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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vazj

Evelyn - From the Shadows

Vazj Last updated on October 31, 2010
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Greetings mobafire :)

First off, this is my first guide, therefore ANY feedback is greatly apreciated.
(also I have no clue how this "Build description" works so it might be a bit messy, bear with me :P

Let's get to the guide ...

Summoner Abilities

Flash - Flash simply is the greatest escape mechanism out there. period. Ghost and cleanse may be nice, but this is an instant 'get out of **** free' ability - TAKE IT!

Teleport - This ability is extremely usefull and not to mention hilarious as Evelyn. You pop stealth, tele, if enemy is stupid enough they ignore the teleport spell effects since they can't see you, most of the time they probably think its a bug. Anyways go behind them ravage < a whole lot of spamming hate spike .. dead... It is a really easy way to get a quick kill on that noob ashe standing with 2 bar hp at your turret and such! once again - TAKE IT!


Since Evelyn needs all the AP she can get you also want to socket AP runes for her.

Red/Mark : red is the aggresive type of runes, and therefore gives the most AP, Greater Mark of Force here.

Yellow/Seal : yellow is the defensive type of rune but I always socket Greater Seal of Force here aswell.

Blue/Glyph : blue is the utility type rune and therefore gives the best stats for cooldowns and such, which is also what you should get. Nine of these with - 0.9% cooldowns is pretty awesome for hate Spike spam ;) Get the Greater Glyph of Selarity here.

Quintessences/Purple : For quints, you have alot of options, I usually pick AP quints but you can also pick CD reduction or MagicPen, it's up to you.


I have tried c-o-u-n-t-l-e-s-s item builds with Eve, no matter what anyone says, this is THE best I could find, nothing too fancy or complicated, it's strong simple and to be straight with you it f***ing rapes when you get to complete it.

Mejai's Soulstealer : Mejai's is just an awesome item, it is very cheap and when you reach 20 stacks you gain - 15% on cd's and 160 AP!

Sorceres Boots : Some people would probably pick magic resist/reduced stun,snare etc. boots or armor + dodge, but it's not nessescary when you have flash and your ulti that can get you out of there in a hurry. Plus, you need the 25% MagicPen incase the enemies go Magic Resist.

Lich Bane : Lich bane is pretty danm awesome, grants you a nice chunk of AP and mana and Evelyn is pretty mana hungry! The increased damage effect is really nice after a ravage to bring down your foe's faster, definately worth getting.

Zhonya's Ring : At this point, most people would have probably chosen the Rylai's. That would be extremely stupid, Evelyn is very squishy herself, and sure you would gain more hp but your damage output would be too low to actually survive. You need all the AP you can get so you can zoom in, kill, and get out of there again.

Void Staff : Once again, I am skipping the Rylai's for more damage, you really shouldn't be needing it because at this point you have so much AP that you can run in and nuke a squishie in 2 - 3 seconds, pop ulti and your safe. I have taken down tanks with 4k hp in under 5 - 6 seconds, that wouldn't be possible if i had bought a Rylai's. Also, the MagicPen is amazing, paired up with Sorceres Boots their Magic resist is almost useless + you get 70 AP from this.

Rylai's Scepter : Usually the game is over before I can get this, but if it isn't this is a really nice finishing item. The enemies should be a bit more aware of you so you will need the extra chunk of hp and the slow to be able to keep ganking at will without getting pummeled ;)

If I were you I would probably be wondering just how good this build really is. Well, of course you have to have a decent skill but I have done 30 - 4 - 10 scores and such with this build and I am not a pr0 player ( Only with Eve :P ) so Im sure anyone can get nice results with it. ( In fact, i guarantee it! And if you don't, you just need to get more comfortable with Evelyn )


SW = shadow walk
HS = hate spike
Rav = ravage

This part is focusing on play style, i will alse make a section on tips and tricks :)

Early Game

Okay, when you enter the game, get the Amplifying Tome and a health pot. Some people find it strange that I don't take a doran's or whatever, if I did, it would take ages to get mejai's which i don't want.

Never take mid with Evelyn, top or bot. the reason you get SW is so you can scout ahead, but don't go for first blood, you can't nuke enough yet.
When the minions spawn, don't go attacking them yet, just walk behind them and get the exp. The only time you should attack them at this point is if they are a good distance away from the enemy or if they are at your turret. At level 2 get Rav, just incase you need to gank somoene / defend you laning partner ( which you usually won't yet ).
Anyways, when you hit three you get HS, now you can start carefully last hitting minions, don't EVER try going rambo! Just last hit a minion here and there. levels 4 + 5 you should get Rav again. If your laning partner has been harassing or if one of the enemies are low, you can try setting up a gank with your partner. Just get into position, Rav and spam HS, if your partner helps you, you should get a kill. If you don't kill the enemy fast just pull back, you don't want to die. Keep laning until 6 then recall for mejai's and boots if possible. Here comes the fun bit, if you are lucky the person you ( maybe ) tried to gank will still be there probably being a bit carefull, now, SW then teleport to one of your minions. You should be stealthed when you are ported. The rest is easy, walk up to the weakling, rav spam HS and when they die, ulti and get at a safe place. Congrats, first kill + 2 mejai's stacks. Now you can try taking out the other guy if he hasn't retreated or go to another lane if there are low enemies. If not just keep laning untill you can afford Sorceres Boots :)

Mid Game

If you have had a good start, you can basicaly run around the map picking off loners / low enemies, while jungling here and there and farming creep waves, to keep up in levels. This is what you should be doing the entire mid game. Buy items from the build when possible, getting sheen asap then onto Lich Bane.

End Game

This is where the fun starts. By now you should be roaming around with your team or solo and destroying the enemies, you should nearly have full mejai's stacks and the enemy should be scared to death of you.Don't forget to keep farming when possible and start building towards zhonya's. Start by getting the Needlessly Large Rod. If the game is pretty even, don't run around ganking too much, just farm creeps / jungle if that is the case. Normally you will be winning now and you can probably take down squishies in 2 - 3 seconds and tanks in 5 - 6. When zhonya's is complete you will be pretty unstoppable and you can just wreck them, and buy void staff if the game gets that far. Also, don't forget to kill baron when he is there.

This is it for the gameplay part :)


"Omg, they buy oracles, what do to?!"

Danmed oracles, i know. But this shouldn't be a problem, infact it's almost a good thing since they are not using their money on items . Anyways, just ask your team mates to focus the one with the oracle, usually they will understand your situation and do so. if you can't seem to kill that danm oracle carrier, don't forget the brush is also made for Evelyn ;) You can sit in some brush and wait for them to pass by, if you flash out and attack quick you will still get the stealth stun and you can easily nuke down that a@@hole, unless of course, that they have their entire team with them, if that's the situation then farm creeps and jungle untill the oracle carrier is down, then continue ruining them :)