period.

Early Game

Yes we are finally to the actual guide on playing Eve and playing her CORRECTLY. Okay, I normally start out with one point in Shadow Walk and get my items which are listed above. Now early on you really only have one friend, the brush. You want to hide in the bushes and make your presence hidden. Since Eve is not a good farmer at all its better just to milk some experience while staying hidden. If you were smart and picked a good lane partner you may be able to get some early kills if not first blood. I recommend not trying until level 2 when you put a point into Ravage. Just keep in mind the fear that Eve brings as well. When you go stealth the enemy champs in your lane will move back. This happens every time. So when you stealth or about to lose your stealth go hide in a bush. If you stay stealthed all the time they will lose track of you and call MIA like crazy even though you are right in front of their face. Once you hit 6 you should definitely be talking to your partner to hit them with a stun and if they try to run pops your ult and chase. You will most likely get the kill if you let them push enough. However if you don't you can try to pop off Ignite and if it comes down to it you can stealth and go AROUND the turret. Now when I say this I don't mean right next to it. I mean the little path leading behind the turret. This is located in the top right of the following image -

Now this is nice and big for you because this is a great tactic used to get kills. A great deal of the time enemy champs on the verge of death with stand in this area to Recall. Bad choice when against Eve. All you have to do stealth, get the kill, then Flash out. If they are hugging the turret I wouldnt advice going for the kill UNLESS you have your ult and full if not close to full health. Pop your ult run in get the kill and then Flash out. Your ult will heal you when you get the kill and keep you alive. Now one last thing that will be applied throughout the game but should be mentioned here is to KS. I know its mean and people get mad but its a part of Eve. Scout out and if there a champ you know you can kill with one Ravage then go for it. If they are running away and your teammate may be able to kill them but you know you can pop your ult and get to them first, by all means do it. No cooldown for your ult and a free kill plus 2 stacks on Soulstealer. Good deal to me.

Mid Game

Now Mid game is a little easier. By this time you should have a good few stacks on Soulstealer and be on your way towards Zhonya's. If your team is doing well I would go ahead and splurge on the Elixir just for the extra boost. Now that you have survived Early game, the hardest time for Eve, it should be nothing but constant ganks and picking off squishies. Often if there are team fights someone like Ashe or Sivir will try to backdoor. Now champs like this you can handle on your own. If a tank starts to backdoor however, let your team know and take one or two to help you take out the tank. Now for one of the most important parts, TEAMFIGHTS. This is a scary thought for Eve. Why? Because if she gets caught in it shes done for. How do we solve this problem? Keep her ult on at ALL times. No matter what if you are in a teamfight your ult stays on you. Now you have to pick your timing perfectly or you are done for. When the fight is initiated, you want to hit the person that was first attacked or stunned giving a double stun and a definite kill. Re activate your ult and try to stealth away. Generally teamfights stay in mid so you should have some bushes near by to run to to stealth properly. After you are stealth run back into the area. Be sure to watch for champs like Amumu or Kat or Fiddle that will still hit you no matter what. Just keep helping your team pick off the other team one by one. And be sure to Ping what champ is going to be next or you may stun a different champ or the tank and be done for. Whatever you do, do not be the one to initiate in a huge group. If its one or two champs and your team is right with you then feel free.

Late Game

Late game is either the best or worst for Eve. If you did well Mid game and got plenty of stacks and have your Elixir then you are golden. Just keep picking off people one by one or pick the perfect time when your teammate is attacking someone to kill them with one Ravage. Eventually when you get into their base it will be a little tricky because they tend to tower hug. Honestly when that happens just let your team take care of it. Hang in the base but far enough back to where if the enemy tries to get your teammate who's low on health, you can either stun them and run, saving your teammate, or take them out yourself. Keep repeating this and Victory shall be yours.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to read this and I hope your Eve experience become improved :)