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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cwh456

Evelynn - AP Endgame Carry

Cwh456 Last updated on January 9, 2011
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Hello Everyone, and thank you for viewing this guide. This will show you how
to take the underestimated hero, Evelynn into a legendary kill streak by mid
game and having the enemies scared to walk the map by end game. The first
thing I have to mention, is that the AP @ lvl 18 is actually 700-800 but the
guide does not calculate the extra 30% from Rabadon's Deathcap. Anything
not mentioned in this guide (items, masteries, skill sequence etc) should be

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Pros / Cons

- The ability to take someone out before they have any time to react
- Very good at coordinating early or mid-game ganks
- Getting Philosopher's Stone allows you to survive and lane better, not to mention the item eventually paying itself off and generating more gold for yourself later on
- Can last long during team fights (mainly to chase down enemies fleeing)
- The movement speed and attack speed boost you can use after each enemy death is excellent at escaping
- Each kill (or assist) grants 350/500/650 health allowing you to chain kill enemies with decent survivability
- Tanks are no problem as long as you effectively use the item skill on the Deathfire Grasp
- Roughly 700-800 AP when fully built. (Becoming fully built isn't as hard as long as you constantly kill and farm when you can)
- Can takeout anyone with 1/3 life, even if eve has 50 hp left (Her ultimate will grant her roughly 1/3 of her hp back)
- The massive 700 AP contributes greatly to the % of damage taken out from Deathfire Grasp

- This build thrives end game the runes don't focus on early or mid game
- Cannot 1v1 some fed melee dps heroes (but can burst down any caster in an instant)
- This build is unable to jungle, so you are forced to play it careful and smart in a lane early game
- Rarely able to get into any action until level 6
- Should never initiate in team fights, it pays to arrive late when everyone has scattered
- Low HP pool and vulnerable if not constantly stealthed

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Guide Variations (Its ultimately your choice)

There are multiple ways you can variate this guide.

If you think you can consistently kill without being killed, then you can get Mejai's Soulstealer before getting sheen and completely take Zhonya's Hourglass out of this the item build. (However it is less survivable)

If you think you need the extra survivability and mobility, then you can replace "Exhaust" and "Ignite"with "Ghost" and "Flash". You will still be 9/0/21, but you just take both points out of "Good Hands" and put them in "Haste" and "Blink of an Eye" and change "Cripple" to 1/3 "Deadliness"

You can combine both variations to make yourself more survivable, and at the same time collect stacks with Mejai's Soulstealer giving you more AP by end game if you manage to collect all 20 stacks. (10 kills, 20 assists, or anything in between)

You can also variate the skill order if you would prefer to level Shadow Walk for more duration and stun, or Hate Spike for more consistent DPS. However I recommend you focus on leveling Ravage first so you can do a much larger initiating burst, and reduce their armor/magic resist by a greater amount leaving them more vulnerable to ganks.

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*IMPORTANT* How to play/How to use. (Maximize your Burst)

Reading this guide alone won't make you win and carry as eve, this completely requires you to be smart and skilled during any game. (Aka, No guide will help you if you simply just suck)

The reason for this is because with a low HP pool, low armor/mresist, and the whole other team being thirsty for your blood, you are probably going to die a lot if you don't act on common sense.

When Initiating or Finishing someone off: If you have chosen your target, then use your ultimate to catch up with them. (Make sure they are either halfway or on your side, or have map-awareness so you know you can kill them before they get backup) The first skill you use is obviously ravage, but this skill and spamming hate spike alone won't get you a kill. Much of your burst actually comes from a combination of ravage (magic resist reducer) and the item you thought was pathetic, Deathfire Grasp. I recommend moving this item to your second inventory slot so you can activate it by clicking "2" right above your "W" since stealth isn't used till 10 secs after you initiate. This ability instantly takes out 30% of their health, with a minimum of 200 damage. However, it takes out an extra 3.5% health per 100 ability power you have. When you are fully built, you will have at least 700 ability power. (7 x 3.5 = 24.5) This staff will take out 54.5% (30+24.5)of their CURRENT health. The reason this is casted AFTER ravage is because ravage reduces their magic resistance, making them take more from this huge burst.

Team Fights: This is basically the same principle as 1v1, except make sure you target the squishies at the back or the runners who are far from their team, and try to kill them fast enough before they get backup. You should NEVER under ANY circumstances be in the middle of a team fight, or else you will be gg'd in an instant. (Everyone is bound to target you)

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Playing Evelynn using this build, and playing it smart will make you win most of your games. However, I cannot guarantee you win all of your games (teammates are huge variables) so try to see the logic in this guide, and how it works opposed to if it works or not. After all, the build is only half; Skill and executing your moves properly is the other half you need to learn.

-made by Cwh456 (twlw456)