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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Blevar

Evelynn - Omg! What just happened?

Blevar Last updated on December 31, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is the build in which its easy to get more than one kill a minute ^^

Skill combo is really easy.
Go into stealth.
Go behind the enemy. (really important - to lower the magic res)
Start with Ravage.
and spam 'Q' xD


I have tried a lot of builds but Eve needs ap. What I've found is that in the begining Eve with 45 ap + 10 from ignite is just insane.
Spell penetration... I tried putting ap there too... but since i dont use mp boots its nice to have atleast some mp :)

Summoner skills:

Ignite - just love it... for reduced healing - with that u can easily kill Vlad, Mundo etc
Also it gives 10ap when on cooldown. And it brings a smile when you see a lvl 1 char with 400hp on your lane :)

Smite - Even thou you wont be jungling almost at all with eve its important in the begining of the game - killing golems and using on mobs just go get some gold when you are being pushed to the tower.

I guess other spells are ok too - depends on how u like to play except for:
Ghost - u got ulti... no need to double that
Flash - Doh - just go stealth
Rally - Hahahahahahaha
Teleport - Boots with speed 5 and ulti will bring u anywhere u want in matter of couple of seconds. (hanging lanes without boots at all takes about 10sec with about 7sec - almost the same as casting time ^^)
Heal - Ulti again - just get some assists.
Clairvoyance - Stealth again... just walk in to those bushes ^^

Some explanation for the items...

Doran's ring - Since it got 15ap now its almost the same as the 20ap book. But also provides enough mp5 so we you wont ever think about getting some mp5 items.

Boots of Mobility - why not 20mp? Because you will be moving between lines very often. ...And its really cool to catch someone in the jungle ^^

Mejai's Soulstealer - You should ofcourse try to get to 20stacks. 15% cdr and 225ap (with zonja). It just speaks for itself.

Lich Bane - This is just a must. Its possible to get more than 700ap with this build... and it procs every 2 sec. It's just op!

Nashor's Tooth - The goal with this item is to get cdr maxed out - with 20 stacks on mejai's gives total of 40% cdr (caped ^^) which reduces the cooldown on hatespike to 0.48 sec. Therefore spamming 'Q' is most welcome :)
Also the ias is insane to take down the turrets. U can solo them down if u got ulti :)

Zhonya's Ring - By now you should be really strong But Zhonya gives you the Hardcore Anal Rape skill. With zhonya chars like Gangplank, Kennen, Nidalee... and so on. Will be dead before the stun ends xD

Hextech Gunblade - Last but not least (Sell the dorans ring). It just increases the survivability. Also the fact that it gives quite a lot of ad is gr8. By now with ulti turned on you should have more than 2 attacks per sec. Thanks to this item ur op mele too :)

Starting the game:

At the beginning kill the 2 golems (just w8 for them to spawn in the forrest).
After that you should be level 2. Drik a pot and go straight to mid or for a first blood - should be relatively easy since u already got stealth and insane dps from hatespike.
After that go to bot or top lane. Eve isnt the best jungler out there there for i think its est to xp on ganking xD

Before level 6 you should kill the golems 3 times. If i can remember corectly you'll be level 6 and your opponents on the lane will be at level 4 - thats a clear advantage :)

Mid game:

Since level 6 you can run around the map and ganking whatever u can. Scouting out the junglers is gr8 fun ^^
Just get as manny kills as u can buy items when u can.
Remember that after each kill Eve regains some hp - This gives her insane tower diving capabilities :) - just dont tower dive any stunners and you should be fine to finish ppl on low hp :)

End game:

Still squishes can hide.
With life leaching u can solo nashor. Even tanks shouldnt be a problem. But you should avoid stuns etc. Eve is very squishy so any stun in proximity to 2 opponents is almost sure death.

That should be all :)
Anyway HF & GL

And sorry for my English :)