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Evelynn Build Guide by Inavak

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Inavak

Evelynn Dominion- Yup. She stole your lungs.

Inavak Last updated on October 13, 2011
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Hey, this is Inavak here. First of all you're probably wondering why you should use, and read my build? Well, you dont have to! This is just my way of playing eve on dominion, and it sure works for me! You also may be wondering, what kind of experience does this guy have with Evelynn, for him to be writing a guide? Well, I've got atleast 200 games with her, she's probably my favourite champion outside of summoners rift (Because I cant get her to work in there ;_;) and imho, the best champion for slaying in dominion.

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Pros / Cons


-Excellent mobility for capping
-One of the best slayers on Dominion
-Good survivability once she gets trinity force.

-Squishy, and somewhat useless till she gets her sheen and phage.
-Only has a mediocre slow
-If someone exhausts you, you're pretty much going to die.
-Once you start getting kills, if you're not carefull, you overextend like a *****.

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Skill Sequence


What a lovely skill, I could talk about it forever, but I wont, I'll just summerize it. It's your main nuke, it does too much damage, it scales on 1:1 ratio with your ap, did I mention it does too much damage? In combination with your triforce, this item is deadly. You pretty much drop them to half hp with an Auto Attack, and a Ravage.


Slow on hit, a lovely 1 minute stealth. This skill, makes them jittery, and worried constantly, always wondering where you are. The only time they're going to release where you are, is when you're ripping them to pieces, or capping.


This is a fantastic skill, in combination with your auto attacks, you're doing about 1k DPS if you complete your item build, and this is no overeaction. Also, it's good for catching runners, because it's got just a bit more range than your auto attack.


This ensures no one escapes, in combination with your boots, triforce, and a speed shrine, you've got 603 movement speed. So, you're pretty much the fastest thing on the map. So fast infact, you can go from the top, to the bottom of the map, in a about 4-6 seconds.

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Ok, so for the items section, there's only one build for now. I will add more builds, as I'm currently testing a couple. I'm going to be adding a more in depth look at the item section, very soon but for now, tbh I cant be bothered ;).

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Summoner Spells

- This is great for finishing off that pesky gp thats running almost as fast as you. Also, at level 18 it's an extra 500 true damage, which drops them just that little bit faster, thus meaning you dont have to spend as long in the teamfight, therefore, minimizing your chances of dieng!

- This means, no one will get away. This is what gets you those few kills early game, to get the ball rolling, and turn you into an animal, to which there is no way to counter.

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I take 9/21/0. This gives me a bit more survivability early game, and the MPN is always great, considering all our runes are AD! The masteries are completely optional, of course. Pretty much all 21/9's work with Evelynn, I just find 9/21/0 to be more effective than the others.

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Greater mark of desolation-

Moar apn-> Moar damage per auto attack



This'll make that nocturne hurt a little bit less, and over all help your survivability.


Again, this will help your survivability, alot. That extra little bit of health, has saved my life more than once!

Greater Quintessence Of Desolation-

Lul, with 3 of these, your APN will push over to 25, which means that annoying morgana with her Zhonyas Hourglass, is going to be much easier to (Pun intended :])

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Well guys, I hope you've enjoyed this guide, I also wish you lots of success with evelynn, please comment with a vote. feel free to critise me, aslong as it's constructive! This is also my first guide on mobafire, so please, be nice, and do try the build before you downvote it! ;)