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League of Legends Build Guide Author killerkuiken

Evelynn - Get your 3.0 killratio right now!

killerkuiken Last updated on July 2, 2010
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My guide for Evelynn:

Let's start with the summoner's spels:

Exhaust: Evelynn has the hate spikes ability wich is an excellent chasing abbility responsible for 100+ damage each second (lvl 18). With exhaust you are able to chase the enemy and make sure you can use hate spikes to the max. With the cooldown runes you have a increased change that ravvage comes back up and it will devestate the enemy.

Clarity: This spell is used for the hit and run tactic. You have to spent a lot of mana each time becomming invisible and ravvaging the enemy, and safely getting away in early game. And then when you have the enemy at least beneath half of his health you can arrange a rape with chase. So it is important to have enough mana when you need it.

Mastery Tree

I chose a 9ATK 21UTY setting by maxing health and mana regen, max mana, and magic penatration. You can choose to change one ult ability for the one that clarity gives the same amount to nearby champs, but that's only convenient if u play with known teammates.

Skill Rank Order
This is totally up to you. But make sure u have at least at lvl 4 ravage lvl 2, shadow walk lvl 1 and hate spikes lvl 1. If you follow my playstyle instructions this will give you a proper chase succes. And make sure you max out your ultimate (r) whenever possible.

P.S. I didn't know when a skill can be increased so u can look at it globally but it is no strict order.

First get the ring and a health potion. Then get sorcerer boots. Then get ASAP Meijai's soulstealer. It will help you get a lot of AP. Then Abysmal Scepter. Then it will depent on the game if you can buy the other items.


The most important part. Evelynn is an impressive backraper, but not able to kill a full health enemy single handed. (only with a lot of AP and lvl advantage). Make sure you attack the weak enemys or arrange ganks were u pull of the first blow and stun the enemy. It is also possilbe to go invisible and await your enemy where he would most likely flee. When your teammates attack the enemy you just simply wait for him to come your way and you stun him and finish it of together with your teammates.
Early game the best strategy is to work together with your lane mate and focus on the lowest health enemy. Slightly drop his health by shadow walk - ravage and when hes is enough damaged go for the kill. First go invisible behind your turret where the enemy CAN"T HEAR YOU GO INVISIBLE and charge for the target. Then ravage from behind and you and your teammate finish it off. Make sure u buy a potion when u start the game. Notice that all this happens before you reach lvl 4.
Sometimes the enemy slips away with nearly any health left. He will likely tp back near his tower. Go invisible and wait untill he almost flashes away. Then charge on (be sure you can take him out only using ravage and 1x hate spikes. With enough health you can easily ULT away from the turret.

I'm sure there are a lot of other fun trics to pull of with evelynn. Just leave your comments! I hope it helped u.