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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sallazar

Evelynn, I just came a little

Sallazar Last updated on October 29, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Evelynn is normally viewed as a poor champion choice. Not always of course but due to her high(ish) skill level and her level of contribution to team fights she is seen by many as lacking. This doesn't mean that she is however. She may not have a game changing ult but if built and played right she can be a game changer.


Let's begin with her masteries. You may find it a little confusing to take a damage intensive character and load her into the defensive tree. Well honestly I'd rather not die than get a kill. Even with defensive masteries she will have many near death experiences. Which is an important thing to learn about her. How to not die.

As a friend of mine, Paradox Equation, has said "It's a good idea to use masteries to overcome the weaknesses of a champion rather than emphasize their strengths."


Well I'm a bit iffy about runes. I don't get to experiment much in this regard. However I would like to say that straight magic pen marks, dodge seals and health quints are GREAT. Magic pen will make your q and e slice through those pathetic Mercury Treads. The dodge seals keep you alive longer (and many times in situations where you should have died). The health quints are a no brainer. Almost every champ could use health quints, flat health quints are especially important because eve grows in ferocity as the game goes forward, but early game a good sword to the face will send her back to base. Helps you lane longer and not die.

Summoner Spells

If you've been playing this game for long you know that summoner spells are almost entirely dependent on the players style of play. Personally I like Exhaust because it's a nice "I don't die" or "You die with less of a fight" spell.

I also use ghost, not because its the best option, but... well pop ghost and her ult when you have mobility boots chasing someone down... ***** runs fast.


Skill wise its most important to max out Ravage. Its a huge hit to damage and with the new changes no matter what direction you hit from you get some nice magic and armor reduction. Normally I put the fewest points into stealth so that damage output stays generally high. Hell I'd venture to say put only two points into stealth before maxing out Ravage and Hate Spike. Hate Spike is good, you just have to spam it a lot to get the benefit from it. Its good to last hit creep and kill steal if you have Mejai's (kill stealing isn't bad if it benefits you more than the person you steal from. But don't do it too often, don't steal from someone else who has mejai's or a similar kill based stacking item and ALWAYS apologize after a kill steal. Were stealth killers here not douche bags.)

Alright well after a few more days of toying around I've changed the order of early level skills. This is to reflect putting an extra point into stealth before you get her ult. I don't do this every time but I do when I'm doing decent damage as is or I have no chance to actually get an early game kill. If you can't kill early then you might as well get level 2 stealth because that will easily hold you over to level 15.

Now if you can flat out nuke someone you're laning against by all means get ravage to 3 points before your ult. I know its not great to say "all things you do are situational" but tough up because in this game it is.

Anyways since you have fewer points in stealth it is VERY important to pay attention to how much longer your stealth will be active. Don't be chilling by their tower or behind their minion line and then realize that your stealth wore off. You'll get killed and paying attention to your stealth timer is a key component to not dying.

Item Builds

This part will always be open to interpretation. Most of the time I'll start with boots. Not because its the best choice but because I play a lot of Katarina, and that's my opener for her. Yeah, it's a habit I should break. Doran's Ring is a great starting item. It has a small amount of damage some health and most importantly mana regen. Eve is pretty mana intensive. Use her abilities sparingly but use them. Is there a bush you worry you might get ganked from? Stealth on in and check it out. Is someone ****ing your tower? stealth and try to stun them right as their minions are about to die. Hell sometimes just show the opponent that you have stealthed and they might back off, get worried and think "oh ****, I don't want to get hit."

Anyways I guess I should explain the rest of the item build. Boot wise is ALWAYS dependent on their team comp and your teams current status. If you and your team are doing well, and they have a generally balanced grouping then mobility based boots are good. If they're magic or cc heavy Mercury Treads. Physical heavy Ninja Tabi (if you ask me this is what you should be getting most of the time.) If you really want to go all out damage get Sorcerers shoes. But again that comes down to "do I want to live to gank, or do I want nuke to gank." Personal preference is the only thing that answers that choice.

But before you get boots you need a sheen. It helps with mana and it will push into Lich Bane (an item I consider essential for eve.) Once you have build Lich Bane finish boots and start working towards Rylai's. Maybe its just my AP Katarina love but I enjoy the huge damage output of this staff, combined with the health it gives and the slow. People wont be able to run away from you if you're ganking well. Or it might save your life and allow you to run.

Next up is Zonya's, a typical item in any AP build. Or if you're doing well you could go straight to Mejai's. I've found it better to get Mejai's mid game than early. You may get some kills early game but odds are it will pale in comparison to mid and late. But again its up to you. If you want it early game get it after Lich Bane.

The last item Will of the Ancients is really just a test. I wanted to see what her Hate Spike did mixed with some spell vamp. By the time you get this item you will be doing about 200 damage with hate spike (meaning 200 main target 100 second target) And since this spell costs virtually nothing and has almost no cool down it may give plenty of health back. But I'm still not 100% sure about it. If anyone could test with this that would be appreciated.

I put Mejai's at the end of the list for two reasons. One you buy it ONLY under the condition that your team can net the kills for it to be beneficial. You also will not buy it at the end of a game. But I can't really tell you when to buy it. Personally my early game is VERY passive. I usually just try to last hit creeps and get experience. Then I harass a bit and move on. Mid game I get kills so it suits me better to pick up the item then. But if you get a lot of kills, or can kill steal well enough early game, get it after Lich Bane, or hell, after sheen.

The other reason I put Mejai's at the end was because I had a game where I had full items, we were kicking *** and I said "**** it. I'm gettin' Mejai's".

If anyone would like me to test an item out let me know. I'd like to maximize her damage output and her gameplay in general so any suggestions are GREATLY appreciated.
How Not to Die

Well the most important escape mechanic in your arsenal is stealth... obviously. If you were unaware that stealth could mean the difference between life and death for eve the door is right there. This guide is not for you. Now the most important thing to remember about eve's stealth is that it doesn't shroud you immediately, and if you are taking damage it will take longer. So if you're being wailed on, specifically by a character with high attack speed, your stealth may trigger before you die. However this should not stop you from using it. Because sometimes people's attacks miss or if you learn eve well enough, you can juke and get your stealth off at the same time.

If you're level 6 you will have another great escape mechanic, Malice and Spite. With the most recent change to eve this can now be used any time with a cool down (rather than waiting for someone to get a kill). It's best to save this for a SAFE kill, or a "get the **** away" moment.

Mostly the best way to learn how not to die with eve is to simply play games and pay attention to what you do.

Oracles and Wards

What is considered to be the greatest eve killer is oracles and wards. Well the way I see it oracles is a 400 gold target that a champ will place on their back. Now I wouldn't suggest chasing down a Mordekaiser with full health and shield who out levels you and have at him. Not yet. A great thing to realized about eve is that shes a good team player. She kicks someone in the face, stuns them, and suddenly you've got an Akali flying through the air to cut off their head. You CAN be support. But its best to aim for getting kills for yourself.

The most important thing PERIOD about eve, and I really can't stress this enough, is that you know where all champions are at all times, AND who has oracles. Also watch for wards. Usually people don't pop wards in a lane you're not in *to deal with you* (unless you are actively ganking). That doesn't mean people don't use wards. Smart players tend to. Communication with your team is important.

Wards are fun but keep in mind dealing with them REQUIRES not dying. What you need is oracles and enough game sense to deal with a ward who has a champion over it.

If you die and cannot take out a ward you have two options.
1) Go to a new lane
2) Play around the ward

Learn to do both, not at the same time obviously, but being an adaptive eve will benefit you in the long run.

On Killing

It's all well and good to not die. But if you go 0/0/3 you haven't done your job. Your job is to hurt them like they've never hurt before, and do so from a position they didn't see it coming.

The first technique I developed for eve was what I call the "Stun and Run". It's not a fancy move but it is mana intensive at early levels. So do it very sparingly. Simply stealth, move up to them, ravage and run away. It'll take a good chunk of health away and they cant chase you. That's the brilliance of eve's stun, and a harass you should take advantage of. But play it smart, don't try it on someone with oracles or if you know a ward is nearby. Don't bother with a champ who can just heal it right back. Better you have your mana for an actual fight than harassing someone who doesn't give a ****.
*Note* If you aren't explaining that you're just harassing to a teammate you're laning with they might end up committing to an attack when you had no plans to finish to deal. Make sure your laning partner is aware of what you're doing so they don't commit and get killed.

Now this wont net you kills.... immediately. But if you've ever played an aggressive mid Katarina you know that your poking and prodding is to put you or your teammates in a position to finish the job. Worst case scenario (baring you failing and dying a horrible horrible death) they back off and hide behind minions, possibly out of exp range, and sure as hell in a ****ty gold farming position. Or they go back. Yay un-hindered leveling and gold farming.

So that covers some harass. I'll bring more techniques to the plate as times passes but for now lets move onto your role as a team player.

With your ult you have the fastest run speed hands down. You can chase down a Kennen with ghost, a Teemo, or anyone, you name it, and they will not see you coming till you knock some sense into them. Ravage hurts a lot, ask anyone I play against. So what do you do with this set of skills? If someone escapes into the forest after a team fight with barely any health you find them and end it. If someone is separated from the pack trying to deal with towers or jungle mobs you show them the fastest way to get back to their base (if that's too esoteric for you, it means you kill 'em). This will not only net your team a kill, it weakens their team and puts a decent chunk of gold in your pocket.

You might be wondering how you would end someone. It's fairly easy to do so as eve, you really just have 2 moves that do damage and 2 that make it end quicker.

Walk up in stealth (W) , hit them with Ravage (E), make sure you're melee-ing them. Hit Malice and Spite if its up (R) and then hit Hate Spike (Q) until your finger falls off... or until Ravage comes back up (which if you did it right it shouldn't).

If the fight is going badly run. Don't try to be a hero and get that barely a kill in. You serve your team better by not dying than getting a kill.

This can also be used for straight up team fights, but pick a target and go for it. Try to avoid minion piles for team fights because when Hate Spikes hit minions and not champions you suffer.

Well I feel like I'm off to a good start with this guide but it certainly isn't complete. Any positive (or at the very least constructive) feedback would be much appreciated. If you want to add anything I'll test it out and add it (and of course give you credit). If you absolutely hate this guide and have nothing good to say, say it. I don't really give a ****. I play League of Legends, I can handle **** talk. (I also realized I'm a comma junkie and have placed many comma splices in this guide but I'll fix it later. I'm lazy.)