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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author hyperhavoc5

Evelynn can rape little children

hyperhavoc5 Last updated on January 16, 2011
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Evelynn Build

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Not Updated For Current Season

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This guide is a guide to Evelynn. I've just started playing Evelynn after watching other people use her, and this is what i picked up from them. This is how I play Evelynn, I don't care if you guys like it or not, but it's worked for me. The best I've done with eve is 15/3/19 with 6 building slays. I'll explain more on the building part later.

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To be honest I don't think runes are very important. Yeah they can be what separates the good from the great, but its like 10 ability power. If you want to customize runes only for Eve, i suggest ability power, attack speed, and armor pen. Maybe a little health.

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Masteries, however, can be pretty important. As you saw on the front I upgraded to spell Smite. Well... wtf? Yeah I just did that. What people don't realize is that Smite can be pretty useful. It helps me get a great edge early game. I'll explain more later. To be honest I don't know what I did for the Utility column, because I haven't fool proof tested anything, thats the one i was testing when I had my best game.

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This is my first build guide, and I couldn't figure out how to get the arrows stuff, but I'll explain here. So I started off with Sorc shoes. Ehh... I saw a lot of people use regrowth pendant for their first because of health regen, but thats what the base is for, Ain't it? I mean if you're gonna leave your lane, notify your team first, and they'll accommodate. Sometimes I'm a hypocrite and I get it, but only if I know there's gonna be some problem later on. After that I have Lich Bane. I take Lich Bane mostly because of its effect "When an Ability is used, your next normal attack will deal 100% more damage" So, basically you'll be raping. Without Lube. Quite literally. Then Nashor's tooth. I get it ONLY and ONLY for the Cooldown reduction. You may switch it out with any other COOLDOWN REDUCTION item you want. I told this to many people and they switched it out for and Ability Power Item. I almost killed them. If you do, i will haunt you down, and murder your children. You want cooldown because of Hate Spike. It already has a 1 sec cooldown. and then with tooth, you have around a .8 or .7 cooldown. Basically this means you can use that to attack 5 times every 4 seconds. plus the damage you deal with your normal attack, plus the damage you deal from using an ability every .8 seconds, adds up to raping someone in a matter of seconds. Frozen and Banshee's are kinda self explanitory.

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How to use Eve

Early Game: Early game's a *****, just because you're not powerful enough, Eve is a highly Item Dependant player. While all Champions are Item Dependant, she sucks if you take the wrong items. So stay clear of trouble, pop in and out to deal Harassment damage. But most of all (this is where smite comes in) Go to the Golems at either the top or bottom of the map. Not the mana golems, the two golems that stand close to each other. Use smite on one and keep spamming hate spike. You should kill them both and be close to level two. There you already have a huge advantage over people. Spite also comes in handy for stealing baron's, you just gotta learn to perfect your last-hitting skills. This has happened to me quite a few times.

Mid Game: By now you should have your shoes and maybe lich-bane. Oh BTW start your Lich Bane build off with Sheen. Continue doing as you're doing, scanning for ganking opportunities. Your team will hate you, and so will the other team. Don't worry about your team yelling KS like stupid ***********ers. I mean, eve needs Ks's the most.

Late Game: By now your enemies butts holes should be the size of an elephant's trunk from all the rapeage. So now people are scared of you, and decide to run first thing, but that only hurts them more. The human brain's first reaction is the GTFO when you see danger, so take advantage of that.

Tricks of the Trade: So You look back and you're thinking, why the hell does this guy's Eve get 6 building slays everygame? Well my answer is simple, she's a great backdoorer. Its easy to take turrets down. In that game, we were losing and we only had our inhibitor turrets left. everyone yelled at me to secure the fort. Our TF showed that everyone was going up the middle, so I took advantage of that. I went to their lane that still had all three turrets. When I got to the turrets, I let it target the Minions, but I let the red minions flood so i was close enough to use hate Spike. I started spamming Q, every time i Hit a minion i got to deal an extra 250 damage to a turret from Lich Bane. So the health on each turret dropped dramatically. By the time someone realized and could come do something, I was halfway to the inhibitor turret. This was also only Halfway through my build. So the trick is, spam q near enemies and your damage will significantly increase.

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Team Work

Its always good to have teamwork. If you can, convince one of your team members to be Twisted Fate or to take clairvoyance. This can help a lot to find out if they're attacking Baron. Teemo's Noxius traps work well for that too, and so does heim's turrets. Oh... i love Heim... He's been great to me when i've been playing Eve, His turrets and Eve's stun make a great combo. TF and Eve make a great stun team too. but after playing Eve, I'm starting to enjoy her more than Twisted Fate.