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League of Legends Build Guide Author ilove15yearoldgirls

eve: welcome to the jungle

ilove15yearoldgirls Last updated on November 22, 2010
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does the sight of ninjaing blue from jungle shen give you the jollies? ganking udyr and smiting dragon make you tingle inside? owning the entire jungle only though fear of your presence? is so this is the build for you. this strategy is based on denial of junglers and of buffs while using these to your advantage to gank sidelines, and more importantly, not let the carries have free farm.

because this is based mainly off of denial, the build will vary much over the beginning of the game and the skill order will vary. there are to ways to start based off of the enemy's team composition

enemy strong jungle or no jungle:
if the enemy team has a warwick or other strong jungler you want to go doran's ring and lane to level 3 in the OPPOSITE lane of the enemies team's blue buff (spawn top right go bottom lane, spawn bottom left go top lane) and your starting skill order will be QWE, once at level 3 discreetly make your way to red buff for the gank as they should be hitting red buff by that time. only attempt to gank while red buff is low, you are going to want to steal red if possible, but remember that if he gets is smite off before you and you kill him you still get the buff. you either want to get the first blood or the buff, both are wins, both will cripple his jungling abilities.

from there you are going to shift primarily into jungling/ganking mode, recall and buy boots if you got the kills, pots if you didn't and head for your blue if you have no jungler, lane otherwise lane and wait for the opponent's blue. it is good to have a good 2v1 laner like morgana or vlad on your team since you will only be laning when its convenient and not getting buffs/setting up ganks. never wait for a gank too long, you want to be doing something productive with your time at all times, whether ganking or laning, this ability to switch between map positions is helped significantly by your boots of mobility once you have bought them

if the opposing team does not have a primary jungler then lane to lvl 3 before getting blue buff, take theirs if you are feeling frisky. continue to lane and jungle at a whim, setting up ganks on the carries. without another champ contesting jungle you should eventually become beastly

if opposing team has weak jungle:

if the opposing team has a jungle shen, rammus, yi, udyr or other weak jungle you are going to want to go doran's shield + pot and put one pt into W. rush to the bush in mid outside the opposing blue buff, do NOT use cloak until you have to. if mid lane and sidelane scout for you just sit tight in brush out of the way of sight, only stealth when you have to to avoid detection and move between brush.

once blue buff spawns keep an eye on the jungler, siting the bush opposite of the blue buff if cloak runs out or you need to deactivate it to time the stun right. make sure you are out of line of sight of the jungler if he goes into the bush.

time your hit properly as to be able to come out of it when your smite can snipe blue buff this ability mainly comes with experience with the speed of each of the jungling champs. also. the sure bet of acquiring blue buff is more important than the chance of getting first blood, although you can usually get both. by getting blue buff you cripple the opposing jungle's
farming ability, and he will either be forced to lane, jungle extremely slowly, or try to steal your own blue buff, once you have acquired blue continue to jungle and lane as necessary, making frequent trips into opposing jungle to attempt similar ganks.

if you started with shield, your next item will be lvl 1 boots and doran's ring into boots of mobility, if you went ring first go straight for boots of mobility followed in both builds by soul stealer. in both builds you will attempt to max out Q followed by E, and your ult of course

once you hit lvl 6 you are going to ward dragon and attempt ganks in sidelines. while keeping one of the blue buff's monopolized. dont be afraid to tower dive squishes, with flash and your ult's passive you can get kills and get out in otherwise impossible tower dive scenario's, make sure to focus the carries like ashe, kog'maw, miss fortune, etc.

the idea is for the opposing team to fear a gank at all times, this in of itself is an advantage as they will neglect last hits for safety, and hopefully your team not pushing any lanes hard

hopefully by this time you will have several stacks on your mejai's and teamfights will be starting. in every one of them you are going to want to stun and nuke the carry. dont be afraid to suicide into the carry if the teamfight looks favorable, with your previous harassment and threats of gank your carries should be outperforming the opposing ones and you want to win the teamfights and increase that gap. evelyn is nowhere near a good teamfighter obviously, so dying while killing a carry is a success, even with the losses in mejai's stacks. you will eventually buy a guardian angel if the game lasts long enough. just remember between teamfights you should continue roaming the opposing jungle trying to pick off stragglers and sniping dragons, barrons and buffs before running. if they are spamming vision wards it is sometimes good to an oracle's yourself. don't be afraid to nuke a squishy in the general area of the opposing team, many times you can kill them fast enough, then ult again to get away. this hit and run tactic is the entire philosophy of evelyn

late game items are tenative, after lichbane there are many variations you should make choices on the enemy team's strength and weaknesses, here are some items that are viable in no perticular order

zhonya's ring
deathfire grasp
guardian angel
ryali's cristal scepter
Hextech Gunblade
gunsoo's rageblade